Chapter 2: Naruto's training redux

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The next day Naruto was at the gate and ready to go he was just waiting for Jiraiya to show up so that they could depart. Sakura was walking up to the gate to say good bye, noticing that Naruto was already there and waiting. "Hey Naruto!" Sakura called out as she ran towards him. Naruto looked up from the bench that he was sitting on and spotted Sakura and started smiling. "Hey Sakura-chan, how are you doing today?" Naruto asked with his trademark grin. Sakura smiled back and responds "I'm good just glad that you hadn't left yet, I was hoping I could talk to you a little bit before you had to leave for your trip." Naruto looked at her with surprise and responded "Is everything okay Sakura-chan?" He looked at her with a little concern. Sakura looked at him and nodded before continuing "Yes but there is something I need to tell you about what happened with Sasuke-kun the night that he decided to abandon us." Naruto nodded and waited for Sakura to continue. "That night after our date that I told you that I wanted to walk home by myself I felt that something was wrong so I headed to the gate and saw that Sasuke-kun was leaving." She paused and looked at Naruto seeing that he was listening decided to continue with her tale of that fateful night three weeks prior. "I had told Sasuke-kun that I had loved him and that I would go with him to Orochimaru if he would just take me with him and if that didn't work I would scream…" Naruto looked at her with surprise he had no idea that this event had taken place the first time noting that she seemed more willing to talk to him than she had when he was twelve the first time. "I see…" was all Naruto said before waiting for her to continue. "However, after I had said that he said that was annoying, and then said thank you before Shunshin knocking me out cold." She said once again looking at Naruto, who nodded once more. I was then that a voice that belonged to Kurama decided to speak from deep within the reach of the seal "She is telling the truth kit I sense no deception from her." Naruto nodded inwardly and looked at Sakura as she smiled sadly at him. "Then you know the rest of the story from there." She said sighing and leaning back against the bench.

Naruto nodded and said "Thank you for telling me Sakura-chan I appreciate that you would be willing to tell me after all the stuff that went down." Sakura nodded and her smile brightened up a bit before saying "Naruto there is one more thing I would like to tell you before you go." Naruto looked at her questioningly "What is it Sakura-chan?" He asked as she looked at him "I would like to thank you one more time for bringing Sasuke back home but to also tell you that when you come back…" She paused for a moment blushing slightly "That maybe… we could… go on another date…" She finally finished before turning red like a tomato. Naruto's face crack into a smile that was so big you would that that his face would explode from the sheer size of it. Sakura saw this and then turned away slightly embarrassed. Naruto took Sakura's hand within his making her turn to him in surprise and stated "I would love to Sakura-chan, but what about Sasuke-teme?" He asked slightly concerned. Sakura looked at him and smiled "Naruto, when you brought back Sasuke I saw him before they put him in lock down in the hospital shouting that he would kill you for bringing him back and preventing him from getting his revenge and I realized something." She said looking down "I realized that the Sasuke that I thought I had feelings for died and I saw that you have been there for me even during the hard times… You took a fan girls request to bring back the boy that she had been infatuated with for the longest time and despite all odds brought him back." She said looking back up at Naruto with a smile again. Naruto noted that she had dropped the "Kun" from Sasuke's name and nodded sadly but then got a smile back on his face "Sakura-chan I would run to the ends of the Earth to ensure your happiness and would die for you only to see you smile one more time." He said seeing the shock on her face as he continued "I would go chase down Sasuke-teme again and bring him back if only to make you happy. So to answer your question from before Sakura-chan, yes I would love to go on another date with you when I return from this training trip." He says smiling. Sakura smiled back before pulling the blonde into a tight hug making him turn blue in the face making Sakura let go of him and apologizing a few times.

As all this was transpiring Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Kakashi were watching from a roof top making sure to wait till the two genin were finished before appearing. However, this did not stop Jiraiya from pulling out his note pad and scribbling down notes feverishly, but not before Tsunade had a chance to give the Ero Sennin a good blow to the head making both the two males there cower in fear of the Legendary Sucker's strength. After Naruto and Sakura had their little chat the three strongest ninjas in the village decided to come out of hiding. Naruto saw them walking down the street and shouted "Ohayo Baa-chan, Ero Sennin, and Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura just waved and smiled. "Hello Naruto, Sakura." Tsunade greeted before clearing her throat "Naruto I see you as my own son that I never had and I would like to extend this offer to you." The Godaime Hokage said to Naruto. He gave her a questioning look and waited for her to continue. "Naruto, I was wondering if you would like to become my adoptive son, I know that you know of your lineage already, but…" Before she could even finish Naruto ran up and tackled her into a hug "Yes, of course Kaa-chan!" Tsunade smiled and hugged thee younger blonde back before letting the boy go and then clearing her throat once more. "I have one more matter to attend to in concern to you, well two really…" Tsunade looked Naruto in his eyes and stated "Naruto Namikaze, I, Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure hereby grant you the rank of chunin for your outstanding service in the mission to recover Sasuke Uchiha and your defeat of Gaara of the Sand." Narutos eyes widened as he was presented with a chunin vest by Kakashi who was giving him his trademark eye smile.

Naruto got the biggest smile on his face for the second time that day, as he took the vest but removed his orange jack before putting on his new vest. "Thank you Hokage-sama, I, Naruto Namikaze proudly accept this vest and rank with honor and shall defend my home village to the best of my power!" He said with confidence. "As for the last bit of news." Tsunade said before continuing "When you return all of your personal belongings that you are not taking with you on your trip, will be moved to your parents estate in which you were supposed to be entrusted with when you became strong enough to defend yourself and I feel that day has come." Naruto smiled again and pulled all four of his most important people into a hug saying "Thank you" over and over.

After a few minutes of hugging Naruto let them go and looked to Jiraiya who motioned to him that it was time to depart. "Wait, Naruto." Sakura said before he turned around "What is it Sakura-chan?" He asked as he smiled at her "Why is your last name Namikaze now I thought that you were an Uzumaki." She stated looking at him. "I am an Uzumaki, however, that was my mother's name, and my father's last name was Namikaze." He answered "If you don't mind me asking who your father is?" She asked him curiously, Naruto just pointed up to the 4th Hokage's face. Sakura's eyes widen and were about to shout but Naruto put a finger to her lips silencing her. He then whispered "This will be our little secret okay?" He asked with a smile, Sakura just nodded dumbly and watched as Naruto and Jiraiya walked to the gate. Naruto Turned around and said "Kakashi-sensei, watch over Sasuke-teme and make sure he gets stronger and if need be I will come back just to kick his ass if need be." Kakashi chuckled and said "You got it Naruto." Sakura ran up and gave Naruto a kiss on the cheek before blushing and running back to the others. Naruto turned bright read and then smiled before waving and turning back towards the gates and started walking on his way to becoming stronger.