GTA and the Mercenaries

Part 1

Chapter One: Gathering The Team

It was one of those normal days in Vice City where the sun was shining, traffic went by normally, and the beaches were open. It was only a few months after that our character, Tommy Vercetti, killed the mob boss Sonny Forreli. Tommy was sitting on a step that led into the mansion that he gained as he was thinking of what to do for the day. Unknown to him, a person was on her way to talk to him at his mansion. He decided to go inside seeing that it started to cloud up. After he went inside, he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door to reveal that a woman in her late twenties was there.

"You're Mr. Vercetti I presume?" asked the woman.

"Yeah that's me. Who are you and what are you doing here?" Tommy asked, still wondering what she was doing here.

"My name is Jennifer Mui. I'm here because saw your record through a police file and decided to meet you myself after what I read." Jennifer replied "And becauseā€¦" she stopped short at the sounds of gunfire nearby.

"Don't worry about that. It's been happening a lot lately." Tommy said in response to her taking cover behind a vehicle.

"Why don't you spend time in North Korea and Venezuela with nuclear threats? Then you can tell me not to worry." She snapped at him.

"Ok, ok. I was just saying." He replied back, backing up from her a tad bit. "But what were you saying before the shooting?"

"What..? Oh yeah, right. I'm also here to escort you to another location" She replied.

"Where and why?" Tommy asked.

"Two reasons. One; because it's required for you to. And two; if you don't cooperate, I'll break your arm. That good enough reason for you?" Jen asked, waiting for his response.

"Yeah. Ok let's go then" Tommy replied, now fearing her.

Tommy packed his things, and loaded everything into the vehicle, then headed off to the airport.

It was three months after the war in Venezuela had ended. General Peng of the Chinese army and his troops had returned to China, but not before the Allied forces left. Solano, Venezuela's leader was killed by a well known man. Mattias Nilsson was the one who killed him. He did it as revenge, especially after Solano shot him in the ass. He was on a plane so that returning to the United States. After five hours he landed in Liberty City. When he got off the plane, he was starting to head to the front of the airport so he could hail a cab to his apartment. As soon as he got to the front of the airport, an LCPD squad car pulled up in front of him and stopped.

"Shit, not ten minutes I get off the plane and I already have the police after me. This should be interesting" Mattias thought to himself.

"Mattias Nilsson?" One of the officers asked as they got out of the car and approached him.

"That's me." Mattias replied. "Am I in some kind of trouble or what?"

"No sir you're not. We just happened to see you and thought we should thank you for stopping Solano. We were getting worried." The officer replied. "Oh and Fiona Taylor is waiting for you at your place"

"Thanks" Mattias thanked them and started to hail a cab, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a guy holding an object. As soon as he realized what the object was, he yelled out; "RPG!" everyone screamed and ran for cover. The person fired at the patrol car, exploding the vehicle on impact. Fortunately the cops were by the building away from the car. Mattias pulled out his knife and threw at the person. The knife hit the guy in the neck, killing him instantly.

Mattias went to pick up his knife and put it away. Five minutes later, an ambulance and a SWAT team arrived. Mattias then, after giving his statement, decided to walk home. As soon as he walked in his apartment, Fiona Taylor greeted him. "You just got here and people are already trying to kill you." Fiona laughed a bit.

"Yeah well, what do you expect?" Mattias replied. "Anyways what are you doing here?"

"I want you to meet someone" Fiona responded to his question. "Alright come on in." she said to someone in another room.

A man in his late thirties came in to where they were. Judging by his appearance, Mattias knew that things should be interesting.

"Hello. My Name is Niko Bellic." Niko greeted Mattias.

"I'm Mattias" he shook Nikos' hand. "And a warning: don't fuck with me or else." Mattias said.