Chapter 5: Element of Surprise

After they were ambushed by the enemy, they proceeded towards the base, hoping that they were still undetected by the enemy. Jennifer Mui flew the helicopter ahead of the group and went over the base that they were after. Unaware that she was flying the aircraft, the North Koreans didn't shoot at her. The commanding officer of the allied forces, First Lieutenant Markus, noticed that Jennifer was unnoticed, they continued their operation. As they proceeded further, they ran into a problem that had the chance of ruining their element of surprise. Up ahead was a checkpoint that led right into the base. There were two light armored tanks, a heavily armed jeep and a sniper nest that was poorly covered.

"I would suggest for Jennifer to take them out, but seeing how close to the base we are, that's obviously out of the question." Chris Jacobs said to Markus. "Fiona, do you have any suggestions for our problem over here?" Fiona was at the Allied Nation HQ with the commander.
"I'm looking for alternatives but from the looks of it, there are none what so ever." Fiona stated. "Hold on. There is a way. But you're going to have to…" she was then cut off by the sound of static on the radio. Then they lost contact.
"Fiona? Fiona, are you there?" Chris tried to reach her on the radio.
"Sir, we've detected a radar jammer not far from our position." A corporal said to the Lieutenant. "If we can take it out, then we'll be able to re-establish a connection with headquarters." He finished.

For now, they had to deal with no contact with HQ and they still had to do something about that checkpoint. "Sir, we might have a chance to get them if we leave and come back the next day." A Corporal suggested only to pretty much be yelled at by Markus. "Are you crazy? We leave now; we may never get them again. We stay where we are. I've called for a SEAL Team to take care of it. And I called them before we lost radio contact." Markus finished.
Thirty minutes had passed, then an hour. They were still in their same spot waiting for a chance to go in. some were trying to keep others awake as it was around eight-thirty. As it neared nine, they heard yelling at the base. Markus and Mattias got up and looked towards the base. They saw a couple of North Korean and Venezuelan soldiers backing up a truck that turned out to be one that carried an anti-aircraft artillery gun on the bed of the truck. A soldier then got in the seat of the AAA gun like it was ready to fire. Out of nowhere, a missile came down and destroyed the outpost. As soon as the smoke cleared, everyone got up and started double timing it to the base.

The anti-aircraft gun had started firing at the F-22 Raptor that destroyed the base. Two mafia soldiers ran towards the gun and killed the gunner and fired it at the enemy. More aircraft from the South Koreans came to support the allied and mafia troops. Alarms were going off everywhere as the enemies fought the Allies and Russians. Unfortunately, the friendly aircraft were engaged by the North Korean aircraft, so it turned into a fight in the sky also. Jennifer was doing her best to avoid the missiles from the hostile aircraft, but one managed to hit the tail of the helicopter, causing to swerve out of control. As the burning helicopter near the ground, she opened the hatch, jumped out onto the ground and rolled underneath a truck. The helicopter then crashed into the ground, exploding on impact. As soon as she got up, she felt a sharp pain in her side. She looked down at her side and saw a piece of shrapnel in her. Mattias noticed her and ran towards her. He took a brief look her wound, and then yelled for a medic.

A Medic came rushing over. He took a look then grabbed his radio for an evac helicopter. "Why do we need to evac her? Can't you do anything?" Matthias asked the medic. "I can't do anything here. She needs immediate help or else she's going to die." The medic replied. After all the fighting died down and they took over the base, a medical evac helicopter landed on the ground. Jennifer was then loaded on and taken to the M.A.S.H unit. As things couldn't get any worse for Matthias, a shot was fired off from a hidden spot. He felt a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down to see blood coming out of where he was hit, which was unfortunately where his heart was. He then fell down to the ground. He died when he hit the ground.