Title: Do you hate me, Danna?
Pairing: SasoDei (Sasori/Deidara)
One shot.
Rating: T+
Genre: 1)Friendship 2) Romance
When the rain pours down, and the nightmares start- where does Deidara go?
To his Danna of course! The problem is… Deidara is convinced his Danna hates him…
Sasori just doesn't know how to tell the brat that he doesn't. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Lighting struck, as the blonde criminal turned yet again in his sleep.
The nightmares were definitely getting worse.

"You know nothing of art, brat!" His Danna shouted, turning around to face him.
In one second flat, Hiruko's scorpion tail had closed itself around Deidara's neck.
The 19 year old blonde struggled and fought, as Sasori cackled evilly.
"I HATE YOU, BRAT!" He shouted.
The louder his Danna's sadistic laughter grew, the closer death became.

"Danna, STOP!"
Deidara shot up, panting as sweat ran down his temples.
His eyes were wide, and he jumped when the thunder cracked again.
Something about thunderstorms just scared him. Not that he'd admit it.
For some reason he felt someone's stare burning his back.
Glancing over his shoulder, Deidara nearly screamed when he realised Sasori was there, giving him a questioning look.
"Why are you staring at me like that? I just had a nightmare, yeah." Deidara muttered, blood rushing to his face.
"Enlighten me, brat. What was your dream about?" Sasori calmly walked over, and sat next to the bed.
Deidara gulped, subconsciously backing away from Sasori.
"I-I'm not going to tell you. Why do you care, anyway, un?" The blonde flushed, focusing his vision on ANYTHING but his Akatsuki Partner.
"Because, brat- you were arguing with yourself- then you started screaming and clutching at your throat, then you started yelling whilst laughing like Hidan. You then shot up, and told me to stop."
Sasori said, raising an eyebrow.
"Well… You killed me; The storm wasn't helping at all hmm." Deidara said, still avoiding the redhead's gaze.
"You're scared of thunderstorms?" Sasori questioned.
"Yes. They just make me anxious, un!" Deidara snapped.
What kind of grown guy would start crying out of frustration?
Deidara. That's who.
He buried his head in his hands, as he tried to hide the obvious from Sasori.
His Danna was probably thinking how weak he was.
A cold hand placed itself on Deidara's shoulder.
"Brat…" Sasori chuckled, wrapping a consoling arm around the blonde.
Deidara took a moment, before accidentally, clinging to Sasori as if he was going to make everything change.
Sasori didn't react badly however. He merely rubbed Deidara's back comfortingly, until he calmed down.

When he did however, he clinging was for dear life as the thunder and lightning struck.

After an hour or so, Deidara let an unexpected question slip past his lips.

"Danna, you hate me- right?" the blonde sniffled sadly.
Sasori blinked, as the question caught him off guard.
"You're an annoying brat. However, I don't hate you… " Was his answer.

There was silence for a few more minutes, before…
Deidara turned his head sadly only to be met with-

His Danna's lips, firmly on his own.
And you know what- Deidara kissed the redhead back.

"Go back to bed, brat."

Yeah, like he slept after THAT.

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