Chronicles of the Darcsen Brotherhood


"Wake up boy, you never would feel from a hit like that, come on! You are not weak, i know this, wake up! Wake up!"

I though I've heard my father's voice, or was i just hallucinating? I opened my eyes slowly to find out i was passed out in the floor of the living room, i tried to stand up but my head hurts so much, i wonder what happened, there so much blood on the floor…

I found out that the blood on the floor was mine when i touched my head and felt the dried blood in my hair, i couldn't stand up alone so i took a wood board as a support, after looking around the house a little i try to remember what happened.

I sat on a chair in the kitchen and remembered, there was a huge explosion and imperial soldiers came from everywhere, i tried to run to my little sister's room when i was hit in the head…

"Wait… Zanna? Oh no! Zanna!"

I've begun to shout out for my little sister to know where we're she, i searched around the entire house for her but found no one, i remembered we had a hidden basement where i didn't had looked.

I take of the carpet that was hiding the trap door, and with all the strength that i still had, opened the trap door with one of my arms, i looked down the stairs that fallowed to pure darkness, not a thing moved down there and not a wind of breath was heard, i got closer to it and start shouting…

" Zanna! Zanna, are you there? Answer me, please!"

I stop shouting as soon as i realized that my town was attacked by imperial soldiers, what if they were still in the house? But now was too late to hide myself, i heard footsteps from the darkness of the basement, i took an defensive stance and prepared myself, although it was a lost battle as i was not in a good condition, i was tired, i was seriously injured and i had no fire weapon at my reach, all that i had was the wood board that i used as a support to help me walk.

The footsteps came closer and closer, and as the person got closer to the light i saw a little silhouette, like the size of a 16 year old girl.

"Nehro?" the person asked to me."Is that you Nehro?"

"Zanna?" i said with my hopes up.

i would recognize that voice anywhere, it was her, my little sister.

"Nehro!" She shouts while she runs in my direction

She then hugs me and starts to cry, she look so sad…

"Nehro, it was horrible! I heard an explosion from the outside, and then when i heard they coming to my room i hided under my bed, after they left i ran to the basement and than i waited here but i didn't know if it was safe to get out so i just waited here… Whaaaaaaaaannnnnnn! *sniff* *sniff*" She desperately starts to cry in my arms, and i didn't know what to do.

"Wait, so you didn't saw passed out at the floor?"

"No, i think they dragged you here later…"

I tough to myself that i was lucky, maybe they tough that i was dead, and since I'm a darcsen, there was no need to save me and get me as a prisioner, for once, the hate of the imperias on darcsens had saved my sking… kind of...

" It's okay now, stop crying, here, blow your nose on this." I gave her a tissue

" thanks, *sniff* *sniff* "

"16 years old and you still act like a little girl…" I said to her as i pet her in the head

"That's not funny Nehro! Everyone… everyone we knew, our friends are…"

"I know, but our priority now is to get out of the town, and it's not going to be easy, i still hear some imperial tanks shooting in the distance" I said while taking a look carefully outside by the corner of the window.

"Nehro, did you forgot?"

"Forgot what?"

"Nehro! The secret passage way that leads out of the town, at the basement!"

"You're right!"

As we go down to the basement, we opened the secret passage way made by our father long time ago for this kind of situation, we walked down the tunnel that leads to some mountains not so far from the town.

"Nehro, your head!" said Zanna, scared with all the blood in my hair.

"hmm? What? Ah! Don't worry, it's nothing really serious."

"Don't say that, you lost a lot of blood! Let me see it!" She then grabs me by the arm and makes me sit on the ground so that she can take a better look at it.

" Does it heart?"

"Not really, look, i'm fine, the important thing now is to find somewhere we can go!"


As we walk through the mountains, we look from a cliff, at a distance there was our town, burning and destroyed by the empire soldiers, and with still some squads looking for darcsens to ad to their concentration camps.

"Nehro, everyone is…" Zanna looks really sad and starts to cry again

"Don't worry, we will avenge everyone, i promise you" I said that while i hug her to give her some confort.

But before that, we need to find somewhere safe and quickly, we got of the mountains to the other way, by lucky we found a old car, it has enough ragnite for at least 2 days of travel, we headed north and wished for the best.