Chronicles of the Darcsen Brotherhood

Chapter 28: The unification of Gallia

We followed that girl that appeared in the ruins of the ancient city in Barious Desert, she led us to a mountain with an entrance to what appeared to be an ancient temple of my people, a temple to the darcsens. Inside of it there was a man sitting in the center, it was King Oscar, one of the rulers of Gallia in the past, the mysteries to why he was still alive and what was that power growing inside me were answered by him in that exact day. Now I'm supposed to train here with him, to master this power and control it to protect those who I love and care, today is the first day of my training.

I entered the temple and announced that I was ready to train, Oscar was reading what looked like ancient scrolls.

"So, you're ready hun?"


"Then come along with me."

We got outside the temple.

"So, you're first lesson will be simple" King Oscar said as he approached a big rock.

He suddenly pulled the rock from the ground with only one of his hands and said:

"I'll only need to destroy the rocks that I'll throw at you!" he smiled at the end.

He throws the rock at me and I barely escaped by dodging it.

"What's the matter? You're not supposed to dodge them, you have to destroy them. C'mon, let's try one more time." And he pulled anther huge rock from the ground with his hand.

"W- wait a sec-" I tried to stop him, but he had already thrown the rock at me.

I throw myself at the ground as I saw that the rock passed above me with nothing but centimeters of distance between me and the rock.

"Hmm? I think you didn't get the purpose of this training…" King Oscar said.

"Wait! Just before you throw another rock at me, just listen to me!" I shouted at him.

He stopped and listened, but I did saw that his hand was already touching another rock that was near him.

"How am I supposed to destroy them?"

"With your power, isn't that obvious?"

"But how am I supposed to do this if I even awaken it?"

"hmm…" King Oscar started thinking.

"What happened last time that you were awakened?" He asked me.

"My squad and the Militia were under attack."

"Well I see than…"

He turned around and saw the warpack that was watching the training. He lifted the rock and throws it at them, it was going directly to Nanah.

"What the-" I ran as fast as I could to reach the rock before it hits them, even though it looked impossible. As I ran I watched the expressions in the face of the soldiers of fear of being crushed by that rock, of my friends and Nanah's face. All that I knew is that I needed to get there before that rock.

When I knew I was there, punching that rock into pieces and with the flames rising from my body.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! You could have killed someone!" I shouted at him.

"Relax, relax… I had everything planed, if you would've failed to get there in time Lyria would have stopped the rock." He said.

I looked behind me and between me and Nanah there was Lyria, still with her emotionless face, ready to get the rock if I were too late.

"And also, I do believe that my tactic worked."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Neroh, the flames!" Nanah said.

And it was only than that I noticed that the flames were awaken again, but as soon as I noticed, they've gone away again.

"Hmm… it looks like that you can't keep them burning for long enough, let's work on that." King Oscar said.

"How?" I asked.

"Think of that sensation that you had after you saw that rock coming to your companions, remember it and concentrate on that." King Oscar said.

And so I did, for hours and hours, but nothing really happened. After a while Nazir interrupted my training.

"Neroh, we got an incoming transmission on the radio from the Militia, they're asking us to search the area around here, they said that travelers were attacked recently around here and want us to know if there is any activity happening right now."

"You go, take half of the warpack with you and two tanks, I need to stay and continue my training." I said to him.

"Roger! You guys, with me!" He said pointing at a big group that was almost the same amount of soldiers I said that he could take with him, the others followed him as well.

Before Nanah followed them I pulled by her arm and hugged them saying:

"Be careful, okay?"

I could see her face getting a little red.

"I- idiot… of course I'll be okay." She let out a small smile, and then we kissed.

After she goes I lifted my hand and waved to Zanna.

"You be careful to Zanna!" I shouted to her.

"Okay Neroh!" She shouted back with a smile.

After that I returned to my training, trying to control that feeling and wake the flames again. Some hours later we finished the training for the day, without any success… I walked around to see if I could find anything interesting here, but the place looks like a dead plain, not a single living soul except for the warpack and King Oscar and his apprentice. I stayed by the side of the radio to keep in contact with the part of the warpack that had gone to look around the area, but I couldn't get a signal…

"Damn radio, what's going on with this thing?" I was wondering.

"It must be because of the sand storm." I turned around and there was King Oscar.

"King Oscar? How did you-"

"Please, just call me Oscar, I am no longer the king of this nation." He said after interrupting me.

"So, may I ask you something?"


"How come you're a Guardian?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, forgive me but, you don't look like a darcsen."

In fact, Oscar didn't had any feature that a darcsen would have.

"Oh! Yes, I see why you are confused, but I am darcsen from my great grandmother's side."

"And, may I ask how did you become the king of Gallia? I mean, it's just so strange that you appeared out of nowhere, especially since you were told by history to be an street urchin. I'm quite curious to know what happened."

Oscar than took a deep breath and looked at the sky as he lets the air inside he's lungs out.

"You see, at that time I was already an apprentice to my master, but even so, those days were the worst to be lived in. Gallia was not a unified nation at the time, it was more of a big messy group of small barbaric nations, all of them with their own culture, languages and beliefs. The reason why Gallia was a target of so many barbarian attacks was because of the lack of command and organization that it had, in those times the king of Gallia was chosen by how big was his army, his treasure and by his popularity with the commoners, if a king wasn't satisfied with the king that was chosen by such methods, he could challenge him to a duel, so many good kings died in such duels, letting the inefficient kings to take control of Gallia and ruin it the way they wanted to. The attacks always took more of Gallia than saved it, and the people also suffered of diseases, hunger and the ignorance of the king's soldiers. As the time passes my master knew it was just a matter of time before Gallia became nothing more than a dead land with only fire and ashes, he came to me and said that it was time for a new king to rise the throne of Gallia, not one that would be of noble bloodline, but one that would answer to the people's wishes and that would unify the barbarian lords under his banner to a single powerful nation, he said. He chose me to carry on such duty, and I accepted. As I wondered on the streets around the castle of Gallia I demanded, shouting at the castle walls to fight the king, after five days the king was tired of my 'insolence' and accepted my challenge. At that time I was just a young man, and the king hoped to make an example of me, so he gathered all of the plebeians around an improvised arena and armed himself with his claymore and put it on his armor plate, I didn't had nothing to fight with him though, all that I had were the cloths on my body and my fists. The guards had some pity of me and gave me a small dagger. The match had started, but it didn't last long, after three seconds the king was bleeding on the floor, with not a single breath of life resting in his lungs. The personal guards of the king would rather see me dead than to let me sit on the throne of Gallia, after all, I had no blood lineage to nobility and didn't even owned a castle of my own to call myself a lord, so they aimed their spears against me and demanded that I surrender myself to them. But the people stood by my side, I had won the match against the king fare and square, and it had begun a riot in the castle, in the end the remaining soldiers to the old king had surrendered themselves and I was crowed in that same day king of Gallia. The people seemed to be very happy with the annunciation of a new king that was one of their own, they were quite tired of the tyranny of their noble lords. Of course, after the day I was crowned king the word reached the lord's and the other king's ears and some of them were quite mad with this 'outrage', others seemed quite supportive to this turn of events, some even thought I was sent from some of their deities, and so it had begun, the war for the reunification of Gallia. The war was not kind to anyone, many suffered towards the eleven years of oppression and slaughtering that happened. But in the end, Gallia's forces had won. The last battle took place in one of the last opposing king's castle, he had little force and all of his lords were already working for us, the siege lasted fifteen days before the lord and the remaining troops opened the gates and with their hands in air, surrendered themselves to us."

"Wow! That's quite a story, but how did you managed to hold out on Fort Oscar?"

"I'm almost there. After the war was over it was time to judge the lords and kings for their crimes, only two were found to be judged, since the other lords and kings were forgiven and joined our armies. One of them was convicted guilty of genocide of innocent civilians, the people demanded for the evil king's head, and we had no other choice, the lords and the other kings all agreed that he must suffer for his sins, and so I had to condemn him to the guillotine. The other king was forgiven for his acts for he was only doing what he was told to do by the other king who had made his family hostage. After that we begun to rebuild the kingdom, there was a lot to do, but we got stopped by the flames of war once again. The barbarian hordes had come, and they come to take Gallia for themselves, in the past Gallia had only survived the barbarian invasions in the base of miracles that happened every single war, it was the only way to explain it really, for Gallia lost much more soldiers than the barbarians, but the barbarians came prepared this time, the barbarian kings brought with them thousands of soldiers, and this time they were not mere untrained peasants that didn't knew how to use a sword, these were trained raiders, wearing heavy mail armor, long swords and long bows, they even had siege weapons this time, but they didn't knew that now Gallia was a unified nation again, with man that have a common language, culture and reasons to protect this reborn country, and we were going to stand against them.

After some days battling off the barbarian hordes, we reached the climax of the war, and the place for the last battle would be in an old fort in the edges of the gallian borders, it was not in a good shape, but it was the best we could do at that time. Day after day, the barbarians attacked the fort and in every attempt to take it from us they failed, in the end, the barbarian kings knew that this Gallia was a different one from the one of years ago, this time, Gallia was a strong unified kingdom, and they weren't going to take us now, they gave up the siege on the fort and left back to their own lands. I can't really explain how we held the fort for such a long time, perhaps one of those miracles again, but at least now Gallia was safe. They named the fort after that day in my memory, but I didn't had time to celebrate, I had to go back to my master since I had finished my job, I put the son of one of the last kings as the ruler, and so he ruled as the new king. After that I came back to my master and he gave me this new job."

"What job?"

"Of teaching those that doesn't know of their power and heritage."

"Hmm… I see… was that the case of Lyria?" I asked him.

"Actually, it wasn't. You see, one day as I was meditating in the temple I heard someone crying outside, when I looked around there was a little baby, wrapped around a piece of silk and crying of thirsty. I turned around to see if there was anyone but I couldn't find anyone. It was up to me to take care of her, and since that day she's living here with me. I had no idea she was a guardian, until a certain day…"

Flash back

"Lyria be careful, you might fall if you don't look where you're going." Oscar said to Lyria.

"I'm okay master look- Ohh!" Lyria trips on a small rock.

Oscar sees as she is about to hit her face in a bigger rock that's right in front of her, he was going to catch her but he saw something strange, the dark flames raising from her body, in a reaction to the situation, Lyria punches the rock with her fist, enveloped in flames, the rock is completely destroyed into pieces.

"W- what's happening to me master?" Lyria asks with a confused expression on her face.

End of Flash Back.

"And so I began training her so she could control her own flames."

Oscar looked at the skies and smoke from his pipe again.

"Neroh, would you make me a favor once your training is done?" He said.

"Yes? What would that be?" I asked him.

"Well, I would like you to take Lyria with you and the others."

That kind of surprised me, I mean, Lyria was pretty much the only company he had in that inhospitable place in the middle of the desert.


"Well, she was always a cheerful and happy girl, but in the last years, she became who you see today, she doesn't show a single expression, not even a single smile. I believe I'm the one to fault."

"What do you mean?"

"She was always a happy child, but she has no friends around here and didn't had a proper childhood, since her training started way to early than expected, she had to train a lot to control her flames, and didn't had enough time to play and have fun…"

He stopped for a moment.

"That's why I wanted you to take her with you, so she could know what it means to have a friend and she could go back the way she was again, happy and cheerful…"

"Well, since you're teaching me, I guess this mean you're my new master, doesn't it? I think that's mean I have to complete my own jobs than."

We looked at each other and let out a friendly laugh, after some seconds I heard a transmission coming in the radio.

"…Come in! I repeat, we're being attacked by an unknown force, they are more than we expected, we need someone's help, the Army, the Militia, anyone that Is nearby and that can help us! I repea-." The transmission was cut off.

I recognized the voice on the radio, it was one of the youngsters of the warpack.

"I need to go! If I don't get there in time they might get killed!" I said.

"Wait!" Oscar said.

He got up from the ground, looked at me and said:

"I'll go with you."