Kingdom Hearts: Key to Evil

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Prologue: Day 1: Morning

Sora, a young boy of 14 is dreaming; dreaming strange but familiar dreams and his mind is filled of thoughts. Thoughts that if his life is true or not, if it isn't then who is he really and where did he come from?

Well his question will be answered by his destiny and path he will choose to follow.

Sora's dream

Sora is floating underwater, his eyes are closed and his face is in peace; but despite that he is troubled as he is in deep thought. Deep thought about his past, his memories and mostly his destiny; he then opened his eyes and he is no longer in the water but on a small island, standing on a beach and watching the sunset. The sun set is beautiful but nothing more beautiful than a girl with neck length auburn hair and beautiful blue eyes standing on the water and watching it.

Sora is amazed by her beauty, her kindness and her innocence; then the scenery changes from a beautiful sunset into a dark storm, but Sora is not fazed by the sudden change of the scenery as he felt comfortable in it.

He turns his head to see a vast plain with a tall dark tower that radiates in evil. He heads for the tower, because he sees the auburn haired girl reaching out her hand to him; Sora runs and runs but he could not reach the tower, thunder booms and lightning flashes as he kept running to the tower with his hand reaching out for her but he couldn't reach her.

The ground starts to turn dark and it starts to sink Sora down into the darkness like it was quicksand. He struggles and his eyes are closed tight until he opens them to see darkness, but he is standing on a glowing stained glass window-like platform with images of dancing imp-like creatures in colours of brown, red, green and blue.

Evil is infinite…

Sora hears a voice echoing in his ear, he turns his head left and right to see who said that but he found no one.

Evil is infinite more than darkness or the void…

Sora is curious at that the voice means, Evil, Darkness, Void; what does this all mean and why he is curious about them. Then he turns to see 3 altars rising from the platform, each containing a weapon. One is a sword, the other a staff and the last is a shield.

Choose your path…

Sora decided to pick up the sword and listen to the voice.

The path of warrior, you will use force and violence to win your battles and fulfil our ambitions. Is this the power you seek?

Sora puts the sword down and picks up the staff

The Path of Mystic, you will use magic to control the elements and minds of your enemies. Is this the power you seek?

Sora puts the staff down and picks up the shield

The Path of the Guardian, kindness to aid friends, a shield to repel all; is this the power you seek?

Sora put the shield down and heads for the sword; as he obtained the sword it turned into a dark looking gauntlet with a glowing yellow gem on the back of it. Sora raised his hand to take a good look at it and then that voice appears again.

Your path is set, what could you would you give up?

Sora turns to the staff and the Shield, he needs to give up either of them but he couldn't decide. He needs the staff so he can learn magic and he is not interested in the shield, so he chose the shield to give it up.

You have chosen the path of the warrior and given up the path of the guardian, this the form you see?

"Yes" said Sora

Then suddenly the altar starts to sink into the platform and the sky brightens slightly to reveal the interior of a gothic castle lightened by torches. He looked around and sees a huge glowing orb near the balcony; he took a look at is and saw the image of that ruby haired girl, he touches the orb and it flashed brightly and blinded him for a moment.

Then the orb starts to dim and shadows rose up from the ground, they have antennae and glowing yellow eye. More of them appear on the walls and ceiling; Sora is getting worried until a sword appears in his hand and he then goes in an offensive pose.

You are a being of evil, don't let the darkness control you; you must control the darkness, discipline it and show it you're the master.

Sora nodded at the voice as he then charges at the shadows and slashed through them with his sword. The shadows faded into darkness once they're slain, but more come and they pounce on Sora.

Don't let them consume your heart, let the evil embrace you and let it flow through.

Sora is struggling to break free from the shadows' grip until his gauntlet starts to glow and the shadows vanish as they were attacked by strange brown creatures. Sora got on his feet and looked at the brown creatures that are bowing at him, this confused Sora until the voice explains.

You are not alone in this battle, you can use them to fight for you; why soil your hands if you can let others do them for you. That is the way of evil…

More shadows appear from the walls, floor and pillars of the interior they jump onto the floor. There are about 50 of those shadows as they scurry towards him.

Let's see if you are capable of using it, show me how evil you can be?

Sora raised his arm by instinct as more of those brown creatures rose up from the ground; he saw them as they charge at the shadows and slayed them.

The shadows were defeated and glowing heart shaped jewels appear hovering above the dead shadows.

Darkness consumes hearts, you steal them from the fallen dead; gather them to grow strong. All hearts grant you power; hearts of the people, hearts of monster, hearts of the world.

Sora walk towards the hovering hearts and grabbed one, the heart flashed and faded but he can feel a new surge of power flowing through him. He must have absorbed the heart and it gave him some power.

Use others to give those hearts to you; they are here to serve you, to make you stronger.

Sora commanded the creatures the collect the hearts and bring them to him, they obeyed Sora and retrieved them and gave them to Sora. He feels stronger than before, and he likes it.

Let the power flow through you, let it make you grow strong; now to test your new strength.

The interior starts to darken and change into a stained glass platform, Sora's shadow starts to grow and rise up from the ground. The shadow splits into 2 and changed forms. The first is wearing a black and red body suit with a silver helmet covered in black glass. He is wielding a black key-like sword with red outlines.

Face the darkness…

The second figure dons a black hooded trench coat, his face is concealed by the hood and his hands are covered in black gloves, in his hand are 2 key-like swords, one black with a gothic design with a handle designed like bat wings and the other is white with a handle designed like angel wings.

and the void in your hearts, conquer them to control them.

The 2 mysterious figures posed in their battle stance, Sora pulled out his sword and poses in his battle stance.

Do not let them consume you; you must consume them to gain their power; evil conquers all…


The battle just begun when Sora clashed blades with the cloaked figure and dodged a swipe from the masked figure; he swung his sword at the masked figure. Sora is overwhelmed by the 2 mysterious warriors; he panics that he cannot win this match. Then he realised that he can summon those creatures and thought of an excellent idea to win.

He pushed the 2 figures back and raised his gauntlet in the air and summoned a small army of brown creatures.

"Attack" commanded Sora to the creatures and they obeyed him.

Then creatures attacked the 2 figures and kept them busy, Sora saw this to his advantage and stuck them down effectively.

"GAH!" screamed the masked figure and the hooded figure as Sora struck them on the chest and caused a gash there. The defeated figures revealed their faces, the masked figure's helmet shattered when it landed on the platform to reveal an exact replica of Sora but with black spiky hair and golden eyes with slit pupils. The hooded figure's hood came off to reveal a boy that looked like Sora but his hairstyle is different and his hair colour is lighter than Soras, they then start to burst in flames and so did the entire area.

Do not fret, embrace the flames…

Sora is caught in the flames and starts panicking and moving around to douse them off but it is futile.

the flames will burn away the goodness until there is nothing…

Sora loses balance and falls off the platform and fell into the darkness.

...but Evil

Sora's room: morning

Sora woke up from his dream and found himself in his bedroom; he then looked at his left arm and sees the Gauntlet he had since he could remember. He sighed and got out of bed, today is a new day for Sora; he got dressed in his fresh clothes and looked at the mirror; he is a handsome teenage boy with dark blue eyes, slightly tanned skin and spiky brown hair. His smiled at himself but his eyes reveals sadness because he is had some strange dreams, not like the one he had before but the ones that might have been memories of his past.

One day, I'll know about my past thought Sora before he turned away from the door and left the bedroom to start his brand new day.


Sora exited his home and walked to the village he was raised there and adopted by a single woman that found him 9 years ago by the door with the Gauntlet he is wears and knows nothing about his family or his home.

He was told he was adopted by his adopted mother but she doesn't know who his real are or even if they are alive. But he will eventually find out about his true lineage.

The village is peaceful and calm, but Sora feels rather uncomfortable for some strange reason. He is not a fan of peace and tranquillity in the world he resides, and he is not the only one.

"Hey Sora"

Someone calls to Sora and he turns his head to see his friends, Riku, Tidus and Wakka; Tidus has light brown hair and blue eyes, he wears a yellow shirt and black overalls that goes up to his knees, his is son of a famous Blitzball champion that mysteriously disappeared years ago but Tidus doesn't mind since he hated his father for bullying him and treating him like a child.

Wakka has orange hair with a cowlick and brown eyes, he wears a blue bandana around his forehead, a yellow tank top and orange baggy pants with an X on each leg. He is holding a white and blue ball as he spends most of his spare time playing blitz ball with his friends.

Riku has shoulder length silver hair and icy blue eyes; he wears a white, yellow and black sleeveless jacket, blue baggy trousers and white and grey sneakers with black and yellow laces. He is Sora's best friend and rival when it comes to activities like friendly spars and blitzball matches in the small Island they usually hang out.

Riku was waving to Sora and waited for him to come; Sora came to his friends and greeted them.

"Hey" said Sora

"So you're ready?" said Riku

"What for?" said Sora confused

"For this year's annual Blitzball game, of course" said Riku "We saved enough for seat reservations, if we don't go we'll miss our seats"

"Yeah, this match will be great" said Tidus "Come on, we can't miss our seats"

"Race you" said Riku to Sora

"Alright" said Sora smirking at his friend/rival as he, Riku, Wakka and Tidus dashed into the streets and heads to the stadium in the centre of the village.


The 4 teenage boys arrived at the stadium of the village; inside is filled with villagers sat on their seats with their flags of their supporting teams and refreshments to eat while they'll watch the Blitzball game.

"Here's our seat" said Riku as he pointed at the few empty seats and rushed to them. "Let's go"

"Alright" said Tidus following the silver haired teenager, along with Wakka and Sora.

Sora looked around at the stadium while following Riku to the reserved seats for the games; a colossal glass ball stands in the centre and inside is 2 teams, one wearing dark purple uniforms with a black and red heart-like emblem on their chests, their faces are hidden in shadows and their eyes are glowing red.

And the other team wears grey hooded bodysuits with an emblem that looked like an upside-down heart with a 4 pointed cross at the end.

Sora stopped for a moment as he is saw those strange Blitzball players and he got a weird feeling about them.

"Darkness, Void…"

Sora heard the voice he heard from his dreams, despite the noise from the crowd he can hear that voice, like it's guiding him. Sora is starting to understand what the voice meant, he needs to be careful as he had a feeling that danger will come.

"Sora, are you coming?" called out Riku

"Huh…oh, sorry about that" said Sora as he then rushed to his friends and his seat so he can watch the game.

"What kept you?" said Riku

"Sorry about that" said Sora "I just spaced out a bit"

"Well you better not space out again or you'll miss the game" said Riku

"I'll try" said Sora "Anyway, where's Kairi and Selphie?"

"At the beach" said Tidus "I asked them if they want to come with us at the game but they weren't interested"

"Oh" said Sora a bit disappointed that Kairi isn't coming to watch the games, but he'll go to the island before it gets dark and see her. Then the crowd starts to cheer as the game has begun when the colossal glass orb fills up with water.

"Alright, the game's starting" said Wakka excitedly

The contester of the stadium speaks out from the booth to the audience.

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to this month's Blitzball match" said the contester of the Blitzball Game "Today we have 2 teams from unknown lands; on the left we have Team Darkness...

"Darkness..." said the voice inside Sora's head.

"And on the right we have Team Void!"

"Void..." again the voice spoke to Sora again, Sora starts to grunt in pain as his head is killing him.

"My head" said Sora in pain as he keeps hearing the same voice.

"Do not let them consume you, let it be consumed by your evil"

What are you talking about, I'm not evil Sora mentally spoke to the voice

"For now..."

"Hey Sora, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" Sora lied as his head is hurting him "I think I need some air"

"But you'll miss the game" said Tidus

"Sorry guys just tell me who won okay?" said Sora as he then leaves his seat and exited the stadium.

Sora left the stadium and the games has begun, everyone cheered as they watch Team Darkness and Team Void tackling and passing the ball toward the goals.

"And a point goes to Team Darkness..."


Sora exited the Stadium and sighed as his head feels a bit better now, the voice stopped. Then he heard another voice, not inside his head but near him; he turns to see a black 3 foot long Anthromorphic rabbit with a white muzzle and wearing a dark blue kimono and holding a bamboo sword.

"Hello there Sora" said the Rabbit "Not watching the game?"

"Hello, Master Oswald" said Sora to the rabbit named Oswald "No, I'm not because I've got a bit of a headache"

"I see" said Oswald smiling at Sora "It sure does get noisy when bliztball fans scream with joy when their supported teams compete one another."

"Are you a Blitzball fan?" said Sora to Oswald

"Me, oh no" said Oswald "I'm not interested in that kind of stuff, I'm more in a Struggle fan than a Blitzball fan...Oh that reminds me, tell Riku, Tidus and Wakka that their next class will start first thing tomorrow morning, that goes for you to"

"Yes Master Oswald" said Sora as he bows to the rabbit "If you excuse me, I think I'll head to Destiny Island"

"Off to see you girlfriend, I see" smirk Oswald, causing Sora to blush.

" I just like to hang around there" said Sora with a blushed face.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, Sora" said Oswald "I'm married to a beautiful cat"

"How is Mrs Ortensia?" asked Sora

"She is doing well" said Oswald smiling that he has a wonderful marriage with the woman he loves. "She was my first true love and I gained her love in return. Perhaps you too will find your first true love, Sora"

"I'm a bit young to fall in love, Master Oswald" said Sora

"Nonsense" said Oswald "Love is for everyone, age does not matter to us. Now run along, I have some errands to do"

"Yes Master Oswald" said Sora as he then leaves the rabbit and heads for the harbour to sail for the island.

Oswald smiles at Sora and smirked evilly at him while he leaves.

"Time for some warm-ups I think" said Oswald as he snap his fingers and summoned 6 foot long shadow-like creatures with long antennae and glowing yellow eyes. "Neo-shadows, attack Riku, Tidus and Wakka; they need to warm up for tomorrow"

The creatures known as Neo-shadows obey and sunk into the ground and darkness; Oswald then snapped his fingers again to summon figures wearing white hooded bodysuits with the emblem similar to Team Void.

"Dusks, attack Sora" said Oswald

The Dusks wisp away towards Sora, Oswald jump high onto the rooftops to see if Sora has been progressing.

"Let's see if he has improved and learned how to use that gauntlet" said Oswald.

Meanwhile at the Stadium

The Blitzball games are heating up as Team Darkness and Team Void is toe-to-toe as they both have the same equal of points they scored. The crowd goes wild as they watch their teams battle for victory, Tidus and Wakka howled with excitement while Riku just sits there, feeling a bit upset that Sora isn't here to watch this.


"And the goal goes to Team Darkness and time is up..." said the contester

The crowd cheers as it was an amazing match, Tidus howled with excitement and raised his arms in the air with triumph.

"Oh yeah, that was one amazing game" said Tidus

"Shame Sora missed it" said Riku

"Don't worry, we'll tell him when we meet him" said Wakka

Then the cheers turned into screams of panic as the Team Darkness players jump out from the orb and starts attacking.

"What the..." said Riku until he sees Team Darkness tear their clothes off and reveal their true appearance. They are Neo-Shadows and they are hostile to everyone. "Master Oswalds is giving us some training, "Soul Stealer"

Riku stretched out his hand and a strange blade that looked like a demon's wing appeared in his hand.

"Oh good, I could go for some action, Caladbolg" said Tidus as a key-like blade appears in his hands; the blade is blue and wavy and the key teeth are shaped like a crooked red 'Y' (Zanarkand Abes Logo from FFX) "Ready Wakka"

"Oh yeah" said Wakka as he holds a blue and white key-like blade in his hands.

Riku, Tidus and Wakka charged toward the Neo-Shadows and the Neo-shadows charge towards them.

"Spiral cut!" shouts Tidus as he flipped forwards several times and landed an attack on the first Neo-shadow and eliminated it.

"Take this" said Wakka as he tossed a Blitzball and used his blade as a baseball bat and slugged it at the Neo-shadows and the ball exploded.


"Oh yeah" said Wakka as he and Tidus bump fists.

"My turn" said Riku as he dashed through the Neo-shadows and decapitated them.

More Neo-shadows appeared at the stadium, the 3 teenagers are surrounded but they smirk at the incoming Neo-shadows.

More just keep on coming, like rats" said Riku "Let's kick some Heartless ass"

"Yeah" said Tidus and Wakka

Village Harbour

Sora reached the harbour and saw the island beyond the horizon, he is happy that he is near. Kairi is on that Island and it would be a great time to see her.

"Huh?" said Sora as he then hear something coming towards him; he turned to see Dusks moving towards him like they are riding on the wind. Sora widened with shock as the Dusks are getting closer to him. "No those guys again"

A Dusk wisp towards Sora and swoop it's arm at him but he dodges the attack and pushed it away so he can run for it. The Dusks give chase and wisp after Sora while he looks for something to use as a weapon to defeat them. Luckily he tripped on a stick and decided to use it against the Dusks.

"Take this" said Sora as he swung the stick at the Dusk but failed as the stick just materialized through them. "Oh crap"

The Dusks are deadly drawing near, Sora is worried until he realised something; he used his Gauntlet to punch them. He then punched one Dusk and it was effective as it faded into darkness.

"Use the Evil in the Gauntlet…use it to vanquish the Void"

Sora heard that voice again and remembered that he summoned those brown creatures that helped him vanquish the Shadows. He raised his gauntlet but nothing was heard and no creatures are heard, this caused Sora to panic and widen his eyes as he did it in vain.

No thought Sora as the Dusks wisp towards him until.

"Dusks, abort mission" said Oswald from the distance, he communicate to them through telepathy.

The Dusks halted and vanished into darkness, Sora is safe from harm now.

"What was that all about?" said Sora confused "They appear and then they go…and what is that voice. And why does it want me to be evil?"

On the rooftops, Oswald watches Sora climb on board a small boat and rowed to the Island. He sighed that Sora has no power to use the Gauntlet just yet, but progress was made as he knew Sora realised the Gauntlet's hidden potential.

"Almost there" said Oswald "He is close; now to see if my other apprentices are progressing"


Riku, Tidus and Wakka are continuing their battle against the Neo-Shadows; they turned it into a game of how many they killed.

"59, 60…" said Tidus

"55, 56…" said Wakka

"98, 99, 100" said Riku as he slain his 100th Neo-shadow.

More Neo-shadows are coming and starting to overwhelm the 3 teenagers.

"More are coming" said Tidus

"More Heartless to slay" said Riku

"Shame there aren't any Nobodies to slay" said Tidus as he slain a Neo-Shadow "61"

"Master Oswald said we aren't ready to deal with Nobodies yet" said Riku after he slain a few Neo-Shadows. "103"

"Neo-shadows, abort mission"

The Neo-Shadows obeyed the voice and returns to darkness; 3 teenagers turn to see Oswald entering the stadium. They kneeled to him with respect and loyalty.

"Master Oswald" said the 3 Teenagers.

"You did well, my apprentices" said Oswald "your lord and master would be so proud"

"Is it time, Master Oswald?" said Riku "Has he awoken the power"

"Unfortunately no", sighed Oswald "But he is close, he just needs to embrace the evil within"

"He's refusing it?" said Riku

"No but I'm afraid fear is stalling him to embrace it; it won't take long for him to embrace it with open arms" said Oswald "We just need some leverage to help him"

"I think I know the right person to help Sora embrace the evil within" said Riku smirking at Oswald.

"Oh" said Oswald as he understands what Riku is implying. "That is an excellent idea; you were one of my skilled apprentices I trained"

"Thank you Master Oswald" said Riku bowing to his master.

Destiny Island

Sora arrives at the island named Destiny Island; it does have an appropriate name as it is destiny that brought him here because of a certain girl he wanted to see. Fortunately she is here with a girl with long brown hair, blue eyes and wearing a yellow dress.

Kairi has short auburn hair, blue eyes and a face that radiates in beauty and innocence; that's what Sora likes about her. She is kind, sweet and also a good friend to him, Riku and his other friends. She is with Selphie near a Paopu Tree, chatting to each other like friends they are. Sora smiles as he watched Kairi with her friend, he then yawned and lay on the warm sand on the beach. He rests his head on his hands and stares at the clouds in the sky until he lowered his eyes and takes a nap.