Kingdom Hearts: Key to Evil

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Wonderland: Queen's Castle

Business in Wonderland has ended for the young Overlord and his associates, the Queen's card armies are under his command and the Queen's head is off from her neck. Sora becomes the new King of Wonderland but he let his sister take command of the world while he ventures on to other worlds to conquer.

But before he goes, he celebrates his conquest (and unbirthday) in the main halls of the castle with a huge party. The party was wild due to the vast alcoholism of Wonderland's tea and the strong opium from the caterpillar. The party last for many hours and Sora is having a ball with his reunited half-sister. They danced, drank, smoked, feasted and also enjoyed the entertainment from their hosts the Mad Hatter, the flowers and etc.

The party continues but the Overlord and his sister retires as they partied too much. They retire into the Royal Quarters so they can rest for the night. The quarters are decorated in red, white and black along with Hearts, Diamond, Clubs and Spades. The bed is King sized with red bed covers with black hearts on it. Sora and Hera entered the bed slowly and all bowlegged due to the alcoholic tea and opium in their system.

The 2 both do a slurred giggle while crashing in bed as they are both drunk and stoned out of their minds.

"That was fucking amazing" said Sora as he chuckles silently "This world is fucking nuts"

"Tell me about it" said Hera as she then snuggles into her brother's chest. "It's mad out there, HA HA HA!"

Sora and Hera laughs loudly and out of their minds as their minds are fucked thanks to the Opium and alcoholic tea. They laughed themselves to sleep and they snored loudly while embracing each other in their arms.

Sora's mindscape

Sora feels like is in in a middle of a shaking room in his mindscape, his sense of balance is affected and he is trying not to fall on the ground. The floor is shattering and threating to break. Sora tripped and the floor shatters like glass, he falls into the steep darkness and lands on something soft and warm. He lift his head up to see a different bed from the one in the Queen of Heart's quarters.

"Huh?" said Sora as he look around until he realised "Oh, it's my mindscape, I must be asleep"

"Welcome back Sora"

Sora turns to turns to see Kairi in a beautiful robe and snuggling into his chest. A smile appears on his face and snuggles in her and kisses her on the cheek. Sora's mind is fucked up due to the party and he just wants to rest and also cuddle with Kairi. Sadly this Kairi is only the heart of the said girl since the original Kairi is taken away by Vanitas and the darkness. He falls asleep with the heart of Kairi in the mindscape. Kairi wakes up and looks at the sleeping form of Sora and smiles at him. She witnessed the dark evil deeds he committed but this doesn't faze her or even change her feeling of him.

She kisses Sora on the lips and inserting her tongue into his mouth, Sora kisses back and wrap his arms around her in a loving embrace while he slowly open his eyes to see her and smiles at her before he lower his eyes again. Kairi broke the kiss and stroke Sora's hair. Sora also place his hand on her hair and a tear seeps out from his eyes.

"Don't cry, Sora" said Kairi sweetly "you'll find me, I know you can"

"And I will, Kairi" said Sora "I will find you if it'll take me eternity to find you"

Then suddenly the area engulfs into a white flash and Kairi vanishes from his arms.

"Kairi" said Sora as he sees Kairi fade away in his arms "KAIRI!"

"Find me, Sora" said Kairi's voice "find me in the darkness"


Sora suddenly wakes up in shock and looks around and sighed.

"Dreaming" said Sora "it was just a dream…damn it, I will find you Kairi"

"Mmm, no mommy I don't want to do more studies" mumbles Hera in her sleep.

Sora chuckles quietly at his long lost sister and kisses her on the cheek until Hera pulled him into her chest and giggles.

"Sora, you cheeky devil" said Hera in her sleep, assuming that she is dreaming about Sora and Herself while she press him toward her breasts. "I see you looking at them, go on touch them, he he"

What in the world is she dreaming about thought Sora as he blushes when his face is placed on his sister's bosom? Oh god they're warm, soft and…no, stop it she's my sister.

"He he, go on touch them" said Hera in her sleep and pressing her brother's head closer to her chest. "I won't tell daddy and mummy"

Sora blushes at this and in defeat he reluctantly move his hand toward her chest and touches them. The reaction was a moan and Hera pull Sora into a kiss and inserts her tongue into his mouth. Sora widen his eyes until he lower them and accept the kiss. Sora wraps his arms around her and inserts his tongue into her mouth. They kiss for 5 whole minutes until they break it for air, Hera wakes up after that kiss and giggles at Sora who is blushing like crazy.

"Is this your first time kissing a girl, Sora?" said Hera

"Yes…" said Sora sadly as he looks away "I was hoping that Kairi would be my first kiss"

"But you'll be hers" said Hera "and she'll be your first as well"

"what do you mean by that?" said Sora

"You'll understand soon enough" said Hera as she winks at Sora and made him blush again. "But we'll just sleep together, just like we do every day in our childhood with our other sisters"

"I have other sisters?" said Sora

"Yes…it seems you don't remember us since you were gone from us after our father died" said Hera sadly "I do miss cuddling with you every night around your safe arms. I'm so glad you're back Sora"

"Me too" said Sora

Next morning: Enterprise MkIII

Sora, Max and Louie set off into space; Hera remains in Wonderland as the next Queen and also her brother's regent while he continues his conquests. The Overlord sits in the cockpit of the ship while the Dark Wizard and the Dark Knight pilots the ship.

"Last night was just…wow" said Sora "Who know Wonderlanders can party like mad"

"I know" said Max as he groans as he suffers a major hangover and migraine from the alcoholic tea and the opium. "We should go there again and get wasted again"

"Hell yeah" said Louie as he high-fived Max until they both winced as their headaches are acting up. "Ow, damn hangover"

Sora chuckles at his 2 associates and turns to the window to watch the starts while venturing to the next world. The sight of the stars is what the Overlord can see and is picturing images in his head of Kairi with the stars. He smiles sadly as he sees images of Kairi in the stars.

Kairi, you must be in one of those worlds, I will find you if it takes me a lifetime thought Sora plus you give me the reason to conquer other worlds.

"Milord, we are near the next world" said Max

"Put it on screen" said Sora as demands the sight of the next world.

The world reveals to be a huge Greek Building with 2 huge statues of warriors clashing their blades one another.

"Embark, Louie" said Sora

"Yes sir" said Louie as he accelerates to the next world, the world where all warriors go to prove their might and honour: Olympus Coliseum.

Chapter 5: Olympus Coliseum

The huge gates open for Sora, Max and Louie as they enter through them, Sora gets a good look at the Coliseum itself and is amazed at the scale of it. Suddenly the D-link starts to ring and Sora answers it.


Oswald: I see that you conquered Wonderland, well done Sora. I got the news from Lady Hera herself. It's good to head that she is safe; I just wish that all 3 of your sisters are safe as well due to your 10 year absence. Anyway, I have some good news, young lord. The Olympus Coliseum is announcing the annual Zeus Cup games. Everyone is taking part in these games to prove their might, I thought you want to take this as an advantage to show off your Overlord might and bring honour to the family.

"What do you mean?" said Sora

Oswald: your father compete the Zeus Cup games as it comes on once every 20 years, it must be fate that you came in this world.

"and you want me to compete for the Zeus Cup?" asked Sora

Oswald: it would be a good show as Zeus will be watching the games and everyone from different worlds will be too. In fact I'm watching them now

"You mean they already started?" said Sora

Oswald: Only the Prelims, it's not too late to enter them

Riku: go on Sora compete for the Zeus Cup

"Riku, when did you connect?" said Sora

Riku: Just now

"Why won't you come with me and compete as well" said Sora

Riku: I'll pass, I don't want to steal your thunder and humiliate you

"jeez thanks" said Sora in a sarcastic tone "anyway, I'll be off to join in for the Zeus Cup"

Oswald and Riku: Break a leg

"That's not all I'll be breaking in those games" said Sora as he chuckles as he enters though the Coliseum Gates and enters the Foyer.


Sora arrives at the Foyer and sees a small pudgy satyr carving names on the tournament board for the Zeus Cup.

"Erm excuse me…" said Sora until the satyr interrupted

"Good timing, could you move that pedestal over there for me" said the Satyr as he does not know that he was talking to Sora and not to whoever he thought is in the Foyer. "I need to spruce this place up for the games"

"Er…" said Sora

"What are you wait for, move it" said the Satyr

Sora sighed and shrugged as he heads for the pedestal and pushes, but the pedestal weighs a ton and it won't budge an inch.

"It's too heavy" said Sora

"What? Too heavy?" said the Satyr as he turns "since when have you been such a little… oh. Wrong Guy, what can I do for you?"

"I'm here to compete for the Zeus Cup" said Sora

"You, the Zeus Cup?" said the Satyr before he burst our laughing as he think it's all a joke. "HA HA HA HA, Good one kid, HA HA HA"

The Saytr laughs until Sora frowns at him and stops laughing.

"Oh, you're serious" said the Satyr "sorry kid; the Zeus Cup is for professional warriors only with high class experience. The Zeus Cup tournament isn't just any tournament; it's a special one that takes place once every 20 years. And you are 20 years too early kid"

"Sora is a warrior" said Louie

"He is the son of the Keyblade Overlord" said Max

"And we're warriors too" said Louie

"Overlord? That runt?" said the Satyr as he laughs again "Overlord, the big guy, is your father HA HA HA."

Sora growls as the Satyr is mocking him

"Read me a book would ya dada, HA HA HA" said the Satyr as he did impersonations of Sora and his father. "ONCE UPON A TIME, HA HA HA!"

"ENOUGH!" shouts Sora as he slams Oblivion on the floor like an axe and halted the Satyr's laughing and scared.

"Okay I went overboard a bit" said the Satyr "but the answer is still no"

"Why not?" said Sora

"2 words: not experienced enough" said the Satyr "and the only way to enter is to get a permit from one of the gods. And I don't think any of the gods will let an Overlord compete and unleash their barbarism in the coliseum. Last games was a massacre, tired me up with the cleaning."

"Shit" mutters Sora

"Look it's not the end of the world" said the Satyr "come back in 20 years and I might let you in"

Sora growls at this and leaves the Foyer

Coliseum Gates

Sora decides to leave the world as there is nothing to do and he is not in the mood to watch the games.

"Rather a stubborn old goat, would you say?"

Sora turns to see a man with dark blue grey skin, yellow eyes and blue flames for hair. He wears a black toga with a grey skull shaped brooch.

"Who are you?" said Sora

"Hades, lord of the dead and so on" said the person known as Hades "and a little birdie told me that you wanted to compete in the Zeus Cup tournament"

"What of it?" said Sora

"Maybe I can help you get in" said Hades as he snap his fingers and a permit appears in the young Overlord's hand. "the goat says that you need a permit from a God, well today's your lucky day."

"What's the catch?" said Sora as he narrow his eyes with suspicion

"No catch, just want to see a new Overlord steal the show" said Hades as he walks away "knock them dead, kid"

After that, Hades disappeared in a poof of smoke

"Nice guy" said Sora

"Er Sora don't you find this very suspicious?" said Louie

"Nope and I don't care" said Sora "he be either a friend or foe, it don't matter because I can get some kickass action"

Sora, Louie and Max enters the Foyer to once again enter the Zeus Cup tournaments.


Sora and his 2 accomplices enter the foyer and again faces with the Satyr.

"You don't take no for an answer do you" said the Satyr "I told you, you aren't qualified to compete in these games unless you have a permit from one of the Gods"

"I got a permit" said Sora as he presents the permit to the Satyr

The Satyr takes the permit and takes a good look at it in case that it's a forgery.

"Who gave this to you?" said the Satyr

"A god named Hades" said Sora

"Hades?" said the Satyr in shock "you sure you can trust him"

"Does it matter?" said Sora

"You got a point there" said the Satyr "Alright, I'll let you in since you're favoured by a God."

"What about the Prelims" said Sora

"Normally you would take the Prelims to go through the main event but you'll be an exception as it's says in the permit"

"Huh?" said Sora

"No lie, it's says in the permit" said the Satyr as he gives the permit back to Sora for him to read.

The Permit reads:

I Hades, Lord of the underworld etc, etc…permit Sora to compete in the Zeus games without taking the Prelims.

Okay what is he up to thought Sora as he is now getting suspicious about the God of the Underworld.

"Anyway the permit is legit and I have no choice but to let you in the games" said the Satyr "The name's Philocetes, but call me Phil"

"Sora" replied Sora to the Satyr known as Phil.

"Max" said Max

"Louie" said Louie

"Likewise, come on the first round is about to start" said Phil as he escorts the 3 to the coliseum.


The coliseum is huge, the area is full of hundreds of spectators waving their banners and flags that represent the Zeus Cup tournament. A match has already begun between a blonde haired teenager in orange and black garments and a black headband with a metal plate with a leaf-like symbol carved on it. He is battling against a group of Heartless that resembles the Shadows but more human-like and stronger.

The battle ended when the blond fighter swung his blade against the last Heartless and won the match. He raised his arms in triumph and yells in victory.

"Good work, Naruto" shouts out Phil

"You know him?" said Sora

"He's my new student after the true champion of the coliseum" said Phil "But he was already in training before his home mysteriously vanished"

The audience roars in cheer at the warrior known as Naruto while he leaves the ring.

"Well you're on your own, kid" said Phil as he leaves the area "I hope you don't lose instantly and bore everyone in the games"

Sora turns to the leaving Satyr and narrows his eyes in anger. suddenly the next match begins.

Round 10: Heartless Rangers

Sora steps into the ring and pulls out Oblivion while his opponents arrive at the ring, Sora's opponent are 5 Shadow Heartless each in different colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and the other is Black. Unlike the Shadow Heartless Sora fought in the past, those five are more sentient and each wield weapons and together poses in a weird position (think Ginyu Force from DBZ or Power Rangers) which made Sora sweat drop.

"You gotta be kidding me" said Sora

"Prepare yourself," said the Red Shadow Heartless

"They talk?" said Sora with his jaws dropped in shock along with Max and Louie in the same expression.

"That's right, we aren't like the other Heartless that wanders in the darkness." Said the Red Shadow Heartless as his other comrades starts their bizarre poses and assemble together in their signature team poses. "We are the guardians of justice, punishers of the Keyblade warriors that slaughter our beloved kin. We are the Heartless Rangers, in the name of darkness and justice, we will punish you"

Sora, Max and Louie sweat drops at the 5 multicoloured Heartless.

"Heartless that think they're a group of superheroes?" said Sora with a deadpanned expression on his face. "What are the odds?"

"I'm surprised more than you, Sora" said Max

"You and me both guys" said Louie

Anyway the battle begins for the Young Overlord and his 2 accomplices; the battle is unlike the one against the normal Shadow Heartless. The Heartless Rangers are tougher than their normal comrades. Each of them has special powers and weapons. Shadow Red wields a sword, Shadow Blue wields a lance, Shadow Yellow wields a pair of daggers, Shadow Pink wields a bow and arrow and Shadow Black wields an axe.



The 3 warriors clash their weapons against the 5 multi coloured Heartless. The battle was harder and tougher but Sora did not show any signs of weakness or defeat within him. He keeps fighting on against the Heartless and inflicts attacks on them until one by one they are all defeated.

Round 2: Big Boned

The next round starts and their opponent are 3 huge fat Heartless, their huge guts are impervious to melee attacks and used as armour. Sora battled those kinds of enemies before back in Wonderland and he, Max and Louie know their weak spots that are located on their backs. Getting to the weak spots it complicated as the huge Heartless swing their bulky arms, charging and body slams at the young Overlord and the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard.

Sora dodges the charges and body slams from the heartless while Max and Louie tries to strike them from behind. One Heartless met their demise when Louie cast Thunder at it from behind and the second Heartless was struck by Max with his blade radiating in darkness. The final Heartless charges at Sora and attempts to crush Sora with a body slam. But that move was a wrong one as Sora slid under the Heartless and slashes its back and defeated it.

Round 3: Air Strike

Sora, Max and Louie now battles against 4 heartless that are capable of flight; they are wearing pointy leather pilot hats with propellers on top and goggles. On their backs are pairs of bat wings to keep them airborne.

The 3 warriors are having complications of battling the winged Heartless as they are high in the air and out of their reach. The Heartless are circling the 3 warriors like vultures over a dying animal. 2 of them dive-bomb down at Sora and swoops pass him and ascend into the air. Louie is casting Thunder at them and hit one of them. Max waits patiently for one of the flying Heartless to dive-bomb down. He delivers an attack on the heartless and eliminated it swiftly.

Only 2 Heartless are left, Sora looks up to see that the Heartless are 10 feet in the air, they are beyond his reach and slashing them with Oblivion is out of the question. But he doesn't show any signs of defeat as he spread his gauntlet clad hand wide open and stretches it in the air at the Heartless.

"FIRE!" shouts Sora as he casts a fire spell at one of the heartless and set them on fire. He cast fire again at the last Heartless but missed as it dive-bomb at the young Overlord. Sora waits for the Heartless to be in range until he makes his final move that'll make him win this round…

Round 4: Are you bananas

3 rounds won and the match heats up, Sora's opponents are 3 Heartless that resemble monkeys. The Monkey Heartless is swiftly and agile, they easily dodge the young Overlord's attacks as well as the dark knight's dark swipes and the Dark Wizard's black magic. And they are making it hard for the young Overlord due to the banana peel they toss on the ground.

The Monkey Heartless are armed with slingshots and their sharp claws, they're build for speed and their strength is limited. Sora swings his Oblivion at the Heartless, trying to inflict damage on them while Louie cast his black magic on them and Max using his Darkness ability. Despite the many attempts they tried to inflict damage on the 3 monkey heartless, they did manage to succeed as Louie cast Fire on one and Max slain the second.

The third Heartless is still dodging Sora's attacks, sooner or later the Heartless makes a wrong move and leave out an opening for the young Overlord to strike.

The match ends as the monkey heartless made that wrong move…

The crowd cheers to their new victor of the match while he absorbs the hearts from the fallen foes of this match.

"Well that was a good warm up" said Sora

"Tell me about it" said Max as he sheathes his dark sword and sighs deeply.

"So when will the next match come on" said Louie

"The next match is one on one" said Phil as he arrives at the ring. "The next opponent asked me that he wants to fight the squirt here"

"Huh?" said Sora "one on one?"

"Yep" said Phil as he begins to leave the ring along with Max and Louie "Good luck kid, this one's a nasty one"

Phil, Max and Louie left the ring leaving Sora is alone the ring waiting for his new opponent to come. The crowd cheers loud to Sora as he is popular in the games and also to the incoming opponent who is a veteran of the games. The opponent approaches towards the ring, he is 7 feet tall and with a muscular build. His body is clad in dark blue armour with a helmet with long horns and visor. The armoured opponent wield no weapon on him, assumed that he has hand to hand combat skills or other unknown techniques.

Sora unsheathes his Keyblade and positions in a battle stance.

"Your stance is flawless, you kept your guard well" said the armoured opponent. "But defence alone will not help you win this battle"

"I have a good mentor" said Sora "Anyway, why are you impressed at my stances"

"I fought countless warriors large and small" said the armoured warrior "and none of them lasted 5 minutes against me due to their arrogance and overconfidence. I want to fight a warrior that is focused and agile, I hope that you are the one that'll impress me, young one"

"I won't disappoint you" said Sora "I'm Sora"

"Golbez" said the armoured warriors as he then starts levitating 5 inches from the ground, his gauntlet clad hands conduct with electricity. "A warrior clad in darkness"

The skies then turns dark and lightning flashes violently, a barriers appears around the fighting ring.

Match 5: Golbez

The match begins and Sora is the first to make the first move, he charges at the mysterious armoured warriors known as Golbez. He jumps up to reach Golbez's head and strike him. But the strike didn't hit Golbez as he blocked it with his left vambrace and swats Sora away with his right gauntlet. Sora twirled in the air to recover and crouch-land on the ring. Golbez crosses his arms and waits for Sora to strike him again.

"Why the hesitation, Sora" said Golbez "Don't you want to defeat me in order to advance to the next round of this tournament?"

"I will not be provoked by your taunts" said Sora as he stays calm, focused and still. "You want me to attack where my guard is at is weakest"

"Good observation" said Golbez "and very wise"

"Thanks" said Sora as he pull out his Oblivion as Golbez decides to charge at him. The tall dark knight pulls his gauntlet clad fists and throws them into ground shattering punches. Sora dodges the punches and jumps back as the ring form cracks on the ground. Golbez then hovers toward the young Overlord and cast black magic at him. Lightning shoots out from his fingertips while Sora dodges them. Golbez ascends up into the air and cross his arms while looking down at the ground and at Sora

Sora looks up at Golbez 20 feet in the air, he tighten his grip on his Oblivion and aims it in the air.

"Fire "said Sora as he shot a fireball out from his blade and it fly towards the armoured warrior.

"Futile" said Golbez as he swat the fireball away with his hand and charges a lightning attack from his index finger before firing it at Sora.

That ball of lighting was fired from Golbez's finger and heads for Sora in lightning speed. The blast is too fast for Sora to dodge and counter it.


The attack reached the target and exploded, the explosion engulfed the entire ring and the blast is brighter than the sun itself. Golbez is at a safe distance away from the blast and the shockwave of the explosion and also the barrier prevents the explosion to spread and put the audience in danger.

"It seems I overestimated this one, he has so much to learn" said Golbez

The blast starts to fade; the ring is reduced into a deep smoking crater, 5 minutes later the smoke clears away from the crater to reveal the damage from that attack. To Golbez and to everyone's surprise, Sora is intact and now in his Keyblade armour and surrounded by charred corpses of his Brown minions he used to shield himself from the blast.

"Then again I could be underestimating him as well" said Golbez

Sora looks up at Golbez and pull out his Keyblade, he place his palm on the blade and caused it to transform into a glider. He climbs on the glider and pulls out a long lance-like weapon and soars up in the air to charge at Golbez. Golbez descends down toward Sora in a game of chicken.


They clash against each other before passing each other, Sora inflict damage on Golbez and pierced through his armour. Golbez's hand seeps out blood along with his arm. The lance-like weapon is sharp and strong, it has the same pattern and theme of Oblivion.

It seems he was holding back, his true power is revealed when he's in his armour thought Golbez as he look at his wounded arm and tore off the piece of armour that got pierced by the young overlord. He shows no arrogance and stubbornness in his actions, it seems I really did underestimate him.

"Quite an impressive display" said Golbez as he slams his palms together and starts to glow. "Let's see the limit of your strength, Summon: Shadow Dragon"

The skies turn darker until it turns black than the shadows of every object in the world. Up in the sky a giant black dragon descends from the darken sky and spirals around Golbez and gave Sora a blood chilling roar, the roar has a force that rivals a strongest hurricane and louder than a mass explosion.

Despite the Roar, Sora remained where he is and look at Golbez and his Dark Summon. Golbex levitates up and stands on the dragon's head and gets ready to strike at Sora. Sora and Golbez then charge toward each other into their final clash and caused a major impact to each other and forcing them to dismount their mounts and land on the deep crater that was formally a ring of the coliseum. The 2 then fought hand to hand and with magic to magic, the battle was chaotic as it caused the clouds to turn violent storms that even Zeus himself could not control.



The sound of metallic clangs from their gauntlet clad fists echo the area, Sora swung his fist into Gobez's helmet and partially shatters it to reveal the upper section of his face and silver hair. Golbez swung his fist into Sora's stomach and cracks the armour. Sora grunts in pain until he uppercuts him to shatter the whole helmet and knock him off his feet. Sora summons his Oblivion and embeds a diagonal slash at Golbez while he's still in midair. Golbez grunts in pain as electricity surges into his body and he crashes onto the crater and paralysed. Sora is the victor of this match and walks away.

The skies regain light and the clouds blows away to reveal the sun, the audience was Sora standing and Golbez unconscious. They gave out an appluse to the young Overlord and starts throwing confetti and roses to him. Sora raises his fists and roars in victory.

"YAH!" yelled Sora in victory "YAH!"

This match goes to Sora.


Due to the damage of the ring, a half time break is called for until constructions is complete. Sora is at the changing rooms and is taking a shower as that last match did make him sweat.

Sora finished his shower and wrap a towel around his waist, then he turns to see a large man with silver hair with a diagonal scar on his chest. Sora assumed that it's Golbez without his armour.

"I'm impressed with your battle against me, child" said Golbez "Who mastered you?"

"Master Oswald" said Sora unaware that someone is overhearing the conversation.

"Oswald…ah yes, I remember him" said Golbez nodding to himself "a fine keyblade master but follows the path of darkness due to his jealousy over the King of Disney"

"How do you know him?" said Sora out of curiosity

"Oswald is an old acquaintance of mine" said Golbez "so is your father, he was the first one that struck a fatal attack on me"

Sora noticed a scar on Golbez's left side of his chest, by the thickness of the scar it was an extremely fatal one from before.

"That scar" said Sora "you fought with my father"

"That's right" said Golbez "Your father is a proud warrior, the one of few that almost killed me in battle"

"Who are the others?" said Sora

"You and my brother Cecil" said Golbez "speaking of which, come on out, brother"

Cecil comes out of hiding and confronts the young Overlord and Golbez.

"Golbez" said Cecil

"Cecil" said Golbez


"Look it's quite simple"

Hades is speaking to a bald pale skinned man with a goatee and red tattoos that goes down from his left side of his face and to his left side of his chest. He wears nothing but a loincloth and vambrace wrapped around in chains. Hade snap his fingers and reveals a vision of Sora to the pale skinned warrior.

"This is your opponent after that goody goody Naruto" said Hade

"You ask me to kill a child?" said the warrior "So the mighty god of the underworld has lost the balls"

"HEY, I didn't bring you back from the underworld to be mocked at" said Hades as his flame-hair and skin turns red out of rage. "I gave you the opportunity to get your back at Zeus. But you need to kill that kid to get to him, you get my drift"

"Hn" said the warrior as he just walks away from Hades.

Hades just raises his non-existent brow at the warrior

"Geez, stiffer than the stiffs back home" said Hades until he smirks "Still, suckers like him are hard to come by"

A sound of growling was heard in the shadows by Hades.

Changing room

Cecil constantly looks at his elder brother and then to Sora

"I never expected that the son of the 4th Overlord would still be alive after the incident 10 years ago" said Cecil "I thought the keyblade masters ended the Overlord's reign and lineage"

"Well there is an old saying, little brother" said Golbez "Evil always find a way. But never mind that, what are you doing here?"

"My purpose of being here is none of your concern" said Cecil "ironically I would by the next opponent"

"Is that so" said Sora "Well it would be an honour to fight you"

Then at the same time, Donald, Goofy, Max and Louie arrives at the scene and saw one another. Each of them widens their eyes as they confront each other.

"Okay…this is kinda awkward" said Louie

"Tell me about it" said Max

"MAXIE!" shouted Goofy in delight as he charges at Max to hug him but Donald stops him.

"Don't be a fool, Goofy" said Donald "they are traitors now and our enemies"

"But…Maxie" said Goofy sadly

"How many times do I have to say it, It's MAX!" shouted Max angrily as he despises his nickname given by his father.

"So you're the Overlord" said Donald to Sora

"That's right" said Sora "and you must be the king's loyal servants, I was expecting more... interesting rather than a squawking duck and a moronic mutt"

"SQUAWKING?" shouted Donald angrily "WHY I ATTA!"

Goofy restrained Donald from doing anything stupid


"Save the quaking for the next round" said Sora as he turns away from Donald "You're giving me a headache"

"THAT IS IT! LET GO GOOFY, I'LL MURDA HIM!" shouted Donald as he tries to break free from Goofy's restraint.

"Is there a problem"

Everyone turns to see one of the colloseum's top fighters, Naruto Uzumaki approaching them.

"I see that you are all riled up for the right but save it for the match" said Naruto until he turns to Sora "you must be Sora"

"And you must be Naruto" said Sora "a pleasure to meet you"

"Likewise" said Naruto until he turns to Donald "could you calm down and lower the tone a bit, I want to have a nap before my match"

"Ah phooey" said Donald

"Sorry Naruto" said Goofy as he feels guilty for disturbing the peace

"It's no problem but keep it down" said Naruto "There are other warriors that are taking a nap and they get awfully cranky before the match. It's like Phil said, Rule 20: always get proper rest and regain your strength"

"Looks like you memoried the book well, kid"

Everyone turns to see the satyr Philoctetes waddling towards them.

"Listen, the matches will be postponed for a while until constructions are done" said Phil until he turns to Sora "you did a nasty number on my arena, but it's a good thing I have insurance for the repairs"

"I did kinda went overboard" said Sora

"KINDA?! Said Phil "You demolished the whole place…ah forget it, you just want to fight more. Consider this a halftime, later. Naruto I need you for a sec"

"Okay" said Naruto as he and Phil walks away to supervise the construction, meanwhile everyone is silent and that silence is getting pretty awkward until Sora broke it.

"so what now" said Sora

"I don't know" said Max

"How about we just get some rest" said Louie "I want to be in top condition for our next match"

"I agree" said Max

"What say you, duck?" said Sora "call this a temporary seize fire?"

"Er…" said Donald

"We might as well accept it" said Cecil "what choice do we have"

"A wise move, Cecil" said Golbez "If only you remained in darkness"

"I will not be your puppet, Golbez" said Cecil "nor will I submit to this new face of evil"

"We'll see about that" said Sora before Cecil, Donald and Goofy leaves them alone…for now.

"Be weary of my brother, Sora" said Golbez "he is a paladin, a warrior of light and he has the power to vanquish the darkness"

"Right" said Sora as he, Max and Louie heads for their rooms to rest before the next match.

Golbez looks at Sora and chuckles

"He is much like the 4th Overlord" said Golbez

To be continued