Previously on Survivor,

Knowing that the women were close to being all out of the game, Zola made an attempt to make things interesting for the men after the women were gone. She crafted a fake immunity idol, and hid it in one of the men's bags.

It ended up being Zola's former Blue Dragon ally Jiro who got the idol. He shared it's contents with Duck, who was a tad suspicious of the whole thing.

At the reward challenge, the team of Yuri, Applejack, and Derpy won, and went on a picnic lunch. Geno was sent to exile island. While on reward, Applejack tried to get Yuri on her side, but to no avail.

Back at camp, Jiro told Zola about the idol, and Zola decided to tell him that it was hers. However, she told him that it was real. Jiro believed Zola's lie easily.

At the immunity challenge, it came down to Applejack and Zola. In the end, Zola came out on top, saving her from the vote.

Before tribal council, since Zola was the primary target for the Volt tribe, they switched to Applejack, believing her to be the strongest of the remaining women. Applejack, Derpy, and Zola were hopeless at this point, and could only hope for a miracle.

In the end, no miracle happened. Duck and Jiro stuck with Volt, and Applejack was the next to go, joining the jury. 8 are left, who'll be voted out tonight?

Final 8: Derpy, Duck, Geno, Jiro, Judith, Yuri, Zaeed, and Zola

Jury: Applejack

– – – – –

Sapphire Day 25

Zola and Derpy were laying down in the shelter, not really happy with the last couple of votes.

"This is terrible... Me and Zola are just... so, so lonely. We've got no one but ourselves..." - Derpy

Zola looked over at Derpy, "Listen. We may be screwed, but I think we can make things interesting if we try some things."

"Like what?" asked Derpy, curiously.

"I gave Jiro a fake hidden immunity idol," explained Zola, "If we can get him and Duck to vote with us, and trick them into using that idol and tie the next vote up at 4-4... we can turn the game around."

Derpy was a little confused, "But.. won't they just.. like... hate us?"

Zola nodded, "Of course they will. However, imagine Zaeed's fury when those two vote with us."

"My next move in this game is attempting to get Jiro and Duck to vote with me and Derpy, and use that fake idol on one of us. Even if me or Derpy go home, whoever stays might be able to sneak by while Zaeed, Yuri, and the rest of Volt release their fury onto Duck and Jiro." - Zola

"Trust me Derpy..." reassured Zola, "I have a gut feeling that this will work."

Meanwhile, Yuri, Zaeed, and Geno were talking in one of the maze areas.

"You got a damn clue, right?" asked Zaeed gruffly, "Mind sharing it with us?"

"But doesn't Judith have an idol?" asked Geno, tilting his head.

Zaeed nodded, "Of course she does, but having two will give us so, so much power. Plus, having both of the idols in our hands will eliminate the last two girls without worry."

"The only thing on my mind right now is making sure Zola and Derpy do not make it past the Final 6. Anything can happen, so why not have a second damn idol on our hands?" - Zaeed

As Zaeed and Geno spoke, Yuri thought about it in his head.

"Knowing Judy has an idol already, I think we don't need another idol. Honestly, we have all the power as it is, so why go power hungry? I may need to find this idol on my own free time so that Zaeed doesn't get it... I just... I just don't trust him having it." - Yuri

Geno pulled out his idol clue, and showed it to Zaeed and Yuri.

"Sounds pretty simple to me..." said Zaeed to himself after reading the clue. Yuri nodded in agreement with him.

"Shall we go searching now?" suggested Geno, "We've got time."

Yuri shook his head, "I say we wait until after the reward challenge. If people go off on reward, there'll be less people around to walk in on us looking, right?"

"I have to agree." nodded Geno.

"The reason I didn't share the clue with Judith is because she already has one, and for another thing, I don't want her getting her hands on another idol. That's just too much power right there." - Geno

– – – – –

Sapphire Day 25

Off in one of the maze areas, Zola was talking with Duck and Jiro.

"So you're the one who gave Jiro that idol, right?" asked Duck, to make sure he was hearing things right.

Zola nodded, "Correct. You see, I know my game is close to being over, so I thought why not help you two out. You guys are on the outside after all, right?"

Duck nodded.

"You know... I really find it fishy that Zola gave Jiro that idol. I mean, why the hell would she just give it up when she really needs it? It just... doesn't settle well with me.." - Duck

"Then I thought," continued Zola, "Why not join forces? Me and Derpy, and you two. We use that idol on the girl they're targeting, and then boom, 4-0 vote, one of them goes home."

Jiro liked that idea, nodding his head, "That sounds like a good offer, actually."

"Zola offers a great deal, because then it'll make for an equal, fair shot at the Final 2 with Duck against her and Derpy. This is a better deal then going with Zaeed's plan. I'm not settling for fourth or fifth..." - Jiro

"Who do you plan on voting for first?" asked Duck.

"Probably Zaeed or Yuri," shrugged Zola, "Or maybe Judy or Geno. I haven't decided. They're all threats in the end."

"That's fine with me," agreed Jiro, "Just let us know when you decide, okay?"

Zola nodded, and shook both of their hands.

"In the end, they'll be pissed at me, but whatever, Volt will hate them for stabbing them in the back. If it saves more game time for me or Derpy, then it was worth it." - Zola

Meanwhile, deep within the Forest Maze, Yuri was hard at work searching for the hidden immunity idol.

"Zaeed and Geno were busy tending to fire, so I decided to go searching for the idol. If I find this idol, the power will shift into my hands, and also Judy's. We really need this power, just in case we need it." - Yuri

Yuri searched in each bush, up each tree, and dug through the dirt...

In the end, he found a wrapped package in the dirt, smiling brightly.

"Alright!" smiled Yuri as he unwrapped the idol, and snuck it in his trench coat pocket.

"Now that I have the idol, I have a back up plan. I don't need its power right now, but maybe in the near future, I might." - Yuri

– – – – –

"Come on in guys!"

The remaining survivors entered the challenge area.

"Guys ready for today's reward challenge?"

Everyone nodded, excitedly.

"For today's challenge, you will be divided into teams of four. Two at a time, you will race out to retrieve a long rectangular board. Untie it, and return to your team mat, then the other two tribe members will race out to retrieve another. Once you have all four boards, arrange the boards so that they spell out 'Reward'. Just a note, each board has two sides. First team to finish, wins reward."

"The winning team will be treated to a nice buffet of meals, and an private viewing of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2 finale. Also, winning team must send a member of losing team to Exile Island. Let's get started."

Team 1: Yuri, Geno, Judith, Zola

Team 2: Duck, Derpy, Jiro, Zaeed

"Survivors ready? GO!"

Yuri and Geno, and Duck and Derpy raced out first for their teams. Both groups made it to their first board, and started untying it. Yuri and Geno were a tad faster then Duck and Derpy, and they finished first, racing back to their mat.

Judith and Zola were up next, racing to collect the second board. Derpy fumbled with the knots, but with Duck's help, they were able to collect their first board. Judith and Zola made quick work of their knots, and they right behind them.

Yuri and Geno were out to collect board number 3, and Jiro and Zaeed were out for board number 2. Still, both teams were even with no tribe member messing around. Both groups made it back with their third and second boards respectively.

Duck and Derpy and Judith and Zola were out to collect their next boards. Once again, Derpy fumbled with the knots, but Duck wasn't able to help as easily. Judith and Zola untied the fourth board, and raced back. Team 1 was beginning their puzzle.

Eventually, Duck was able to help Derpy out, and they raced back to their mat, allowing Jiro and Zaeed to race back to collect the final board. Team 1, with the help of Geno, was having an easy time with the puzzle.

Jiro and Zaeed tried to catch up, but it wasn't enough.

"We got it!" shouted Yuri.

Jeff checked it over.


All four of them hugged and cheered.

"Great team work, you guys! You will now enjoy a nice viewing of the finale of My Little Pony, and enjoy a nice meal at the same time. Before you go, you need to send someone to Exile Island, who will it be?"

They talked it over.

"Sorry Zaeed, but it's your turn today..." sighed Yuri, looking over at him.

Zaeed sighed in an annoyed manner, taking a map from Jeff, and walking in the general direction of Exile Island.

"Zaeed will return for the immunity challenge. Derpy, Jiro, and Duck, nothing for you. Grab your things, and return to camp. As for you four, enjoy your reward!"

– – – – –

Exile Island Night 25

Zaeed took the clue from the pot, and stuffed it in his pants pocket, laying down in the makeshift shelter, in an obvious pissy mood.

"I'm pissed off at Yuri and Geno for sending me to Exile Island. I could've had a chance to find the damn idol, but now, I can't. God damn it..." - Zaeed

Finding nothing else to do, he went to sleep.

– – – – –

Reward Day 26

As the four made their way towards the makeshift movie area, Geno and Yuri were worried to how Zaeed was reacting.

"I think he's pissed..." worried Yuri.

Geno shrugged, "Oh well... it's not like we need the immunity idol right now, right? He'll come to understand."

"He'd better..." said Yuri.

"I got the idol, and I'm playing it up that I don't have it right now. Geno can't know that I have the idol, or he won't be happy with me. This has to be kept secret." - Yuri

On the buffet was a large assortment of food and beverages; ranging from meats, salads, soups, soda, and alcohol. Yuri took some meats and some champagne. Judith only took some soup and salad. Zola had a Diet Coke and some beef. Geno only settled for soup.

They soon sat down behind the projector as it began to play the episode. They were silent for most of the episode, choosing to watch the ponies in silence. Yuri finished his meal, and went to go get more. Before he went, he motioned Judith to follow him.

"What is it?" whispered Judith.

Yuri looked over to her, and silently and secretly showed her his newly found idol. Judith was amazed.

"My," said Judith curtly, "Nice idol? May I ask why you found one, when I have one?"

"Just in case," whispered Yuri, "We have now have a second option should anything happen."

"Yuri is serious about winning this prize. Even though I promised him Final 2, I may need to reconsider my options, because who knows? He may beat me at the end." - Judith

– – – – –

Sapphire Day 26

Duck and Jiro were talking to one another in the shelter while Derpy was out flying around.

"Do you really trust Zola, Jiro..?" asked Duck, "I mean... she is on the minority and all."

"And being on the minority, she's desperate to do anything it takes to get to the top." explained Jiro.

Duck nodded, "True... but she might also try to tell Zaeed and those guys that we're trying to stab them in the back."

"Duck's a little worried about siding with Zola and Derpy. He's afraid that they'll pretty much turn on us, and tell the other Volt members about our plan. I don't think she will, actually." - Jiro

"Regardless," sighed Duck, "I'm with you 100%, Jiro. You have my back, and I have yours."

Jiro nodded, smiling, "Same here, Duck. I trust you. We're in this together!"

Both Jiro and Duck did a small bro-fist.

"I just hope that Zola didn't do something behind our backs, because then both of us are screwed in the long run. I really, really hope she's telling the truth." - Duck

– – – – –

"Come on in guys!"

The remaining survivors entered the challenge area.

"We'll now bring in the reward winners, returning from their reward."

Geno, Judith, Zola, and Yuri walked onto the mat with the others.

"And we'll bring in Zaeed, returning from Exile Island."

Zaeed walked in, still looking annoyed and gruff.

"Guys ready for today's immunity challenge?"

Everyone nodded, excitedly.

"I'll take back immunity from you, Zola."

Zola did so.

"For today's challenge, we will be playing shuffleboard. Each round we will lose two tribe members. Try to get your puck as close to the center as you can. The two farthest away from the middle, whether away or overshot, will be eliminated. You will start off 30 inches from the middle. Last person standing wins immunity and is safe tonight at the vote. For the others, as usual, tribal council, another person will be voted out. Let's get started."

Everyone collected their pucks, and began the challenge.

Derpy (White pucks)

19 inches away from the middle.

Duck (Green pucks)

2 inches away from the middle.

Geno (Blue pucks)

20 inches overshot.

Jiro (Light Green pucks)

25 inches overshot.

Judith (Purple pucks)

1 inch overshot.

Yuri (Black pucks)

24 inches overshot.

Zaeed (Orange pucks)

4 inches away from the middle.

Zola (Light Blue pucks)

24 inches overshot, hitting Yuri's further away.

"The two eliminated this round are Jiro and Yuri. Take a seat on the bench, everyone else, stay."

Jiro and Yuri sighed as they took a seat on the bench.

Derpy (White pucks)

7 inches overshot.

Duck (Green pucks)

Hit exactly in the middle.

Geno (Blue pucks)

2 inches overshot.

Judith (Purple pucks)

7 inches overshot, pushing Derpy's further down.

Zaeed (Orange pucks)

17 inches overshot.

Zola (Light Blue pucks)

10 inches away from the middle.

"The two eliminated this round are Zaeed and Zola. Join Yuri and Jiro on the bench. Everyone else can stay."

Zola sighed in annoyance, while Zaeed smirked a little.

Derpy (White pucks)

20 inches overshot.

Duck (Green pucks)

25 inches overshot.

Geno (Blue pucks)

16 inches overshot.

Judith (Purple pucks)

25 inches overshot, hitting Duck's further down.

"You did well, Duck, but sadly, you are eliminated, along with Judith. Join the others, and we'll move onto the final round between Derpy and Geno for immunity."

Everyone was interested to see how this would play out.

Derpy (White pucks)

11 inches away from the middle.

Geno (Blue pucks)

17 inches overshot.

"Not enough, Geno. DERPY WINS IMMUNITY!"

Everyone cheered for Derpy.

"Nice work, Derpy! You are safe tonight from the vote, and cannot be voted out tonight. As for the rest, you are all vulnerable, and one of you will be voted out tonight. See you all then."

– – – – –

Sapphire Day 27

Knowing that she was now the target, Zola took Jiro into one of the maze areas to speak with him.

"Do you have a plan, Zola?" asked Jiro.

Zola nodded, "Yeah, I do. Put Judy's name down tonight."

"Tonight, with Derpy having the immunity, I'm the obvious target. The idol is fake, obviously, so Judith isn't going home, but if Jiro and Duck vote with me and Derpy, neither will I. With Derpy safe with immunity, and myself and Judith safe after the initial vote, one of the five guys will go home after drawing a rock." - Zola

"Why Judith?" wondered Jiro, confused.

"Well..." started Zola, still needing a reason for this, "She betrayed the women in the first place. She deserves payback, in my opinion."

Jiro nodded, "Alright then... and the idol?"

"Use it on me. I think you knew that, right?" reminded Zola.

Jiro nodded again.

"Tonight, I'm gonna flip sides, and vote with Zola. Duck and I aren't gonna go far with Zaeed's alliance, so going with the minority will help us greatly." - Jiro

Zola shook Jiro's hand, and they left the maze area.

"I know they'll be mad at me after tonight, but I don't care, really. Knowing that Zaeed has a temper, he might just keep me and Derpy around longer just to take his rage out on Duck and Jiro." - Zola

Meanwhile, Zaeed and Geno were speaking in the shelter.

"Two more tribal councils, and then we're where we need to be." noted Geno to Zaeed.

Zaeed nodded, "Yeah. After those two are gone, we'll take out Duck and Jiro, then we'll be at the goddamn end."

"Tonight, Zola goes. No question. The girl is a powerhouse, and she needs to get out of here. After her, the wall eyed pegasus goes." (stretches out a little) "Sounds like a goddamn cake walk to me." - Zaeed

"It's been one clean sweep of the women..." replied Geno, "And we're almost done."

"Right." nodded Zaeed, smirking.

"Even after Russia was voted out, I still have people I can trust. Yuri and Zaeed are my biggest and most loyal allies right now. I trust them 100%." - Geno

As the tribe made their way to tribal council, Duck was still suspicious of Zola's true intentions.

"I'm beginning to think... Zola has her reasons, but... I just feel like she's hiding something. That sudden giving of the idol just irks me a little. Jiro's too trustworthy to Zola because of their past, and he fails to see any sign of betrayal, if any..." - Duck

– – – – –

The Sapphire tribe entered tribal council.

"We'll bring in the first member of the jury..."

"Applejack, voted out at the last tribal council."

Applejack trotted in, looking a lot cleaner and refreshed. She smiled warmly at the remaining survivors.

"We're getting down to the wire, here. Anything can happen at this point in the game. Zola, feeling nervous without that necklace around your neck?" asked Jeff.

Zola nodded.

"Of course I am. I'm the men's biggest target right now. If nothing else happens tonight, I'm probably going home." replied Zola.

Zaeed nodded, smirking. Duck blinked in silence.

"Judith, now that it's been almost 7 days since you returned to the game, how confident are you that you'll be sitting at the end with the money?" asked Jeff.

"Hmm... depends on my actions for the rest of the game. With 12 days left, anything can happen, so we'll have to wait and see." replied Judith.

"Duck, has the game been getting quite hectic, lately?" asked Jeff.

Duck sighed.

"Yeah, it has... and... I have something to bring out into the open." said Duck.

Everyone was now curious.

"Zola gave Jiro a hidden immunity idol. She gave very bland reasons for it too, saying that 'she was almost out of the game, and she had no need for wasting it'. What kind of excuse is that?" explained Duck.

Zola glared at Duck.

"Keep your mouth shut, Duck..." muttered Zola.

Duck kept talking though, ignoring Zola.

"And Jiro has been considering to betray Volt!" stated Duck.

This shocked the other men. Zaeed growled at Jiro.

"C'mon Jiro! Be reasonable! Don't let old allies from your game get in the way of the prize! This is obviously a trick of some sort! We're screwed if we side with her!" pleaded Duck.

Jiro blinked at Duck's words, thinking to himself. Zola rolled her eyes at Duck.

"Wow... that was something. 14 seasons of Survivor, never had a comment like that before." said Jeff, a little surprised.

Duck didn't respond.

"Yuri, surprised at Duck's speech?" asked Jeff.

Yuri shrugged.

"Can't say I expected much. I just hope that Jiro does the sensible thing, and that is to stick with Volt." replied Yuri.

"Okay, it is time to vote, Jiro, you're up."

– – –

Jiro's Vote: (sighs in annoyance as he writes a name down) (?)

Judith's Vote: My, my... looks like I get to take you out, now. Enjoy the jury, my dear. (Zola)

Zola's Vote: Damn it Duck... now there's no chance of me surviving this... but whatever. (Judith)

– – –

"If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now is the time to do so."

Everyone looked at Jiro, wondering what he would do.

Suddenly, after consideration, Jiro stood up with Zola's fake idol in hand. Both Duck and Zaeed were deeply annoyed.

"I'm sorry Duck, but I trust Zola..." sighed Jiro, handing Jeff the idol, "Use this on Zola."

Zola shrugged, knowing that she was still probably going home, because she knew the idol's true form.

"The rules of Survivor state, that if someone plays the hidden immunity idol, all votes cast against the person will not count, and the person with the second most votes will go home."

Everyone nodded.

"However, this is not a hidden immunity idol."

Jiro was shocked at the discovery, looking over to Zola, who didn't look back. Duck rolled his eyes, right all along. Jeff tossed the idol into the fire pit.

"Any votes against Zola will count. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

First vote, Judith. (She nodded, shrugging.)

Judith. Two votes Judith.

Zola. One vote Zola, two votes Judith. (She nodded, already having her things ready.)

Zola. Tied two votes Zola, two votes Judith.

Zola. Three votes Zola, two votes Judith.

Zola. That's four votes Zola. (Derpy looked down at the ground sadly.)

Judith. Three votes Judith, four votes Zola, one vote left. (Zaeed looked over at Jiro annoyed.)

Tenth person voted out of Survivor Forest Maze, and the second member of our jury, Zola. That's 5, it's enough, you need to hand me your torch.

Zola nodded, standing up and giving the tearing up Derpy a hug. She wanted to give Jiro a hug, but he was too annoyed as well.

"Zola, the tribe has spoken."

He snuffed out her torch.

"Time for you to go."

Zola gave a nod to the others as she left.

"Very interesting tribal council. After this turn in events, I am very curious to see what happens in the future. Grab your torches, and head on back. Good night."

– – – – –

Zola's Final Words

"Well, can't say I expected this little change of events. I'm glad Jiro stayed by my side, but I'm annoyed at Duck for not doing the same. This won't give Derpy much help in the future, as they might get rid of Jiro first, but Duck might stay over Derpy. Good luck Derpy, you'll need it."


Judith – Zola, Jiro, and Derpy

Zola – Zaeed, Judith, Yuri, Duck, and Geno

Final 7 now! What did you think of Duck's outburst at tribal council? Will it help more then hurt? Or hurt more then help for him?

Also, how do you predict the rest of the season? Who will be the Winner of Survivor Forest Maze?