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The office building of Konoha Mega-Corporation was a thirty story structure, standing smack in the middle of the city centre surrounded by smaller business and other enterprises. It was well known in the city for being one of the largest providers are various merchandise, ranging from electronics and software to things like furniture, food brands and even a clothing and accessory range which was highly popular with the younger generations who loved to wear designer shirts emblazoned with the rugged leaf-swirl symbol of Konoha and other special symbols significant to the city and the Mega-Corporation.

The ninth floor of the building was one of the more, shall we say, boring floors. It was filled with nothing but cubicle after cubicle where men and women sat on computers, filling out paperwork, checking over statistics charts, forwarding messages and documents, answering menial questions and doing all manners of mid-way tasks that were left for them to do. It wasn't that the floor wasn't important; indeed many of the larger operations depended on their reviews and services in delivering each document to its rightful place. If they messed up by sending one project overview to the wrong department, the entire operation could be setback or even collapse. But even so, nothing very exciting happened on the ninth floor. There were no sudden brainstorms, no one ever jumped up with the phone to declare they had just won a conquest and were expanding and everyone was getting a pay raise. They never saw important people wandering through, talking to the heads of the corporation about construction plans and new merchandise. They were never privy to hearing the satisfying yells of a trouble-maker being tossed out of the building by security.

The manager of the floor, Itachi Uchiha, who was also the son of one of the CEO's, was a calm, eerily indifferent man who kept the workforce working and the flow of the floor as smooth as silk. He was a hard worker and an excellent boss, and no one questioned his authority because they all knew, son of a CEO or not, that Itachi Uchiha deserved to be the boss and more. But now he was being sent to Africa in place of one of the higher ups to negotiate opening a new branch. It was a very good opportunity, and frankly the corporation trusted him more than the original person. They decided that the floor could do without a boss like him for a few weeks, and so he was sent away. Just before he left, Itachi made a request that his younger brother Sasuke, who worked on the ninth floor as an assistant manager, be put in charge while he was away. The heads agreed, seeing no problem. They honestly didn't think the ninth floor even needed a boss since everyone there always kept silent and worked. When they mentioned this, Itachi had only smirked and told them that they should expect the unexpected during his absence. With that ominous farewell, he stepped onto the plane and left for Africa, leaving the heads of the corporation and the entire ninth floor to their own devices for the next few weeks.

The following Monday, the ninth floor got a big surprise…

All in the form of a long-time ninth floor employee with a big plan during their boss-free few weeks…

Naruto Uzumaki stepped onto the ninth floor of his office building, his signature wide grin on his tan face. His blond hair was as messed as always, since he never bothered to tame it and no one ever bothered to tell him to try. They all remembered the day he bought a comb to work after the boss's secretary, Konan, had told him to comb his hair. Naruto had handed the woman the comb, and told her with a straight face to 'try and comb it'. Konan had indeed tried, and everyone was privy to see the normally composed woman holding Naruto in a headlock, trying her level best to comb his hair when the locks kept bouncing out of place no matter how much she flattened them. Eventually she gave up, handed him his now mangled comb, and told him to at least put his tie on properly.

Naruto walked through the aisles between the cubicles, waving to the people he knew and even to the ones he didn't. Everyone was a friend on the ninth floor, even if you never spoke. It was just something about the calm atmosphere.

But that was all about to change. Oh yes…

Naruto loved his job, lacking as it was. But even he could admit it could be boring just sitting around doing easy stuff. He was lazy, but sometimes he felt he was in danger of going comatose in front of his computer if something exciting didn't happen.

They had their own ways of entertainment, for sure. Some people bought board games to play when work was slow, others spent time chatting over the edges of their cubicles. But now that Itachi was away, Naruto was going to put his plan into action. He vowed that by the end of today, the ninth floor would have a new way to enjoy their work.

His grin widened as he finally reached his little cubicle, which was right next to his best friend's. Said best friend was currently typing away, a pen stuck behind his ear as his dark eyes roamed over the screen. His messy brunet hair was as untameable as Naruto's, and he was chewing on a bent paperclip.

"Good morning Kiba!" Naruto greeted, leaning on the small separation between their 'offices'. Kiba grunted, not moving his eyes away from his screen.

"What're you working on?" Naruto pressed, chewing his lip to hide his grin.

"Just forwarding this email," Kiba mumbled and Naruto waited until he sent the message and leant back in his chair. "Done."

Naruto's grin broke free and he sat down quickly. "Hey Kiba," he called.


"Could you check that link I sent you? The boss wanted it reviewed as soon as possible, but I need to get another opinion on it." Naruto pressed a hand over his mouth once he was finished, trying to muffle his laughter.

"Sure thing," Kiba said, checking his email for the new email Naruto sent. He found it and opened it up, seeing a simple link. His hand moved his mouse, and he clicked on the link.

A window popped up only to be followed a second later by a loud, blood-curdling scream while a mangled face popped up from the new window.

Kiba shrieked at the top of his lungs, jumping back out of his chair and flipping over the separation of his cubicle. He fell straight down into the aisle even as others looked up, eyes wide as they stared at him.

Naruto burst into laughter, standing up only to double over when he saw Kiba had face-planted the floor somehow.

"Oh my Go-hahaha!" he gasped, slapping his hands on the desk as Kiba pulled himself up, face red from embarrassment, adrenaline and the slight panic.

"You asshole!" Kiba yelled, but his lips were already cracking into a smile. Others around them, now realizing what had happened, were starting to laugh and chuckle as Kiba climbed to his feet. Naruto was too busy laughing to say anything back, and Kiba grabbed an empty folder from his desk, whacking his friend over the head repeatedly. "I almost had a heart attack!"

"I-It's okay," Naruto gasped, holding his arms up to defend himself from the folder of doom. "I already printed out y-your w-will just in c-case!"

Kiba barked out a laugh, putting the folder down and resting a hand over his heart. "Geez dude, that scared the shit outta me!" he chuckled and then glared. "I'll get you back for that!" he declared.

Naruto grinned, wide and pleased. "I'll be waiting. Don't disappoint me now!"

Kiba grinned, holding out his fist while others watched, knowing full well that something big was starting now.

"Oh, I won't Uzumaki. You'd better prepare yourself!"

Sasuke Uchiha sighed, running a hand through his raven hair, riding the elevator to the ninth floor which he was temporarily in charge of. He knew Itachi just wanted him to make sure that the floor kept running because there were some very lazy people on the ninth floor that needed to be supervised. And while Sasuke didn't mind helping his brother out every now and then, he had his own work to do. There was a promotion up for grabs that he knew he could get if he did the right work. Having to take on Itachi's workload too would make it more complicated than he needed it to be.

He sighed, expecting his time as the ninth floor boss to be droll and dreary. He liked working and had ambitions of his own, but being the manager of this floor just made him feel like some shoddy-second rate worker. He wondered why Itachi didn't just get promoted already. Lord knows that the higher ups would benefit from having him in their midst, but Itachi seemed intent on staying right where he was. Perhaps he had some ulterior motives of some sort?

Either way, Sasuke thought as the elevator dinged and the doors slid open to reveal his personal playground starting from today, he was sure that the next few weeks would go slowly and would be as boring as a grass-growing convention.

As he walked through the aisles, hearing some greetings from co-workers, he sensed a disturbance in the force; a very loud disturbance too.

"Holy shit! AAH! WHAT IS THAT?! AH AH AH!"

Looking up he saw his fellow worker -turned-underling Naruto jumping around in circles, trying to swat something off of his back. Narrowing his black eyes he saw it was actually a very large beetle and guessed that it had flown in from outside.

Kiba Inuzuka, another co-worker, and Naruto's friend if Sasuke recalled, was standing nearby, laughing like an absolute lunatic as his friend panicked.

"Haha! I told you I'd get you back!" Kiba yelled, breaking into another fit of laughter when Naruto started to do a strange bending-motion, trying to limbo-stretch and get the insect off of him.

Everyone around them was laughing loudly at his expense, and Sasuke walked up to the circle, watching with interest. He turned to see another worker, Shikamaru Nara, standing with a lazy smirk on his face while watching.

"What's going on?" Sasuke asked, suppressing a chuckle when Naruto started to try and get others to take the bug off. Most of the women shrieked and darted away while most of the guys just laughed and shoved him back, enjoying the show.

"Naruto pulled a scare-prank on Kiba this morning, so Kiba retaliated by taking a bug from one of the bathrooms and putting it on Naruto's back," Shikamaru drawled, as Naruto came up to them.

"A prank war, huh?" Sasuke mumbled, watching as Shikamaru just shook his head at Naruto's pleas. The blond hopped over to him, looking desperate.

"Sasuke! Old buddy old pal of mine! Get this thing off of me! PLEASE!" Naruto begged, still trying to swat the insect away. Sasuke smirked and told him to turn around.

"You're the best!" Naruto cheered, relieved. Sasuke plucked the insect off of the blond's back, looking at it. It was just a normal black beetle, but it was definitely large enough to not want it clinging on your back. Naruto was breathing heavily with relief before he turned to Kiba, pointing.

"I'm getting you back for that one!"

"Bring it on beetle-boy!"

Sasuke watched as the two yelled threats at each other before smirking. It seemed that his time in charge wouldn't be too boring after all. Quietly, he leant towards Naruto. The ones who had stayed to watch held their breath as he stood right behind the yelling blond, and carefully he placed the beetle on top of Naruto's head. Naruto didn't even notice as Sasuke pulled back, a wicked grin on his face while everyone else started to stifle their laughter.

Naruto saw Kiba's face contort before the brunet slapped a hand over his mouth, face red.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked, but Kiba shook his head wildly, unable to answer. The blond heard snickers from around him and turned, seeing everyone staring at him with hands over their mouths.

"What? What'd I miss?" he asked, looking around for answers. He looked at Sasuke, seeing the raven standing with a big smile on his face and his hands…in his pockets.

S-Sasuke? Where's the bug?" Naruto asked, eyes wide. Sasuke's smile turned evil and it was then that Naruto felt something on his forehead. His eyes swivelled inwards, squinting as he tried to spot something. A black shape appeared in his fuzzy visions and he let out a loud scream at realizing the beetle was crawling down his face.


The ninth floor was filled with laughter as they saw Naruto run from one end to the other, screaming at the top of his lungs and trying to swat the elusive bug off.

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