CSI NY – The Snake

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Characters: Team

Genre: Hurt/comfort, strong friendship, crime

Spoilers: None set in early season 6

A/N: Okay this was a bit of a challenge because I had to do a lot of research about it so please forgive me if I am at fault because I am not into the medical field or a researcher on snakes for that matter.

Also this is a work of fiction, a work of a person who has been reading way too many adventure novels. There is nothing in this taken from the real world, any similarities are purely coincidental.

Again a huge thank you to Brii Taylor for the beta through the whole story, I need to be pointed in the right direction at times. Also any mistakes still in the text are my responsibility.


Chapter One

Number One

Don Flack sighed and kneeled beside the victim lying face down in the middle of Grand Central Station, his thoughts travelling back to the failed insurance scam that ended in the death of a plastic surgeon. However, this time the victim wasn't alive when the police arrived, and there were no signs of acid on the body. Instead, blood was smeared on the clothes and on the floor close to the body.

"Hey, there you are, I started to think you would leave me alone here," Flack complained as Mac and Lindsay walked up to him.

"Feeling alone at the Grand Central Station?" Lindsay asked and nodded at the crowd forming all around the crime scene.

"Just had a tough time getting through the morning traffic," Mac replied casually, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "What have you got for us?"

"I don't know actually," he said, looking at Mac. "I thought Hawkes was coming too?"

"Something came up," Mac replied. "He is finishing up the last case. You'll have to do with us for now."

"Why do I get a feeling I will have to pay for those words?" He said, watching Lindsay snap crime scene photos.

Mac pulled on a couple of gloves as he knelt down beside the man lying on the side and looked up at Flack. "No one bothered to at least see if he was alive?"

"No," Flack said. "Look at him, he was throwing up blood, a witness says he trashed around; they probably thought he was drunk or something."

Mac frowned as he examined the victim, noticing bleeding from the nose, ears and mouth. "This is definitely not consistent with alcohol poisoning."

Flack kneeled beside them. "So, are you heading out to celebrate the success of the last crime solving?"

"Why, you want part of it?" Mac asked, smiling as they sat next to the dead body.

Flack shrugged. "Might as well, I was there arresting the guy for it."

"Don't worry, you'll always have a special place in our hearts," Mac said, getting up.

"In your heart?" Flack asked with a grin, "I'm touched Mac." Seeing the glare directed at him he added, "I am serious."

"Tonight at Sammy's," Mac said. "Be there."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Don laughed. Mac and his team were like a family to him.


Sheldon Hawkes sighed, staring into the microscope and then at the screen beside him.

"What have you got?" Stella asked as she walked over from another section of the lab.

"Not much, I am afraid. I've filtered the blood sample but…," he glanced at Stella, "…bad news. It's not a commonly known chemical, but from what I can tell it's highly toxic."

Stella stared at the magnified sample Hawkes had placed under the microscope. "What am I looking at?"

"Blood with very little plasma," he answered. "It has been destroyed. Something caused the victim's blood to…" he looked at her. "…just stop working,"

"You were going to give me a medical term?" She said, smiling at him.

"I know you want English so I changed my mind. What about you, have you had any luck finding out who he was?" Hawkes asked curiously.

"I have run his fingerprints through the database, not a hit; chances are he's not from here. Lindsay is processing his clothes in the hopes that we find something while Adam and Danny are trying to find out where he came from."

"Where's Mac?" The doctor asked expecting him to step through the threshold any minute.

"Down in autopsy talking to Sid about that needle mark you found on our John Doe," Stella replied.


Flack glanced up from the menu as the CSI's walked in at the front door of the bar. "Hey, there you are. You know, this is the second time I am left waiting for you today. You are not going to make a habit out of this are you?"

Danny patted his shoulder. "We have never stood you up before, have we? Not going to do that now, either."

"Yeah, sorry Don," Stella said. "We kind of got into the next case."

"You've all spent too much time around Mac, you are all going to end up like workaholics," Flack said, raising his glass to the man in question as he neared.

"I was going to buy you a beer but if you keep going like that…" Mac said as he sat down next to him.

"So," Flack said, turning serious. "What's with the new case?"

"His name is John Barns, he works at a zoo in New Orleans," Stella explained.

"So, he's not from here," Flack said with a shrug.

"It's a sad story really," Lindsay said. "He left his little daughter at the grandmother to look after her while he attended work here in New York, said he would be back before she knew it."

"And now he is dead," Don said, "How old is she?"

"She's seven; apparently he has been taking care of her alone since his wife died in an accident when she was just a baby," Lindsay answered.

Stella leaned in over the table. "So far all we know is that he had two jobs in order to support his family and that he never complained. However one day he was too tired to pay attention to the dangerous reptiles he worked with and misplaced one of the world's most dangerous snakes."

"Huh, I take it the management at the Zoo didn't take that very well?" Flack said.

Danny snorted. "Not exactly, they fired him."

Stella continued, "They had brought in a new guy for the job but John was persistent and managed to get his job back. Then a couple of days ago he was to be in charge of a transfer from New Orleans to New York."

"A transfer of snakes," Lindsay clarified. "Two of the world's most dangerous snakes were coming into town."

"Huh," Danny said emptying his beer. "I hate snakes. Anyone want a refill?"

Hawkes gave him his glass. "One for me."

"Unfortunately, something went wrong and when he arrived at the zoo, one of the snakes was missing," Stella said.

"What? You're telling me that we have a poisonous snake on the run in the city?" Flack asked, alarmed.

"Better arrest him, Flack." Danny said getting back at the table.

Don made a face but let the comment pass. "All in a day's work, I am impressed."

"The only problem is that we still don't know the whereabouts of the snake or why the keeper was killed at the Grand Central Station," Lindsay said.

"Could it be the other guy, the one getting the job and then had to quit?" Flack reasoned.

"Maybe. Right now, there is too little to go on," Mac replied.

"Enough about that, let's just celebrate another hard case coming to an end," Stella said, raising her glass in a toast.

"I am sure you're going to nail the bastard that did it," Don said.


To be continued

You don't think it's going to be an easy task solving this are you?