Exchange Student

Link Hyrule decides to enroll in his Academy's Exchange Program. He never expected to be the one to go to ShinRa University, let alone be the only one to actually wade through all of the paperwork.

His guides to the massive University are none other than everyone's favorite pair; Zack Fair and Cloud Strife...

Link looked up from the map he'd been handed in the Admin Office, sighing as he shifted his satchel of clothes, sheathed Master Sword, bow, quiver, and his ever-present pouch, grimacing at the amount of attention he was garnering.

"Hiya! I'm Zack Fair, one of your guides to the ShinRa campus, so you can go ahead and put that map of yours away." The bouncy black-haired man chirruped, snatching away his map.

"Cloud Strife, your other guide to the campus. You're Link Hyrule, right?" The smaller blond made Link relax. Finally, a sane person!

"Yes. Is he... always like that?" Cloud laughed at his hesitant question.

"Zack is high on the worst thing ever, which so happens to be life. Ignore him and he grows on you. Now, people and groups you should avoid..."

Cloud proved to be the better guide, taking Link through all of his classes, his dorm room (whom he shared with a Ph.D. seeker) and eventually the Mess.

"Oh, good. A place I can base everything off of."

"It's the biggest building, so I guess. Uhh, sorry for talking so much. Where are you from?"

"Kokiri Kingdom, but my hometown is a place known as Skyloft. All this walking is boring; I miss Fawkes…" A light blond eyebrow rose at the mention of his Crimson Loftwing. "Right... He's a Loftwing and I can call him with a whistle. Once you fly, there's nothing better." He enthused, motioning with his hands as he explained. "I had to leave him with Zelda though." He pulled out a group photo they'd taken before he had to leave the Academy. "That's Fawkes, Windy and Zelda."

"Hey, the chick's kinda hot…" Link laughed at Zack's enthusiastic exclamation.

"Don't even bother. She's dating two guys at once from some other college. Genesis and… Angeal if I remember correctly." Zack's jaw dropped before he closed it becoming eerily silent. "I say something?"

Cloud sighed and shook his head, "Those are the names of Zack's best friends from SOLDIER Academy. Sephiroth, your roommate, is a graduate and he wanted to get his Ph.D. here because his best friend and lover's also here getting the same thing." Link shook his head at the intricacy of ShinRa's student interactions.

"But… This is an all-male… Oh." The implications that his roommate was interested in the same sex had him blushing. Kokiri didn't really have anything but straight couples; though there were legends about the Hero… "Well, college is for new experiences. What? Just because we don't have any same-sex couples doesn't mean there aren't legends." He scoffed as Zack recovered from the apparent shock.

"So, have you seen 'Geal and Gen?" He rolled his eyes as he pulled out his foldable leather wallet (a new acquisition) and pulled out the photo of all three of his good friends in a soft moment.

"They have to ride our guest Loftwings and Genesis doesn't seem to get along with any of them but the one Angeal rides."

The college classes were embarrassingly easy. He'd expected something similar to the Academy's courses and had memorized all of the accompanying texts he'd been sent. These classes were nothing like that. He sighed as the professor droned on about proper sword technique.

"Mr.… Hyrule, was it? Are you bored?" Link raised an eyebrow and gave the man a look.

"I've known about 'proper' sword technique since I was a Squire in Kokiri. None of that crap is gonna get you anywhere when you're fighting monsters three times your size." He pointed out, the diagrams looking quite silly on the glass projector.

"You would know, I assume."

"Would Mr. Hyrule please come to the Dean's office? Kokiri Royal summons." Link smiled tightly and made his way down the stairs, then took a left to the office.

"Link! There you are. Come here." Zelda pulled him close and whispered in his ear, "I'm getting married." He twirled her around and grinned.

"When did they finally propose?"

"Yesterday! Oh, they were so nervous and Genesis stumbled over his part, but it was adorable…" Link groaned and she swatted him on the back of his head.


"Please, you deserved that."

"I'm your best friend and Kokiri's Hero, yes, but I don't want to know all the details."