It's a beautiful summer day in Port Charles, New York.

The sun's rays shining down on all the inhabitants of the small quaint town.

In all her eighteen years of life, Elizabeth Webber has never loved a place more than she loved Port Charles.

The patrons that came into the small local diner, Kelly's, brought character to the town.

Each patron had a story to tell and Elizabeth was only too eager to hear it.

Some patrons returned just to relieve the burden that were piled upon their shoulders over the day's events.

Elizabeth has learnt so much working in Kelly's.

About life, love and everything in between.

Though she had been apprehensive about working at the small diner, Elizabeth couldn't imagine working anywhere else in that town.

"Hello darling." the soft voice of the beautiful Quartermaine matriarch spoke. "Do you ever have a day off? I come in any day of the week and you're here."

"Its nice to see you too Lila." Elizabeth assured, walking around the counter to kiss the woman's cheek. "Would you like some tea?"

"As tempting as that is, my dear, I must decline." Lila shook her head, smiling slightly. "I had come merely to extend an invitation."

"Oh, sounds intriguing." Elizabeth spun a chair to sit down. "An invitation to what exactly?"

"My family have planned a birthday ball of sorts for my upcoming birthday and I'd love it if you'd attend." Lila took the invitation that Reginald, the butler, held out and handed it to Elizabeth. "You'll come won't you?"

"I'd love to." Elizabeth assured, opening the invitation to see the date. "Its a good thing I have this weekend off."

"Splendid." Lily smiled brightly, tapping Reginald's hand to signal she was ready to go. "All the information is on the invitation. Do call if you have any questions."

"I will." Elizabeth assured. "Thank you!"

Elizabeth found herself staring at the door, long after Lila had left with her butler.

The idea of attending a birthday ball at the Quartermaine house was truly tempting.

Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of the bell dinging over the door and another patron walking into the diner.

"Good morning, Mr. Corbin." Elizabeth greeted the older gentleman, in all fairness, mostly all the patrons were older than her. "How was your checkup yesterday?"

"It was better than the last." he assured, smiling his cheeky smile. "And how many times must I ask you to call me Mike?"

"You see, I would, but my grandmother raised me with more respect than that." Elizabeth countered smoothly, pouring him a cup of decaf as he sat at a stool. "I'm glad your checkup went well."

"You and I both." Mike smirked, looking the menu over. "What's the special for today?"

"The same as it has always been." Elizabeth laughed softly. "Ruby's special chilli."

"Ah, of course." Mike laughed a throaty laugh, closing the menu. "I'll take one special, please."

"Coming right up." Elizabeth wrote it down on an order slip and passed it back to the cook.

"Elizabeth!" a voice exclaimed from the doorway, the bell ringing loudly through the diner. "I desperately need your help."

"Um, okay." Elizabeth walked out from behind the counter, stuffing the order booklet into her apron. "What can I do for you Em?"

"I can't decide which dress I like better." Emily Quartermaine, her very best friend, exclaimed, holding up two dresses. "Mother says I have to pick one to have it altered, but I just can't decide."

Emily wasn't usually this indecisive, but a certain prince had her all mushy in the brain.

Ever since Nikolas Cassadine gave her "the nod", Emily has been determined to get him to ask her out.

Lila's birthday ball's just another chance on her long list of plans that have yet to work.

"They're both beautiful." Elizabeth insisted. "Either will do."

"I don't want beautiful! I want drop dead gorgeous!" Emily sighed, plopping down on a stool. "Elizabeth, please, I need your help."

"Okay, how about we go shopping when I get off?" Elizabeth suggested, walking over to refill Mike's decaf and another patron's regular coffee. "I have to shop for my dress anyway."

"Really? That'll be great!" Emily's excited tone back once again. "I'll be back with the driver to pick you up after work."

Before Elizabeth could think to comment, Emily was out the door barely granting her a goodbye.

Laughing to herself, Elizabeth got back to work.

It wasn't long that her co-worker walked into the diner, giving her the chance to take her lunch break.

She usually referred to the people she worked with as friends, but not this blonde woman.

Elizabeth usually didn't think badly of people, but Courtney Matthews was just too full of herself that Elizabeth couldn't even pretend to enjoy her company.

"Ruby, I'm taking my hour okay?" Elizabeth called back to her boss. "Courtney just arrived."

"Okay sweetie." Ruby called back. "I'll send out your lunch when its done."

"Okay, thanks!" Elizabeth grabbed her sketch book and walked over to the table she usually occupied during her lunch hour.

It was every day like clock work that her current muse walked into the diner to have a number three with coffee, preference black coffee.

For the last week, Elizabeth has been subtly sketching the nearly six foot tall, mob enforcer.

She had become so enthralled with the leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding, Jason Morgan, who just so happened to be her best friend's older brother.

Everything about him fascinated her.

From the intensity of his blue orbs, that were never really a deep blue, but more of a mixture between blue and grey.

She has often wondered if his eyes changed with his mood.

Though she also wondered if the man had different moods because he always had the same expression on his face whenever he came in for lunch.

If nothing else, Jason Morgan was masculine and oozed testosterone.

One look at him and you knew he was a real man through and through.

Even his hair never seemed to stay one color.

Some days it was a lighter shade of blonde and other days it was a dark blonde.

She had thought he dyed it or something, but she couldn't imagine someone dyeing their hair every day.

So as she sat off to the side, Elizabeth got to work on finishing her sketch.

She tries to be subtle, as to not alert him to her gaze as she sketches his features.

When she gets this fascinated with a person, she can't help but want to get every detail onto her sketch paper.

And Jason Morgan fascinated her completely.

"Here you go Liz." Courtney said politely, blocking Jason from her sight. "Ruby's special chilli."

"Uh, thanks." Elizabeth tried to get Courtney to move, but it was too late.

Jason stood and paid his bill before walking out of the diner.

Elizabeth couldn't help the groan that escaped her lips. She had really hoped to finish her sketch today, but it looks like one more day was warranted.

Thanks to the irritating blonde that never seemed to just leave well enough alone.

Closing her sketch pad, Elizabeth sat on it to prevent Courtney's wondering gaze from looking it over.

If Elizabeth hated anything it was people trying to see her sketches.

It was her own private passion and she'd be damned if she let the blonde, or anyone else for that matter, look over them.

Some girls kept diaries, something she was sure Courtney kept, but Elizabeth didn't.

Her diary is her sketch book.

She sketches anything that catches her interests and makes her completely enthralled.

So, although the idea of the world seeing her art someday, Elizabeth was nowhere near ready for people to see her artwork.

When her shift was finally over, Elizabeth was carted away by her best friend.

Though she should probably love shopping, being a girl and all, Elizabeth found the ritual trite and pointless.

She only shops for necessity, but Lila's ball warranted a new ball gown and so she'd shop for the lovely woman.

"What do you think of this dress?" Emily questioned, holding up a ball gown for Elizabeth to see.

"Baby pink?" Elizabeth arched her eyebrow questioningly. "Really? I thought you wanted him to see you as an adult."

"You're right." Emily sighed, putting the dress back on the hook. "I'm tired of looking. You pick one out for me."

"Um...okay." Elizabeth pushed dresses around on the racks and then one finally popped out. "This one."

"That one?" Emily took the red dress in her hands. "Are you sure?"

"Nikolas has a weakness for a woman in red." Elizabeth assured with a smile. "And it will look beautiful on you. Trust me."

"Okay." Emily was convinced. "What about you? What will you wear?"

"The baby pink dress." Elizabeth laughed softly. "So Lucky will see me as a little kid."

Emily couldn't help the laughter that burst through her.

Lucky Spencer, if anything, was a bumbling fool.

He never could take no for an answer.

Since he hit puberty he thinks that all girls their age are dying to go out with him.

That was true for the most part, until Elizabeth of course.

Now he is determined to get her to go out with him or die trying and she was starting to lean towards letting the latter happen.

"Well its a beautiful dress." Emily smiled reassuringly. "So you'll look young and beautiful."

"Thanks." Elizabeth took the dress and together they went to pay for it.

Neither of them had to buy accessories or shoes because they had something for every type of dress.

It was sort of their thing to buy shoes and accessories.

Saying their goodbyes, Elizabeth walked into her gram's house, thoroughly tired but not too tired to carry out her house chores.

"Elizabeth, my dear, I'm glad you're home." her gram called. "How was your day?"

"It was great gram." she assured, walking into the living room. "I went shopping with Emily after work and bought a new dress for Mrs. Quartermaine's birthday ball."

"That's nice." Audrey Hardy smiled at her youngest grandchild. "I'm glad you thought to do so."

"I'll get right on dinner once I put this upstairs." Elizabeth said softly. "Any preferences?"

"Anything you make will be fine, dear." Audrey assured. "Before you go, this came for you in the mail."

"Oh, I've been waiting for this." Elizabeth took the envelope from her gram. "Thank you so much. I'll start on dinner soon."

"Take your time." Audrey smiled softly. "I'm not quite hungry just yet."

"Okay." Elizabeth granted her grandmother a smile before running upstairs to her bedroom, bypassing the questioning look of her sister Sarah.

Getting behind the safety of her bedroom door, Elizabeth locked it before tossing her things to the side and plopping down on the bed.

"Please, please, please." Elizabeth whispered. "Just be an acceptance letter."

Opening the letter Elizabeth read once again, the apologetic rejection of another art school.

With a sigh, Elizabeth crumpled up the paper and threw it into the waste bin.

So much for pursing her art and learning new techniques.

Shrugging out of her jacket, Elizabeth snatched up her sketch book and flipped it open to the sketch of Jason.

"I'll make my own dreams come true." she whispered, running her fingers lightly over the sketch. "But for now, sketching for myself will do."

Taking a deep breath, Elizabeth stood up and slid her sketch pad under her mattress before walking back downstairs to start dinner.

She'll make her art dream come true.

That much she's certain on.

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