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Summary: A possible event between the end of the story and… the day Yuzuyu went with her mother.

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My name is Yuzuyu Sakashita. I'm now fifteen. I'm probably what you call a very unusual girl since I easily cry. But I'm strong, okay?

I used to live with Kippei-onii-chan (and auntie, uncle, Reiko-nee-san, Kokoro-nee-chan, and Satsuki-nii-chan). I lived with them, because my mother couldn't take care of me. She said that she hit me once, and that if I continued to live with her, I would only end up hurt, so I was brought to Kippei-nii-chan's family. Then in a blink of an eye, on my sixth birthday, my mother took me in. Kippei-nii-chan dressed me up and pushed me lightly to my mother.

My mother and I lived with the man my mother loves. I had a hard time accepting him, because I wanted my father. So after a few months of living with him, my heart gradually opened up to him. I realized he was kind and well, many other things.

"You didn't leave anything, Yuzuyu?" Mama asked me as she lightly knocked on my old empty room.

"Nope! Nothing~" I replied with a grin.

"Let's go!" Mama patted my head as we headed out our apartment.

When I was under Kippe-nii-chan's care, I studied in a kindergarten. There, I met Marika and Ken, and then I met Shouta (I prefer to call him Shou-chan). His mother always hit him back then. He had bruises on his arms, face, legs, and back. I saw it with my own eyes. Kippei-onii-chan talked to Shou-chan's mother and then maybe her mother saw the light. Shou-chan went away to live with his grandparents. We had contact for a while. We sent each other letters with drawings for a while. Then we lost contact since I moved in with my mother. I've been trying to find some sort of contact with him, but all my attempts were failures. My current dream is to meet him again.

Now, we're moving to another place. And I'll need to make new friends.

"Class, we have a transfer student!" I heard my homeroom teacher tell my new classmates.

And as usual, the students started to chatter and ask each other things.

"Settle down! Sakashita-san?" My homeroom teacher called me.

I opened the door slowly to give some effect on them and walked slowly to the side of the teacher.

"Good morning! I'm Yuzuyu Sakashita. Please to meet you all!" I greeted them all with a smile.

"AAAAAH! Yuzuyu-chan!" A boy with brown hair and eyes pointed at me accusingly.

"E-eh? Eh?"

"It's me! Shouta!" The boy said enthusiastically.


Shou-chan smiled widely and replied, "The one and only! How's Marika-san and Ken-san?"

Before I could reply, the whole class started to go wild. Then the teacher screamed, "Free period, since we need to make our new lovebirds comfortable!"

Well, I guess my dream came true in an instant. Now my next dream is to be an artist.

"They're going great! Marika and Ken are now a couple!" I grinned mischievously as I sat to the empty seat next to him. And so we started to reminisce as our classmates start to listen.

When I got home, I started to write a letter to Kippei-onii-chan—I mean… Kippei-kaa-san.

I wonder how will he react?

"K-kokoro! Yuzuyu is back with Shouta!" Kippei started to bawl out in front of his fiancé.


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