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" You comfortable? You need something?" Mac said once he got Scout settled on her couch. Once she woke up, she only had to stay in the hospital two more days. Now she was back in her apartment, with Gabe, and happy.

" No, I'm fine." She said. Mac sat down on her coffee table.

" I'm coming over in the morning to make you breakfast and help you get in the shower. Walter will be checking in on you while I work. I'll be back at lunch time and I'll make you something. Then he will check on you until I get done." He said.

" Mac, seriously, I'm fine. You don't need to worry so much." Scout said.

" You almost died on me, Scout. Your heart stopped and had to be restarted three fucking times. I know you can take care of yourself but can you just let me do this?" She looked at his face, really looked at it. He had always kept his goatee a little messy but it was more overgrown then usual. He hadn't bothered to trim it since she had been in the hospital. His eyes were tired from his sleepless nights. His mouth was tight with the stress she could see he was feeling. The fussing he was doing wasn't for her, it was him. She nodded and smiled.

" Thank you for making these arrangements." She said as she reached out for him. Mac reached for her at the same time Gabe came forward.

" She was reaching for me, Jackass." Mac said to the dog who just nudged Mac's leg. To her surprise, he smiled and rubbed the dog's head. He sighed and looked back to her. " I'll put your pain meds by your bed with a glass of water. I'll let Gabe out before I leave for the night."

" Thanks." She said.

Mac stayed the rest of the day with her, taking Gabe for a walk, making her dinner, then helping her change for bed. She had a hard time twisting and moving her right arm without pain. Once he had her comfortable in bed, he kissed the top of her head. He walked out, setting her alarm for her. Mac didn't want to leave her for the night but she hadn't asked him to stay.

Mac had just pulled into his driveway when his phone went off. He pulled it out his pocket and frowned down at her number.

" Are you okay?" He asked as soon as he answered it.

" Can you come back?" Scout asked softly.

" What do you need?" Mac asked as he started his truck up again.

" Just you." Mac closed his eyes and felt someone squeeze his heart. He turned his truck off and forced himself to swallow.

" Just let me pack a bag so I have work clothes, okay Babe?" He asked.

" Okay." She said.

She had given him her key so he could get into her place in the morning. Mac rushed into his place and grabbed his toothbrush and some work clothes. She asked for him and he wasn't going to make her wait long. He locked up his house and ran back to his truck. He started it up and speed quickly towards her apartment. He was all smiles and he knew it.

Gabe let out a low growl when her door opened. He jumped off the bed and started down the hall like the good watch dog he was. Scout smiled in the darkness as she heard the door shut again. Mac was punching in the alarm code so it was reset. He locked the door up, no doubt tossed his stuff on her couch, and was now heading towards her.

" Stop growling at me, Jackass." He playfully snapped at her dog.

He appeared in her doorway then walked around to the free side of the bed. She was laying on her left side and didn't roll over as he undressed. She felt the blankets lift up a second before he slipped into next to her. He pulled himself against her back. She felt the familiar warmth of his bare legs as they came into hers. He was laying in his boxers. Scout sighed and smiled.

They were quiet for a few minutes before she spoke.

" Maybe I should stay at your place." She said into the darkness. Mac opened his eyes and smiled. "Just until I'm completely healed." Mac sighed and it slipped over her neck.

" Whatever you want, Babe." He whispered. Both of them knew that once she came to his place, she would be staying.


Mac walked into his place to the smell of lasagna cooking. He grinned and dropped his keys on the coffee table. He walked into the kitchen to see his fully healed girlfriend bending over at his oven. She was checking their dinner. He walked over to her as she straighten up. She shut the over door then turning around, jumping at the sight of him.

" For fuck sakes, Mac. You scared me." She said.

" Where's that dog?" He asked. " Jackass!" He called out.

Scout smiled and shook her head. A great flopping sound came from their bedroom as Gabe jumped off the bed and hit the floor. He came out slowly. As soon as he saw Mac, his big head started flopping from side to side. He quicken his pace to his new-found best friend. Mac reached down and ruffled the dog's head before he stood up and walked over to her. He place his hands low on her hips and kissed her quickly.

" Hi." Scout said softly. He grinned and stepped back.

" You sure you want to go back to work tonight? I could always called Walter and tell him you don't feel good." Scout smiled.

" I have been home for six weeks. It's time for me to go back to work." He sighed and turned away to walk to his table. He sat down, facing her. He leaned back in his chair and started rubbing his chin. Gabe came forward and rested his chin on Mac's leg.

" Could make it your job to worship my cock." He said. Scout laughed, making him smile.

" I have tried to worship it but you won't let me. You seem to think I'm still injured." Mac smiled and stretched his arms above his head. He clasped his hands together and place them behind his head.

" I want to make it my job to worship that hot body of yours." He said.

" That you have been doing." She said. " But seriously, I'm fine. I even asked the doctor if we could start having sex and he said it was fine." Mac leaned forward and let his arms come to rest against the table top.

" I just want to wait a little longer." He said. Scout rolled her eyes and started towards him.

" I'm sick and tired of waiting." She whined as she slipped into his lap.

" What the hell are you whining for? You been getting off and you know it. My mouth has been taking good care of you every night since you moved in." He said with a grin.

" And it feels unbelievable every time you do it but I really miss having sex. I like jacking you off and watching you jack yourself off but I'm ready for sex." She whined. Mac wrapped his arms around her and held her closer to him.

" I don't want to hurt you and you like it rough." He said softly.

" So let's make a deal. If it starts to hurt to bad or be too much then we stop." She said. Mac frowned as he thought. After a few seconds he sighed and shook his head.

" Your sex drive and that vagina are going to drive me fucking crazy one day." He snapped, making her laugh. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him.

" I love you. Even if you go crazy, I will still love you." Mac smiled.

" I love you too, Babe." He said softly.

The End!