Creating Life After

Chapter Three

Based upon Stargate: SG-1.

- . - - - . -

Sam woke up and rolled back over onto her side, cuddling down into the blankets. She didn't really want to get up because the bed was warm. She snaked her hand out and reached for her watch. It told her that it was almost 1330. She had only been in bed for about an hour and a half, but she was still tired.

Jorge was a good baby, and John was a good kid, but . . . Between them and Jack, she was more than a little exhausted.

Speaking of Jorge . . . Sam sat up, despite her covers being warm, and looked into the bassinet at the foot of the bed. It was empty. That was strange. She was sure she left her in there. Well, obviously, Jack had come gotten her sometime during Sam's nap.

So, Sam got up and put her pants on. She grabbed her socks to put them on in the main room, where she kept her boots.

"Dad!" Sam said when she saw her father sitting in the rocking chair with his granddaughter in his arms. "I didn't know you were back."

"About an hour ago," he confirmed.

She leaned down and kissed his cheek, checking on her daughter while she was there; she was asleep. "You should've woken me up." She pulled a chair closer to him.

He shook his head. "I didn't want to bother you, and plus, I got some one-on-one time with my granddaughter." They both looked at the baby for a minute. Jacob looked back up at Sam with a smile. "She's gorgeous, Sam. Arguably tied for the prettiest baby I've ever seen."

Sam couldn't help but smile at her father and daughter. "I'm glad you like her," she told him. "I do," she added as an afterthought.

Her father chuckled. They were quiet for a few moments before Sam asked him what he had been up to. He told her about his latest mission with the Tok'ra. Everything had been going well until he ran into a Tok'ra Selmak had known - and been intimately involved with - when Selmak was a woman. Her father told her he had been more than a little uncomfortable for the rest of the mission.

"I just kept getting these disturbing images," he told her.

His eyes flashed. "Tarik and I had been involved for many years when my last host, Saroosh, was a young woman. And to save you from hearing your father talk about a tumultuous love affair when he was a young woman, suffice it to say that memories which tended to surface were much more pleasurable to me than they were to your father."

Sam nodded. "That's . . . understandable."

His eyes flashed again. "You're telling me." He looked like he was going to continue, but he glanced down and a smile covered his face. "Look who's awake." Sam watched her father completely ignore her for a second and just stare at his granddaughter. He ran his finger down the side of her face, then tickled her chest a little. "Oh, Sam, she's great."

"You know, you could see more if you stuck around a while longer," she said, her tone leading.

His smile dropped off his face. "Sam," he started to shake his head. "You know if I could be here, I would be. It's just that . . ."

She waved her hand, cutting him off. "Dad, if anyone knows anything about leaving because of duty, it's me. My son didn't know his father until he was two."

He seemed a little flustered and frustrated for a moment. "But it shouldn't be like that, not for you. That's why it's hard."

Almost as if she was sensing the mood, Jorge started to cry. Rocking back and forth a little more, her dad tried to quiet his granddaughter. "She might be hungry," he said.

She held her hands out and he handed the baby over. It wasn't until after a minute and Jorge had settled in that she became extremely self conscious about breastfeeding in front of her father. However, he had just leaned back into the rocking chair and rocked himself with a smile on his face.

He looked at her, his smile so soft. "You look so much like your mother."

Silence fell between them. Sam stared at the baby at her breast, acutely aware that she and her father were the only ones left of their family, and they were the only humans to have direct relatives survive the Armageddon. Jorge watched her with big eyes. Big blue eyes, like she had.

"She has your mother's eyes," her father said, seemingly reading her mind.

They sat in silence, sad reminiscent silence, until Jorge finished. Sam lifted her up, resting her head on her shoulder. Jorge settled into her shoulder, and gripped her shirt in her little fist. Sam kissed the top of her head.

After another few moments of silence, he asked her about how things had been going recently. She told him about the continuous progress they'd been making in their agriculture and how they had established several trading partners.

Jorge started to wiggle a little and look around. Sam noticed as her dad paid less and less attention to her story and more and more attention to his granddaughter. She tried not to laugh. "Do you want her back?"

It took him a moment to decide whether he was going to be nonchalant for admit that the wanted her back. Sam acted before he could decide and handed the baby back to him. He immediately started to rock again, twiddling his fingers in front of her.

"Can you say Grandpa?" he asked her. "Grand-pa," he repeated, smiling at the baby staring at him.

"Grandpa!" a voice from the door said. Sam looked up to see John and Jack in the doorway. "She's too little to talk."

Her dad chuckled. "I guess you're right, John. She is pretty little. I'll try again when she gets a little bigger."

John climbed into her lap. She was glad he wasn't "over" sitting in his mother's lap. She ran her fingers through his hair, and kissed the top of his head.

"Cute as a bug, isn't she, Jacob?" Jack asked.

Her dad nodded. "Thank God she looks nothing like you," he joked.

Jack laughed. "She looks just like Sam, doesn't she?"

"Identical," her dad agreed. "Absolutely identical."

- . -

"Janet, Colonel Carter didn't even wait a day to start bugging us," he whined.

"I know, Honey," she lightly scratched the back of his neck comfortingly, "but they're all going to bug us either way. It's the way things work here."

He grumbled.

She sidled closer to him, if that were possible with them both laying in her bed. "Oh, come on."

He frowned. "I liked having you all to myself."

A grin covered her face. "Oh, Honey, you still will. But we'll be able to quit sneaking around."

"I like sneaking around."

She laughed; that glorious laugh. "I know, it tends to keep you out of trouble." She climbed atop of him and lowered her face to his. "But, if we quit sneaking around, you might get in some trouble and have to come to the Infirmary more often."

He smiled. "Janet, you're the only woman - ever - to use getting injured and going to the Infirmary as both a threat and an enticement."

"You love it," she smiled fiercely.

He gave her the boyish grin she loved so much. "I really do."

- . -

Sam sat at one of the tables in the mess hall with Janet, John, Daniel, and Teal'c. Janet had Jorge in her arms and a cup of tea in front of her. Teal'c and John were playing with a puzzle. Daniel was enjoying his tea. Sam also had a cup of tea. She was feeling a little depressed because her father had left the day before. Even through her mood, she could see the unmistakable smile on Janet's face. She wondered what she had to be so happy about.

The door opened and Sam looked up. It was Jack and Siler. Siler went to the cooler, most likely for something to drink. Jack headed directly over to them, and more importantly Janet. Janet noticed him and immediately realized that he was coming for his daughter. There was a gentle handoff and Jack smiled.

"Hey there, Baby Girl," he said before sitting down in the chair next to Daniel.

"O'Neill, was the testing successful?" Teal'c asked, looking up from the puzzle.

Jack smiled. "Those vests are sweet."

"That means 'yes,'" Daniel clarified.

Siler joined them with a glass of milk and some chips. "Hey, Janet."

"Hi Honey."

He leaned down and pecked a kiss on her lips before sitting next to her.

Jack's mouth dropped open, but he recovered quickly and distracted himself with his daughter. Teal'c regarded them with a simply head tilt. Sam grinned, already having known about their relationship. Daniel, on the other hand - Poor, sweet, clueless Daniel - stared openly like a cod fish.

Sam stomped on his foot.

"Ow!" he exclaimed, causing everyone to look at him. He shrunk in his chair a little. "Sorry."

"Doc," John spoke up.


"Does this mean you and Siler are gonna get married now?"

Both Daniel and Siler choked on their own tongues. Jack laughed, which he quickly controlled to a chuckle.

Janet blushed with a chuckle. She glanced at Siler. "Um . . . Maybe, we'll see."

Siler exhaled loudly, after obviously being terrified by John's question.

"Doc?" John asked again.

"Yes, John?"

"Does this mean you're gonna have a baby now? Like Mama did?"

All the blood immediately drained from Siler's face. Obviously, they hadn't gotten to the point of discussing children.

Janet smiled and took a sip of her tea. She reached over and fingered Siler's hair for a moment. "Not now," she told him. "But we'll see."

"Doc?" John asked again.

"Hey, Big Man," Jack said, hoping to stop John before Siler had a heart attack.

"It's okay, Colonel," Janet told him. "What's your question, John?"

"If you have a baby, can I be it's big brother too?"

Janet smiled. "Are you sure you're not going to be too busy with Jorge?"

Everyone watched John as he thought very hard for a moment. He finally shook his head. "I won't be too busy. Mama and Daddy aren't too busy to love me and Jorge at the same time."

Sam immediately leaned across Teal'c and kissed her son.

Janet smiled at John, holding Siler's hand. "Of course, John. You can be the big brother of any Siler babies there might be one day."

"Sweet!" John exclaimed before turning back to his puzzle. The adults did a combination of smiling and shaking their heads for a second. "Mama!" John looked up from his puzzle suddenly.

"What, Sweetheart?"

"I know what my job is!"

"What job, Sweetheart?"

"Everybody has a job but me," he explained. "But that can be my job: Big Brother!"

- . - FIN - . -