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Stand a Chance?

Ros closed her eyes as she listened to Lucas. She still couldn't really believe he was there in front of her, saying what he was saying. Since the explosion and even more so since Jo had died it was common knowledge she was damaged goods. The fact he was standing in front of her telling her he was in love with her was unfathomable. He was her best friend, the only one she had ever had and he knew more about her than any other man, Adam included. She shook her head sadly as he rested her hand over his heart.

"I don't want anyone else. You're in here now." His eyes bore into hers as he spoke. She blinked as a tear began to threaten to fall.

"Lucas, don't."

"I love you." He half whispered as he closed the gap between them. He was so close that she could feel his breath on her face. She picked a spot on his white t shirt to focus on, afraid to meet his eye. The words seemed unreal as they began to sink in. "I fell in love with my best friend. I think that makes me the luckiest man alive. That is if my best friend feels the same way."

"Isn't this a conversation you should be having with Tom Quinn?" She smirked slightly as she raised her eyebrow.

"Ros." Lucas half laughed as he closed the already impossibly small gap as his lips brushed hers. She felt her eyes close as her hands made their way around his neck pulling him closer still. She pulled back when the need for oxygen began to overwhelm them both, sighing heavily as she realised Lucas was right. This was them now. There was no going back. She just hoped he was right, that they stood a chance.


The early morning sunshine fell across the bed as Ros groaned slightly. It was the first night she hadn't stayed at Malcolm's since the explosion at the hotel had almost killed her, Lucas and Andrew Lawrence. She blinked as she realised she had slept better than she had done since Jo had died. She rested a hand across her forehead as she thought of the young blonde spook. It was too early to get up but she really could see no reason to stay in bed. It was then she felt a warm heavy arm across her abdomen.

"Lucas?" She turned to see him smiling at her.



"You ok?"

"Yeah." Ros paused. "I'm always ok."


"Yes." She smiled slightly as he began drawing lazy circles on her bare arm. "More than."

He paused as she touched his chin, the stubble already beginning to form. He kissed her hand as she ran her thumb along his stubble. He kissed her gently before Ros began to deepen the kiss as he slipped one hand under her white cotton nightshirt that had made it's way back on during the early hours of the morning. Ros groand involuntarily at his touch before running her toes along his calf. He smiled as he kissed her neck, knowing this was another side to Ros that no one else got to see. She wasn't the Ice Queen everyone seemed to think she was. His Ros was warm and loving but he knew there was no way she would admit it when they got back to the Grid.

"Ros." He breathed her name as she came apart beneath him for the second time since he arrived at her flat. He was seconds behind her as she whispered his name. He knew there and then there was no way he could go back to being just friends and work colleagues. He brushed her blonde hair away from her face as she settled back down to earth. She caught his hand and held it over her heart.

"Lucas North." She whispered. "What have you done to me?"

He smiled as she kissed him lazily as her hand slipped under the duvet. He caught it with his other hand as she reached for his thigh.

"I have to go to work. Ruth told me Harry said you were to stay off until you were well enough to go back." He watched as she raised an eyebrow.

"I am well enough."

"Ros. You just got out of hospital."

"Exactly. I was discharged. Now if what happened last night and this morning isn't proof enough that I'm physically strong enough I don't know what is. I can prove it again if you want." She smirked as he smiled.

"I don't know if I'm physically strong enough after last night." He smiled as she raised an eyebrow. "Never mind the repeat preformance this morning."

"Ok then." She kissed him as she traced one of his tattoos. "Come on. We'll be late." She swung her legs out of bed, glad that they seemed to be less shaky than the night before. He rested his hands behind his head as he watched her walking towards the bathroom. He had a feeling that he and Ros stood more than a chance of making it work. Shaking his head he slipped out of bed and followed her, wondering how he could explain to Harry why they had been so late for work.


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