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Hear Say?

Ruth curled her legs up underneath her as she waited for Harry to finish his phone call with the Home Secretary. Andrew Lawrence had been more overbearing than ever since he had returned to office following the explosion. Harry shook his head as he tried not to slam the phone down.

"Ok?" Ruth smiled slightly as Harry glared at the phone. "Harry?"

"What did Lucas want?"

"I think it is safe to say he is just about as good at relationships as you are." Ruth got to her feet as Harry turned to face her.

"And I am supposed to know what that means?" He stepped towards her as she rested her palms on his lapels.

"You never told me how you felt. I mean you tried before I left. I know you did but as I told Lucas, in the service it is different for women. It has so many more risks, especially for field officers like Ros. So I told him to stop wasting time, stop letting her down and get over there."

"Are you telling me there is something going on between Ros and Lucas?"

"Harry." Ruth raised her eyebrows. "You are the Head of Section D. You have been a spy longer than there has been a section D and you hadn't noticed those two? You really are a man." She shook her head as he tightened his hold on her waist.

"I know that. I think I demonstrated that more than once last night." He kissed her gently before trailing kisses along her jaw line as her eyes fell closed. Once again Ruth was glad the CCTV cameras rarely worked in Harry's office. She paused as she tried to consider her answer.

"Yes." She breathed as Harry slipped his hands under the back of her shirt and began tracing lazy circles on the skin he found there.

"Sorry I couldn't take you out tonight. I know I promised we'd go."

"It's ok." She rested her palm against his cheek. "It really is ok." She met his gaze as Harry smiled slightly.

"Ros and Lucas? Are you sure?"

"Oh yes." Ruth smiled. "Don't say anything. I know you didn't like the idea of Tom and Christine."

"That was different." Harry wrinkled his nose as the thought of the thin, blonde American and the man that had blown a hole in his shoulder. "But?"

"Look, he went back into a burning building to find her. Stayed at the scene when he should have been halfway to A&E. He even stayed by her bedside in ITU until we had news of the others in South America. Then he only went because he knew how much Zaf and Adam meant to her. If her and Adam had started things again I think he would have stepped back and said nothing. He loves her."

"I thought so earlier, when she was in here." He glanced towards the old battered sofa in the corner of his office remembering how she had seemed almost lifeless in Lucas' arms as Ruth had dialed 999. "But Ros? I had no idea."

"It's Ros. You said yourself if she doesn't want anyone to know how she feels." Ruth shrugged slightly, slipping her hand into his. "We've even missed the chip shop."

"Ah, our first date." Harry smiled, changing the subject.

"Second." Ruth corrected as he kissed her. Kissing Harry Pearce was something she believed she could easily spend the rest of her life doing. He tugged on her hand as he walked towards the door.

"Well, the burger van at the end of Mill Lane is usually there this time of night."

"No." Ruth pulled a face. "Tonight I have had to wait for you to finish, missed my dinner in the process, finished a report into the financial dealing of Hans Linnerman and had to calm down a nearly neurotic Lucas North. I am not adding food poisoning to that list. We'll have something to eat. I'll make us something."

"Oh." Harry watched while she blushed. "We're going back to yours?"

"Pick Scarlett up on the way and stop looking so pleased at the thought of microwave pizza." She blushed slightly as he whispered in her ear before kissing her ear.



"Lucas and Ros?"

"Yes. Harry, I am an analyst for a reason. Believe me. Ros and Lucas are either together or it wont be long until they are." She smiled as he shook his head.

"I'm getting too old for this."

"Too old." Ruth teased as he followed her into the pod. "You?"

"Funny Ruth. Very funny. But?"

"Just watch them tomorrow. You'll see." She smiled as she stepped away from him and walked towards the car park. She had a feeling that if she were to run a book on the Section Chief and Senior Case Officer she would make a great deal of money. Frowning slightly she wondered if Zaf already was.


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