Chapter One, Beta'ed

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"You want me to come to the opening of Fangtasia?" I asked a tad surprised, as I looked into Eric's strikingly blue eyes. "I've already checked your staff and made sure they were trustworthy, and when is the reveal? Between you and Alcide I never know anything. Has the council even decided yet?" I pouted playfully. I knew very well that Eric told me everything he could and plenty of things he shouldn't.

"For one lover I would like it very much if you were there for opening night. The reveal will be Friday evening, and we open for business in a month's time." Eric said kissing my temple as he pulled on a tight, navy colored sweater.

"I'll do more listening in than normal after the reveal." I said, clearly worried about the shock the world would soon be in.

"That would be much appreciated." Eric said, turning to look at me. "It would be nice to know how people are truly taking the news." I smiled beautifully; pleased my curse was such a gift to Eric.

At nine on the dot Eric's phone rang. "Pam." With that single word I left our bedroom for a shower. When I returned I caught Eric reminding Pam that today was one of our anniversaries. I smiled goofily as I remembered the night we met.

OO***********FLASHBACK … Sookie Age 14 ***********OO

I was fourteen, and I was hiding in my tiny sanctuary in the woods a few miles from my Gran's house. I knew it was very late but I wouldn't risk returning to the house tonight. Uncle Bartlett's thoughts were warning enough. My nasty little mind fucks weren't going to work anymore and he was heaping pissed that I robbed him of his glory years with Hadley; especially since she was moving out and headed to New Orleans for college.

When I was ten, Uncle Bartlett moved in a few months after Grandpapa died, to help Gran with the bills, and so the state wouldn't take her grand babies away. My parents and Aunt Linda died in a freak flood coming back from Shreveport when I was seven. My Grandpapa was the only one that understood my curse, and he helped me build my little sanctuary in the woods so I could have a place of peace and quiet. He had once said "Sook, my dear, everyone needs a place they feel at home!"

I was lying in the tree loft above my tiny one room cabin that had a working light bulb, Papa's old lazy boy, three bookshelves filled to the brim, and an old shotgun in case I ran into trouble. I was star gazing and whispering to the heavens, thanking Papa for never telling anyone where my sanctuary was when they appeared out of nowhere. It took a few minutes for me to realize I couldn't read them, that fact terrified and amazed me.

As flabbergasted as I was every instinct that I had urged me to stay completely still and out of sight. I watched as they bickered and yelled before the tall man dismissed the beautiful blond woman. The woman gasped as if in pain before she was gone in a blink of an eye.

I scrambled backwards when the man looked around, before his eyes settled on where I was hiding.

"Show yourself!" The man bellowed.

"Okkay" I muttered. Figures I hide from one psycho and another one finds me, I think bitterly as I climb down from the tree.

"Child…" He states, his face showing a flicker of shock. "It's late. What's a pretty little thing like you doing in the woods in the middle of the night?"

"Well I certainly didn't apply for a part in a horror flick, I'll be going now." I sassed; my temper flaring like it always does when I felt trapped. I stop in my tracks when the man roars with laughter and as I take in his extremely good looking form, I notice that he has a very light glow to him.

"What are you?" I blurt out, snapping my mouth shut tight. I tried to hold back how rattled I felt when he was in front of me before I could move.

"Vampire." He drawled, dropping his fangs.

"Well fuck." I swore, annoyed more than scared. Maybe it was the years of mental violations from my funny uncle and many, many others. I had come to grips with the fact that there was a lot out there that mundane people don't comprehend. The mental abuse had hardened me and left me with survival instincts sharper than most.

"You're not scared?" He questioned, raising a prefect eyebrow.

"No." Actually I was terrified, but why allow that to affect me, as I focused on keeping my breathing even and my crazy smile plastered across my face.

"Little girl, you're alone in the woods, with a male vampire, miles away from anyone, and you're not scared, you're a strange young one. I thought humans taught their young to be afraid of what goes bump in the middle of the night."

I stared blankly back, refusing to add to our conversation.

"Why are you out so late? Are you in trouble? Meeting a boy perhaps? Hiding?" He rambled off possible reasons, watching me closely.."Ah, your hiding."

"So, what if I am?" I snapped in irritation. If he was going to kill me, he needed to get on with it.

"You do know it's extremely dangerous out in the woods late at night? Especially on a full moon?" He questioned slowly, as if I was a tad special.

"I ain't scared of no damn werewolves and it's no more dangerous than my house." I said, spilling the beans.

"I see." He stepped closer. "How old are you?"

"Fourteen next week." I answered blandly. I wondered if he interviewed all of his victims before gobbling them up.

"What is your name?" I questioned after a few minutes of silence.


"That's not very vampirey." I muttered, my attitude in full gear.

"And.. yours?"

"Sorry, I don't think I should tell you that." I felt a tickle on my brain and shook my head as my eyes narrowed at him.

"What are you?" Eric questioned stepping into my body space, as he sniffed the air.


"Oh, no!, you're much more than that." Eric states.

"Am not." I said almost panicky, but refusing to break eye contact. He really was amazingly handsome.

"What's dangerous about your home?" Eric questioned as I felt another tickling sensation at the front of my brain.

"Quit that!" I snarled, and swore "It's fucking annoying."

I was alarmed by his angered expression as he demanded "Tell me now, what you are?" He snapped, clearly pissed off.

I shivered, the fear finally catching up with me. "Telepath." I squeaked when his hands grabbed my shoulders, instantly bruising them, almost breaking my collarbone.

"Can you read my mind?" Eric snarled, his blue eyes blazing with anger.

"No." I whimpered in pain. "It's nice, I mean if you're going to kill me, I don't listen to how it effects you. Just my freaking luck I escape one sick psycho and another finds me." I ramble as a tear escapes as I try to keep my thinking straight.

"Another psychopath?"

"My uncle is pissed as high heaven and he was going to finally make a move, after all these years of listening to his nasty cruel thoughts, and my tricks won't work no more. He's convinced that I've just been playing him all these years to keep him from Hadley, so he plans on making me pay."

"What do you mean 'move', 'pay'?" Eric asked stiffly.

"He was going to rape me!" I spat out as I tried to free myself from his extremely tight grip.

"And tricks?"

"I repeated whatever he was thinking when we are alone together and I threatened to shoot him in his sleep if he ever touched Hadley." I said, as tears started to fall.

I landed on my butt, hard, when Eric abruptly let go.

"I'm not going to kill you." Eric says calmly. I'm pretty sure we both were equally as shocked at that statement.

"That's very nice of you." I replied sarcastically.

"I had a psychic once, it was incredible." Eric said, as his fangs clicked once again.

"Did the psychic think so?" My voice was tart but I was mildly amused.

I knew I was crazy for letting my guard down, but I did. I was completely fascinated when he laughed again.

"For awhile." He smirked and it was dark and twisty.

"I bet." I said cynically with a small laugh, he didn't need to explain how that relationship ended. With that thought in mind I clammed up a bit, but the world really was a lot darker than most people believed. Unfortunately at my young age, I wasn't so naive.

"You come here a lot?" Eric asked, but I wasn't sure if it was a statement or question.

"It's my home." I answered affectionately.

"It's nice." Eric said teasingly. "How many people know of 'this place'?"

"Don't dis it, and my Grandpapa, but he passed away a few years ago. He helped me build it. No one else that I've heard, and I pulled a shot gun on my Uncle when he tried to follow me a year ago" I said, I'm pretty protective of my sanctuary.

"You threatened to shoot your Uncle?" Eric asked with a laugh, impressed.

"Twice… once when I was ten and again when I was twelve. I'm not about to let that sick creep into my private place, and physically, mentally or sexually abuse me here goddamn-it. My house might be fair game but this place isn't, got it."

"Indeed." Eric's voice darkened. "Do you want me to kill him?"

"Yes." I said easily, I wasn't a very good Christian, but I was honest. "But you can't."

"Why the hell not?" Eric snarled. I was bewildered by his anger.

"And why the heck do you want to kill some old man?" I shot back.

"I find I like you. You're…very refreshing for human." Eric admits with a smirk.

"Like or not, you can't go around killing people for me. And even if my uncle is funny, my family needs him. At least for a few more years." I explained.

"I can't believe I'm discussing this, with you, a child." Eric states.

"Do not kill him." I demanded hotly. "The state will take Jason and Me away, and that'll just kill Gran. She can't afford us all without him, he's even paying for Hadley's tuition and Hadley ain't anything to brag about. She's a fuckin' train wreck about to happen, but Gran is proud as a peacock."

"An unlucky accident?" He teased.

"No." I barked out before laughing.

We spent the rest of the night talking, until dawn approached. I watched as he dug his resting place.

OO********End of Flashback********OO


"So you'll work for me?" Eric asked pulling me out of my memory.

"Have I ever turned you down?" I sassed, and let out a yelp when Eric tapped me on the ass.

"I'll pay you ten percent higher than your usual rate." Eric added hoping to sweeten the pot. I could feel his giddiness; he was excited for the reveal.