Temporary Hiatus…. My baby boy Peyton who is 13 months old has spent the last week in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Wichita Ks. We arrived home Sunday night, he is currently recouping form the three surgical producers he had done to rid his body of MRSA infection that spread from his right thigh muscles to his hip bone and into his blood stream. I came too close to losing him and not knowing why. It took three hospitals, one ambulance ride and another airplane ride to figure out his diagnosis. He's on a permanent IV line called a Hickman that runs antibiotics 24/7 until Oct. 1st. We have a long road ahead until he's good as new and many more test to find out why he keeps getting sick like he does. :(

I can't promise an update anytime soon, but I'm sure as he grows stronger and healthier the more my muse will rise her demanding head.