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Helen Olivine - Hufflepuff

"You sure you'll be alright at Hogwarts?" My mother asked me in a tone any worried or anxious mother would use

"Yes, mum, don't worry." I replied reassuringly, but of course, it wouldn't work on my mother now... for the meantime, again.

I sent my father a look that says "Please help me reassure mum." and I think it worked!

"Anyway" my father said "I think it's best if we go ahead and go to work now."

I nodded"Yes, you'll be late." I added "Besides, mum, I'll be fine. I'll just send you an owl when I get there. Or maybe on the next day!"

Mum looked hesitant "Are you sure?" she asked

"Yep" I answered "For seven years."

"Are you really sure?" she insisted

"Yes, mum, I'll be fine." I responded quite exasperatedly

"Okay, then take care, sweetie." Mum said, kissing my cheek even though I'm already 17 but hey, I don't think I could blame her, this is my last year at Hogwarts and my last year for them to take their child here in Platform 9 3/4, my brother already graduated when I was a 5th year.

"Bye mum, bye dad." I said with a smile and I could've sworn I heard my mother sniffle. She never does that but, well, except during my brother's 7th year. So after exchanging more good byes (It seems like mum doesn't want to leave me yet...) I heard the the train whistle and went inside the train. I found a compartment pretty quick and I looked at the window and waved at my parents good bye. And mum, being mum, dabbed her eyes with a white handkerchief while waving and dad did the same minus the eye-dabbing. Before I knew it, they're already so far, I can't see them anymore because of the accelerating train.

Then something really weird happened when I saw this girl with long ebony-black hair with purple streaks and red tips... well, red tips that aren't exactly 'tips' because I think it reached her mid-back. Anyway, before seeing her, there was this bright light that shone from about five compartments away from me.

I opened the compartment door and took a peek and looked from left to right to see where the light came from. I thought I was hallucinating about seeing a girl wearing quite... revealing clothes and have a very pale complexion, as if she were dead but resurrected! The clothes looked so foreign, I don't know where the hell would anyone find clothes like that, never mind wear it on casual occasions such as going to Hogwarts. I just hope she wouldn't wear those at Hogwarts, she would probably get expelled for it.

So anyway, since I felt strange after seeing her, I stopped peeking and closed the compartment door. I just rested my head on the window sill for a moment and dozed off within a few minutes.

And by the way, the name's Helen Olivine. I'm in 7th year and in Hufflepuff. That's all I could say... I guess.

I was dreaming about something very disturbing. It was about a girl, a too-perfect girl who is controlling Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's minds, not to mention Hermione Granger and that Weasley boy whom Potter and Granger hang out with... whatever his name was, I can't remember. Well, did I mention that even Dumbledore and Hagrid changed attitudes because of that girl? I guess not... then I heard someone calling my name... in a rather creepy way.



"Helen, thou must wake..."

I suddenly heard whispering

"Helen, wake up!"

Excuse me?

"WAKE THE BLOODY HELL UP HELEN!" a voice shouted loudly

"Whoa!" I exclaimed in shock before falling sideways and landing on the seat, or where the seat was supposed to be because my head landed on Diana Appleton's lap.

"Bloody hell, Diana, don't wake me up like that, again." I told Diana irritably, sitting back up and leaned on the window

"But we were worried..." Diana said, gesturing to herself and her twin brother, Apollo

"Yeah" agreed Apollo "With all those mutterings in your sleep about You-know-who speaking in Old English, the Golden Trio acting weird all of a sudden and Dumbledore and Hagrid are weird as well."

I gaped at him "How did you know?" I demanded

"Like I said, Helen, Diana and I were worried because you were talking in your sleep." said Apollo "Right, Di?"

"Of course." replied Diana "Besides, I hope you didn't hear him say 'Helen, thou must wake' while you're asleep."

"You said said that?" I asked incredulously "And when did you start learning Anglo-Saxon or whatever form of English that was?"

"I've been reading William Shakesphere's works during the summer" Apollo said sheepishly, I was about to ask why but it seems that Diana is reading my mind

"Because he accidentally signed up for the Romeo and Juliet play last June, just before summer." said Diana "I think he was interested in Hamlet, The Taming Shrew or Macbeth but I think he was sleepy when he wrote the letter saying that he wants to join."

I raised an eyebrow at Apollo, I didn't know that he is interested in some of Shakesphere's plays. I must admit, his works are brilliant! I love Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth the most though.

Since they're sitting down now, I gave Diana and Apollo a nervous look before sighing. I have a hunch that this year would probably be the eventful, especially after seeing that weird girl.

Anyway, those two people earlier were my best friends, Diana and her twin, Apollo. Sounds fitting, right? Right. Because even in the myths, Apollo and Diana (the god and the goddess) were twins as well and my best friends' namesakes. Diana is in Ravenclaw while Apollo is in Gryffindor and I'm in Hufflepuff. We don't mind House rivalry because we think that Inter-house unity is also important. But I think it doesn't matter now... I have a feeling I need to keep an eye on this girl from nowhere (Yes, that's what I'm going to call her at the moment) and keep her from doing anything wrong.

I hope the dream isn't real and that it would remain as a dream. There would be no way it'll be real, right? Wrong.

I was horribly wrong.

Because after I changed into my uniform, Hagrid looked depressed, Malfoy looked scarier now, and the Golden Trio acted as if they don't know each other!

I prayed that the dream is not true, it can't be true! Pray that it's not powerful to be true, I mean, they say that some dreams are so powerful they come true. But if it is, I'm sure that is not good news.

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