I. Am. Sorry. I didn't update at all this May.

Nah, I'm not yet giving this story up, it's just that I won't be updating because I'm pretty busy with my vacation. And then something happened. You see I've been traveling and it's keeping my mind blank... especially that I lost something rather important at the airport on my way to the third city I went and thus, it made me pretty depressed and suddenly lose nearly all of my inspiration for stories. Yes, that's my reason for not updating.

And also, I wouldn't be updating/available between June 1 - 6 because I'll be staying at a house without internet but I'll try to work on making a few chapters while I'm internet-less so that when I get writer's block, I would still update once a week... or every two weeks.

So yeah, I hope you'll still look forward to the future chapters.