Forget Me Not

Quinn sighed. She placed her compact back in her purse, so tempted to grind her teeth, because the noise Rachel's sensible heels made, clacking against the bathroom floor as she paced back and forth? Well beyond annoying.

"I," Rachel said, "I…"

Rolling her eyes, Quinn turned around. "What's wrong now? You really are pregnant?" She looked briefly over her shoulder, Rachel's crazy eyes appearing telescopic. "Wedding night worries when you haven't said yes yet?"

Quinn pretended to examine her reflection, pointedly ignoring the charge in the air from Rachel's unnatural silence. Usually, the girl just wouldn't shut up.

Quinn tried not to giggle; the reason for Rachel's silence had to be something ridiculous. With Rachel, it was always ridiculous. She totted up the options: maybe Finn had proposed to her using a half-chewed gummy ring, or she was struggling to find a Michael Jackson song suitable for her range? Or, God forbid, perhaps poor Rachel was hungry due to the lack of vegan lunch options in the cafeteria? (Despite the fact Quinn knew Rachel wore leather shoes. Hypocrite.)

"Quinn?" Rachel said, breaking her reverie. "I…"

"Out with it, because I haven't got all day, and you're really scaring me," Quinn replied. "More so than usual, even."

Turning around, Quinn couldn't do anything but gasp as Rachel's stare widened even more before she reached forward, melded their bodies together and pressed Quinn flush against the sink. The ceramic was cool, heavy and harsh against her back, but Quinn's eyes still fluttered shut on instinct as Rachel's hands grasped each side of her head, clumsily. Rachel's fingers carded roughly through her hair, tightening as her lips, soft and warm and slightly sticky with lip gloss, touched hers. Just for a second, only for a second, before Quinn realised what had happened and pushed her away.

Quinn blinked and choked on an erratic lungful of air. Her cheeks were warm, and her heart pattered tightly in her chest as she wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her blazer, her fingers shaking. Her brain was a fog, and her mouth was unable do anything but splutter harshly.

Rachel, on the other hand, was prim and defiant. "Tell me," she said, punctuating her words with a clean nod. "Tell me you won't remember that in four years' time."

"Four years?" Quinn replied. She noticed the halo of her own red lipstick surrounding Rachel's mouth and looked away briefly. "What makes you think I'll even remember your, your craziness in a year's time, when it doesn't mean anything to me now?"

"Because," Rachel said, smoothing down the skirt of her dress, "there's more to you than meets the eye, and you always have been a terrible liar. It's in your eyes." She paused, her gaze searching, one hand on the bathroom door. "You might be leaving for New Haven, but you can't say goodbye to everything, Quinn."

Quinn shook her head, her lips still tingling faintly. "I have done. It's over, Rachel. High school is over for me. And if you say yes to Finn? You'll be stuck in high school for the rest of your life."


A/N - I've never written Faberry before, but after that scene in Michael, I just had to. The chemistry between Lea and Dianna is awesome, and Quinn seemed a little too eager to say goodbye to Sam, Finn and Puck. Please let me know what you thought, and if you'd like me to write more in this pairing.