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Chapter Three

Abby and I finished fairly quickly and Abby was pretty glad for it. "With an apprentice it is much faster, and a lot more interesting. What would you like to do for the rest of the day, Angel?"

I fidgeted and shrugged. "I usually have too much work to do to have time to myself, Abby. What do you do in your spare time?"

"Well, we could go visit Mercy Lewis; she's always fun to talk to. You will like her."

I nodded and let her guide me back down the path to the town, making sure to keep close to the redhead the entire time to show nervousness. We arrived at a small mahogany house and Abby knocked three times. The door was opened by a girl who was slightly overweight with dark locks of hair falling into her hair slightly. I was instantly compelled to ask her if her mother was home because she so resembled a smaller child.

"Hey Abby." The girl said in a high voice that didn't fit her face one bit. "Who's your friend."

"Hi Mercy." My ears twitched, was that a hint of lust in Abigail's voice. I looked from the redhead beside me to the girl in front of me and curled my lip in distaste. Not my first pick for a lover, but to each their own. I shifted 'uncomfortably' beside Abigail and she glanced at me.

"This is Angel. She's new in town and I thought I would show her around. Angel, this is one of my friends, Mercy Lewis."

"It's nice to meet you, Miss Mercy." I said softly, studying the ground as I did a slight curtsey.

"Well it is nice to meet you too, miss Angel. Come on in, my ma's just finished baking a pie and we are about to cut into it. I wondered what kind of pie it was and followed curiously. When Mercy's mother saw me she made a big fuss over how thin I was. I may not have been as plump as her daughter, but I still had muscle to show off. I ended up with a large piece of the pie.

I hadn't tasted anything like it before and so I asked, "What kind of pie was that, Mrs Lewis?"

"It was a strawberry and blueberry pie, Angel."

My eyes widened in horror and I stood as my throat constricted painfully. I rushed for my bag, but I fell before I could fully make it. Abigail ran toward me and exclaimed, "Angel, what's wrong?"

"The needle!" I gasped. "Get the needle from the bag!"

Abigail quickly did as I told her to and I motioned for her to plunge it into my shoulder. She looked apprehensive about it, but I shouted, "Abby, do it or I die!" She nodded frantically and stabbed my arm with the needle. I gasped as the pressure lifted in my throat and I sat up, coughing.

"Th-thank you." I said hoarsely.

"What happened?"

I saw Mercy Lewis in her mother's arms, both frightened by what they just saw. "I'm… I'm deathly allergic to strawberries, M-Ma'am." I told her, my throat scratching as I spoke, but they deserved an explanation.

"Oh you poor thing!" Mercy's mother shouted, rushing to me and wrapping me in a hug. "I am so sorry. If I had known I would not have done that. I am so sorry." She cried over me for a good thirty minutes before Abigail decided that it would be best if I got home to some rest.

"Thank you." I said softly so that only she could hear. She nodded and led me back to Reverend Parris' house.

I climbed slowly into her bed and coughed again. "Thank you for helping me today." I said slowly as she sat next to me. "You didn't have to, but you did anyway."

"I wouldn't have let you die, Angel." She murmured, not looking at me.

"Well, it meant a lot." I took her hand in mine and smiled. "Really it did."

Abigail began blushing and looked away with a small smile. "You should rest. I have to tell my uncle what has happened so that he can see what he can do to make you well again." I nodded and snuggled down to sleep. Though I didn't show it, the adrenaline from the panic really did make me tired and so I let my mind wander as I slowly drifted to sleep.

I next awoke with Abigail beside me. I shifted slightly and something caught my attention; Abigail was snuggling into me as she slept! I lay still as I tried to figure out what to do with this new information as Abigail snuggled further into me. That was when I noticed where her hands were as well. She had one placed right above my right breast and the other was dangerously low on my stomach. I was quite sure the reverend wouldn't be pleased if he barged in for some reason, but due to my tiredness, I rightly didn't care. Abigail's body was flush against mine and very warm. I moved further into her embrace and decided to think about this situation in the morning, slowly drifting back to sleep.

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