It was a beautiful autumn day, the sun shone through the trees leaving trails of shadows across the floor. There was a smell of fresh earth in the air. In the middle of a field stood a tree, no one knew how old the tree might have been, no one that was but Jesus.

Jesus sat beneath the tree, he'd been there all morning, he couldn't explain what he was doing there. He just knew that it was the right place to be that day. But then it suddenly became clear, like fog clearing, he could see exactly what he was looking for. Or rather who he was looking.

Judas had been walking through the tall grass, staring at his feet, frowning. Jesus smiled to himself, and quickly got up, waving to catch the man's attention. Judas smiled and waved back, and although he looked fine, something in his eyes told Jesus that something was right...

"Wazzup Judas?"

"Je-izzle, I got a prob bro."

"Lay it on me."

"Dats the ting bro, cuz I got dis feelin'."

"Wat feeling bro?"

Judas paused for a moment, contemplating the most appropriate way of expressing his feelings. It's not like this had become a recent realisation, he had always loved Jesus, but felt comfortable only by admiring him from a distance. It was difficult, and that was why he'd decided to tell him today. To fully express what he was feeling, because the reality was that he didn't even need a response, he just needed Jesus to know.

"Yo Jee bro, u gotta know dat, well I love you bro." Judas didn't look his friend in the eye, just stared at his friend's sandals.

"I love you too bro, I'm Jesus I love everyone."

Judas frowned; "Not like dat, like I want to stick my pee-pee in you, sorta luv."

Jesus looked away quickly, a blush spreading across his cheeks; "I-I want your pee-pee in me too."

Judas smiled; "Fo' real?"

"Fo' real." Jesus repeat.

And then they bumped uglies all night, in various different positions, at one point Jesus was hanging off the tree branch. It looked impossible but he was the son of God so the laws of nature don't apply to him .Anyway after empting himself in and on Jesus a few times, Judas lay back on the floor, butt naked, lit up his spliff and smoked with Jesus curled up next to him and he thought it good.