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"Focus Francesco!" Francesco's Crew Chief, Raffaello called out to him. "And go when the light goes green."

"I know what the green light means you know. You don't need to explain it for the thousandth time again today.!"

I was getting quite ticked off with him. But he is the best crew chief I have ever had. He's nice too. He gave me breaks. But not today, I had been here all day. I hadn't actually managed to get off the start line yet. The lights started again. Red. Orange. Green. And I went nowhere. Damn. I had missed them again, and Raffaello didn't look to happy about it.

"Francesco!" He called. "Is there something wrong with you! You haven't managed to get of the start line! One more time! And lets hope you go somewhere this time!"

Red. Orange Green. The lights went again. And again, I didn't move anywhere. I'd had enough and I was going home. I started to drive off the track. As soon as I got home, I am going to relax and rest a bit. I think I deserve it.

"Francesco, Is everything ok? You haven't been yourself today." Raffaello said as I passed him, shattering my thoughts.

"Just tired, Raffaello. I'm just tired" I sighed to him as I drove past. "I'm not sleeping well. I think I need to take a break, get away from here for while."

"I understand. Take the week off. But you understand that I'm here if you ever need to talk." he spoke to me in a kind, gentle voice. A voice not that much different that you would use to clam a scared, crying baby car.

I turned around to speak to him.

"Thanks Raffaello, I appreciate your kindness of letting me have the week off. I'll go home and rest now." I turned around again and was about to carry on my way when he enquired.

"Francesco! Are we to start practicing again next Monday!"

"Yes. I think so. See you then Raffaello!"

I started to drive away and was glad to see the roads to my house where clear. I didn't live so far away. And I was very happy to see it today. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Once home, I drove up the ramp to my sofa, and looked at the pictures on my fireplace. I had a picture of me winning first place at one of my many races. Another from when I was little. It was a picture of me and my friends, aged around 15. I drove off the sofa to look for my childhood photo album. I looked in boxes, shelves, cupboards and bags but I couldn't find it. So I drove, defeated into my bedroom, where it lay, covered in dust. In the most obvious place. On my bedside table. Frustrated, I picked it up and took it back to the sofa and started to look through it at the pictures of my childhood…

Few Hours later…

Banishing a tear. I put the album back on my table. For some reason, looking through the album always made me cry. It was really time I talked to someone about it. But that would have to wait until morning and until the tears had disappeared. Looking at the clock, I realised that it was 11pm and that it was really time I went to bed. Quickly I went to the fridge and got a quick drink and then made my way to my bedroom. I got into bed and within 5 minutes, I was out cold. The sleep wouldn't make that much difference to my tiredness because every hour or so, I woke up, woken up by the vivid images that my brain produced. I had to talk to someone, someone I knew would listen and help. And it had to be soon…


Waking up crying isn't exactly what you really expect me to be doing. But, it had been happening to me now for about 1 or 2 weeks now. The sun was very bright behind my blind as I sat in bed trying to stop the tears and that is when I knew I had to talk to someone. Badly. But didn't know who. My mama would listen but then she would not really be able to help me because her saying was 'If you got yourself into it, you can get yourself out of it.'. Not exactly the person you would want to grow up with. A shrink would listen and help, but that's only because your paying them and that's what they do for a living. And then it hit me, I would ring Raffaello and… Looking over at the clock I realised that it is only 7am and that he would probably still be in bed. Knowing I should really still be sleeping, I begrudgingly got out of bed. If I was going to get Raffaello over to talk, I was going to do it in a clean house. Anyway cleaning might help me take my mind off things a bit.


Well that worked! I feel even worse now, but Raffaello did say he would come round and speak to me. I didn't tell him what about, I just asked him if would like to come round, have a little chat. He came at around 3pm and I let him in. I wasn't in a state. I was clean and shiny and the only things wrong were the tears trying to spill over my cheeks and fake smile that I wore. I invited him in and when I spoke to him, he knew instantly something was wrong.

"What's wrong Francesco?" Raffaello asked.

"Would you like anything to drink or eat?" I asked him, avoiding the question and his eyes.

"Thank you, but no. You're avoiding my initial question."

"Are you sure that you don't want anything? You can have whatever you want."


"Are you sure you don't want anything, as soon as you have answered me I will answer you."

"Ok, Please can I have a glass of water." he said, obviously just to make me shut up and answer his question.

"Ok. Shall we sit?" I motioned towards the sofa after I had given him his drink.

"Yes. Why not."

We drove up the ramp to the sofa and turned to face each other. Then he asked me the question again.

"What's wrong? You haven't been yourself at the practices and you don't sound like yourself now."

I knew he knew that something was wrong with me but I didn't realize it was that obvious. Ashamed of myself for showing my feelings so much, I looked away. Embarrassed.

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