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America, Arizona, 9 hours behind Italian time. (I think) 3rd Person POV

They left the plane and said their thank you to the pilot. Their stuff except their hand luggage would be delivered to Radiator springs later but for now, they hired a car which Francesco drove, Raffaello sat in the passenger seat, scared stiff that Francesco was going to zoom off. But he didn't. Well, to say he didn't zoom off isn't really correct, because Francesco DID zoom off, just he didn't go over the speed limit, which was unusual for him. Normally, he would have pushed it as far as he could go without getting in trouble. Francesco was a real speed demon. But today, he was just driving normally, maybe saving it for the track. But in fact, Francesco was not 'saving it for the racetrack, he was thinking. Thinking about… about… a lot of things. But mainly Maria. Francesco sighed inwardly. Maria, oh how much he had loved her. And it was all his fault. She had tried to tell him that it was her carelessness and not him, but he thought differently. It was silent in the car as the two drove to Radiator springs. It wasn't too far, but it was far enough when cover in an silence. Neither broke that silence until they got there. Mainly because Raffaello fell asleep, but also because there was nothing to say/talk about.

Arrival at Radiator Springs

Sally and Lightning were sitting in Flo's V8 café. They were both bored, looking out of the window waiting for Francesco to arrive.

"Do you see anything Sal?" Lightning asked, waiting for something, anything to, to happen.

"No, just the usual… deserted areas filled with sand…" Sally sighed. "How about you Light?"

"A heat wave, sand, empty roads. A car speeding down that road over there, leaving a cloud of dust behind it, a bu… wait! There's a CAR coming! I think he maybe here!"

Both Sally and Lightning jumped out of their seats and bored states of mind when they both realised that there was a car coming towards the little town.

"Come on Light! He's here!" Sally shouted vaguely, not mentioning who 'he' was. This statement earned her several stares from others in the café.

"Who is 'he' exactly? It would be great if you enlightened me." Someone shouted back at Sally from the darkest corner of the café. Sally Shouted over the tops of the tables, not caring if anyone heard, since they were the only ones in the café at this particular point in time.

"Francesco Bernoulli Emi, Francesco Bernoulli! He's here!" Emily Turbo, or Emi to Sally, was Sally's best friend at some point when they were both younger. Emily and her younger brother, Sliver Turbo, had come to visit Sally and Lightning for a reunion. They were currently sitting in the corner of the café, Emily shooting questioning looks at the couple, looking at them as if they were both insane. And Silver was acting oblivious to the whole shouted conversation while he played with a lock of his black hair, looking down at the table or something on it. He was listening, interested but not showing it.

"Are you sure Sal?" Emily questioned, trying to keep a straight face at Sally's enthusiasm.

"Yes, of course I am sure! I need to sign him into the Cozy Cone, you wanna come Ems?"

"Yeah," Emily looked over her shoulder at Silver, who looked up long enough to encouragingly nod at her. "Lightning, do you could stay with Silver?"

"Err… Yeah, why not." Lightning said, nervousness slipping into his usually happy tones.

"Thanks Light!" Emily used Sally's pet name for him to try to calm him down a little. "Silver,"

"What?" He didn't look up when she spoke to him and his voice sounded cold.

"Look at me when I speak to you." She demanded before saying anything more, Silver sighed then looked up again. His eyes looked colder than his voice sounded. Looking into her eyes, he repeated himself.


"Be nice. You can trust Lightning, okay?" Emily tried to keep eye contact but he looked back down.

"Mm huh."

"Hey Light," Sally shouted from the door. "Be nice!" Sally ran out of the door in enough time so Lightning couldn't form a response quick enough to shout to her.

'Oh well, they are probably going to end up flirting with him, the less I know about it the better.' Lightning thought before sighing and walking the rest of the distance between him and Silver's table, where the black-haired boy was busy completing a completely white puzzle and stacking a sugar cubes…

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