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~Chapter 1~

"I saw three ships a-sailing in

From across the sea

Strangers never welcomed but

For curiosity

But come they did and when they did

Ready they did start

And things would never be the same

On our village on the sand."

I watched my mother twirl around, singing. "What song is that, Mommy?"

"Village on the Sand by Blackmore's Night," she replied cheerfully, tasting the sauce cooking on the stove professionally.

"Teach it to me?" I begged, and my mother complied.


The first thing that occurred to me was that it was bright. Squinting my eyelids shut even tighter, I rolled over, mumbling unintelligibly into my pillow. Seeing that I was awake, my spoiled golden retriever called Rufus excitedly jumped up and nudged the back of my head, snuffling at my neck.

"Off!" I yelped as he licked my neck. I bolted upwards, shoving him gently towards the edge of the bed. Rufus eagerly jumped down, glancing back at me with pleading eyes.

"Fine, you spoiled baby," I muttered, squinting in the sunlight. Suddenly, my eyes widened, and with a squeal I launched myself at the window.

"Look, Rufus!" I yelled excitedly. "Today's a perfect day to explore the south side of the woods!" Outside, birds were singing and whistling cheerfully, and the grass rustled in the breeze, the wildflowers waving gently. A perfect, amazing day.

As I raced downstairs, the delicious smell of bacon filled my senses. Skipping into the kitchen, I saw my dad at the stove, frying bacon and eggs. He glanced over his shoulder as I made my loud entrance. "Hey, kiddo!"

"Hiya, Dad!" I replied cheerfully, tossing some bread into the toaster. Maneuvering around my dad I grabbed a glass and poured some orange juice.

"Going to explore today, Charlie?" Dad asked as he piled bacon onto a plate with one or two scrambled eggs.

"The south side!" I replied cheerfully.

My dad hesitated, shutting off the stove. "Are you sure that you don't want to wait for a day that I can come? Your mother was the only person who's been there before..."

"That's why I want to go," I told him. "I'll be careful, and won't talk to strangers! Promise!"

He sighed, shaking his head. "Alright. Try not to get lost?" He fondly ruffled my mess of uncombed brown hair, setting down his breakfast at the table. Rufus looked at me pleadingly, and I slipped him some bacon when my dad's back was turned.

Breakfast passed quickly. I hurried upstairs to change, pulling on a blue T-shirt and capris, before grabbing a pair of sneakers and racing downstairs again. I nearly bowled my dad over as he walked past. "Whoa! Slow down there, Charlie!" he called.

I paused by a picture of my mom, smiling with her arm around me. "I'm going to explore the woods today, Mom! I'll make you proud, promise!" Pulling on my sneakers, I threw open the slider and raced outside into the field.

"Charlie!" my dad yelled from the slider, and I paused, and trotted back quickly. "Do you still want to get together with Gramma and Grampa next week for your twelfth birthday?" Dad asked.

"Yep! And Aunt Anna, if she can make it!" I said cheerfully, before taking off again. Rufus barked and hurried to catch up with me, racing ahead and chasing his tail. "Come on, you silly dog!" I yelled as I approached the woods.

The trees were tall, with full green leaves. The forest floor was littered with broken sticks, bits of grass, dead leaves left over from last year, and random bushes. Rufus scrambled over a dead log, snuffling his snout in a random bush, before racing ahead again, ready to explore a new thing.

I took everything in while continuing to push onwards. Rufus and I kept like that for a while. Whenever he would bark, I would come over to explore what he was barking at. We startled a couple of birds and once a mouse.

Rufus barked behind me, and I turned my head to look at him while I kept walking. "What is it this ti-" I began, but was cut off. My foot snagged on a branch and I went falling down a hill that I hadn't noticed.

I landed with a grunt, face-down in the dead leaves. Groaning, I lifted my head groggily. Peeking behind me, I took in the hill that I fell down. Rubbing my head, I stood up, wobbling a little, before noticing what I was standing on. "A path?" I muttered curiously, scuffing some leaves away from it. My eyes lit up. "A dirt road!"

Looking around some more, I started up the hill again. "Rufus!" I called, frowning slightly when I didn't hear his answering bark. "Rufus! Where are you, you dozy dog?" Frustrated, I turned around, staring down the hill again. "Rufus!"

"Have you lost someone?" A cheerful Scottish brogue called. I jumped a mile, before falling down the hill again.

"Owwww," I moaned, clutching my head.

Someone skidded down the hill. "Are you okay? That must've hurt!" Blinking my eyes, I looked up to see a small person standing in front of me. He had long curly hair framing his face. I looked down again, preparing to stand up, but froze when I saw his feet. They were bare, but covered in hair.

"Who are you?" I gasped, standing up. It turned out that I was a full head taller than him, strange for me, considering I was usually on the short side.

"Peregrin Took, but call me Pippin!" Pippin shoved some vegetables into my hands. "Quick, here!"

"What?" I asked, confused, just as another small person came bounding down the hill.

"Merry!" Pippin exclaimed. "Look, I just met this human here, and-"

"Charmed, talk later!" Merry panted, his arms full of vegetables. "Farmer Maggot saw me! We'd better get out of here!" Just as he said that, angry curses filled the air as well as the barking of vicious dogs.

"Come on!" Pippin yelped, grabbed my arm and dragging me after the two of them. Laughing in exhilaration, I followed my new-found friends, not sparing a thought as to the many weird factors that seemed to pop up. For instance, the fact that they called me a human, or the fact that there was a farm where woods were a second ago. Also, where was Rufus?

No, none of these thoughts passed through my head. All that I thought was to run...run..run faster alongside my two friends.


First chapter of hopefully a good story. Charlie currently is 11 years old. This is currently some years before Bilbo Baggins' birthday.

Feedback is appreciated! Also, do you think that Rufus should be in Middle-Earth with her?

~Eva Sirico~