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"Muuuuuuuum!" Lily called out, at the top of her lungs. For a human, she was surprisingly loud.

"What darling?" Rosalie called back. After Rosalie gave birth to Lily, she became a vampire, changed by Emmett. All the family loved her, and Renesmee and Lily were exactly like sisters. They were forever going out shopping; doing each other's nails; and having mini sleepovers, where only girls were allowed. Seriously, they were such typical girls sometimes.

"You said I could be a vampire on my 16th birthday! Well, I'm 16 now!" Lily shouted back, and Angela and I were only just managing to hold in our laughter. Lily had always been told about the fact her mum and dad and all other relatives were vampires, and she couldn't wait to be one herself.

"Ok, I think we need a family meeting!" Carlisle called out, a little louder so that Lily could hear too. Angela and I ran into the dining room, as previously, we had been sat in the living room talking about the new school we would be attending soon. Edward was out somewhere with Antharlie and EJ, wrestling or something. Boys.

A few moments later, Renesmee came down, giggling, while carrying Lily on her back. Girls.

We all took our seats, and waited for Carlisle to begin.

"Now, I'm pretty sure we all heard about Lily wanting to become a vampire." Carlisle began, and we all nodded our heads or said yes, so he carried on. "Well, I think this is an acceptable request, as long as Rosalie and Emmett are ok with this?" Again, another pause, in which Emmett and Rose nodded their heads. "Ok, so, now that this is sorted out, we may want to go over the finer details. I know how I said about us attending the school here, but I was thinking; if Lily is changed, and then we move on again in a couple of months. That way, Lily will have time to get used to being a vampire, and Ben can help with controlling the blood lust. What does everyone think?" Carlisle asked.

"Yeah! Where are we going to move to?" Lily asked excitedly. She's got used to moving around every 3 or 4 years, and she seems to enjoy it. Also, like her mother, she has wrote several diaries of her human life, so she can remember almost everything when she's a vampire. I catch Antharlie looking at her and smiling, but he quickly looks away before anyone else can notice. Although, I seem Edward smiling, so he probably knows, since, you know, he can read minds.

"That was one of the things I was going to ask for opinions on." Carlisle says.

"The last time you asked us, Emmett ended up making us all go to Sweden, and make us learn Swedish." Jasper comments and we all laugh at that memory.

"Ok, but does anyone have any reasonable suggestions? Preferably in America?" Carlisle asks, smiling as he too recalls the memory.

After that, we all break apart from the meeting, thinking of places, but I see Antharlie go off to talk to Lily. If I didn't know better, I'd say he had a small crush on her.

"What are you thinking about, love?" Edward asks as he comes near me. Instead of voicing my thoughts aloud, I remove my mental shield, something I have spent years practising, and show him my thoughts.

"I think our son Antharlie has a bit of a crush on Lily. Anything you know about that?" I mentally ask.

"I don't know what you're on about." Edward says suspiciously. To others, he may look like the perfect liar, but I can see right through him.

"Ah, so he told you? Asked his father for advice but not his mother? I'm hurt." I think, pretending to show hurt. That's a lot harder than it sounds, having to think sarcastically.

"Alright, so he does. But how did you find out?" Edward asks me curiously.

"At the meeting, I saw him sneaking a glance at Lily. Then, after the meeting, he rushed off to speak to her. I wonder what about…" I think, and trail off on other random thoughts. After that, I close my mind to Edward, who pouts.

"Very manly of you!" I mock, this time speaking aloud. He pouts even more, if that's possible, so I kiss him.

"Much better." He says smugly.

Within the next hour, several town suggestions come up, until we finally agree on our new destination; Alaska. We figure we'll stay with the Denali's until we get our own house.

Then, in the middle of the afternoon, on her 16th birthday, Rosalie bites into the skin of her daughters neck, turning her into a vampire. At first, she screams, and I know it breaks Rosalie's heart. But, after a while, the screams slowly subside, until there are only little sounds being made by her.

Antharlie stays by the side of her bed for the full 3 days, never once moving. If I didn't think he liked her before, I definitely would do now. While Lily is going through the transformation, we all pack up our belongings. We'll wait a couple of weeks before we eventually move, while we give Lily time to adjust to how she's now going to be. Hopefully it won't be too hard for her.

"Bella, honey, do you think Antharlie and Lily will end up together?" Esme asks while I'm helping her pack up the kitchen supplies. Sometimes, Antharlie, EJ and Renesmee liked eating human food, but they mostly preferred blood.

"With the way he's acting right now, I hope so, and I definitely think he wants that to happen. I remember how when Alice first had the vision, he was so scared, but now, he seems so happy." I tell her happily.

"What about EJ?" Esme asks, so I look at her, confused.

"What do you mean?" I ask her.

"Well, Antharlie and Renesmee have both found their mates; don't you ever think that maybe EJ will feel left out?" Esme says.

"Oh my god, I'm such a horrible mother. I've never even thought of that." I barely finish speaking when a body collides with mine in a tight hug. I look up, and see EJ hugging me tightly. I'm not going to lie; it is a bit embarrassing to have your son taller than you. What! I'm short!

"No you're not mum; you're the best mum ever. Seriously, thanks for the concern grandma," All the children call Esme grandma and Carlisle grandpa, because it's too confusing to think about how distant they are as actual relatives. "but, I'm not lonely. I have the best and biggest family ever, and I will meet my mate eventually. But for now, I'm happy." EJ says, and I hug my little boy.

"You're so clever, you know that, honey." I tell him, and he smiles that same crooked smile Edward has.

"I know." He says cheekily, and then runs off to pack up the stuff from his room.

After three days, we hear Lily's heart rate speeding up, and we know her transformation is nearing its end. We all rush to her room, but only Rosalie, Emmett and Carlisle join Antharlie and Lily inside. We all wait patiently.

Suddenly, her heart stops beating, and we enter slowly, not being able to stop ourselves. Her eyes shoot open, and she scans the room, before a small smile breaks out on her lips. Then, without any warning, she turns to Antharlie, and brings him into a big hug, before kissing him very passionately on the lips. Immediately, Emmett and Rosalie turn around, as do Edward and I.

"Sorry." Lily mutters when she finally stops kissing Antharlie.

"Not that I'm unhappy or anything, but care explaining why?" Antharlie asks, grinning widely.

"Umm… When I was going through the transformation, I felt your presence, and that you, uh, stayed with me. And spoke to me." Lily said sheepishly. I see becoming a vampire hadn't changed much about her.

"You heard everything?" Antharlie says, and he looks embarrassed. He, like me, is lucky we no longer have the ability to blush.

"Yeah; everything." Lily says happily.

"I don't think I wanna know what he said…" Emmett muttered.

"Oh, you know, just professing his love for me." Lily said, still smiling, while Antharlie hid his face in his hands.

"Listen, dude, I know you're family, and I know you and everything, but if you ever break my little girl's heart, well, then, I'll have to-"

"DAD!" Lily shouted; cutting off who-knows-what he was going to say.

"I'm just making sure." Emmett said, while Antharlie tried to hide himself even more.

"Just so you know, I love him too. I was just waiting to hear it from him, first." Lily said nonchalantly.

"What? H-how long for?" Antharlie spluttered.

"A few years." Lily admitted.

After that, Rosalie and Emmett took their daughter on her first hunt, while EJ teased Antharlie relentlessly about chickening out and only telling Lily he loved her while unconscious. Even Renesmee joined in on the teasing.

"Well, it obviously worked, because the first thing she did as a vampire was kiss me!" Antharlie said, effectively shutting the other two up.

Renesmee then took Jacob shopping with her, because she said she was going crazy from lack of shopping. I, personally, think she was crazy to want to go shopping in the first place.

"Least our son is happy now." I said as I snuggled into Edward while we watched TV. It was a film that was on, and I gasped when I saw who was in it.

"OH MY GOD! ANGE, BEN, GET DOWN HERE!" I shouted out. They came running down, while Edward looked at me like a mad man.

"What?" They said in unison, so I laughed a bit.

"MIKE NEWTON'S AN ACTOR!" I practically shouted.

"Who's…oh my god! I remember!" Angela shouted. Ben looked as well, and he too seemed shocked.

"I remember that dude. He had the biggest crush on you, Bella!" Ben joked, but I heard Edward growl.

"He what?" He practically shouted.

"Hey, calm down, my love. I love you, remember. The father of my children, my husband, my vampire husband." I said reassuringly.

"Yeah…sorry…" Edward said while looking down. I kissed and hugged him, and then he seemed fine. We still hastily changed the channel, though.

Once Lily, Rosalie and Emmett come back, Antharlie runs straight to her, and she kisses him happily.

"PDA!" EJ shouts.

"MY EYES!" Edward joins in. I give him a nudge in the side, and he looks up at me. I give him a pointed look, so he apologises.

After a couple more weeks, we're ready to move, and Lily is already fine with being a vampire. She often reads her diaries, although she has pretty clear human memories. Maybe it's because she knew the change would happen, so knew she would need to store them.

Right now, we're driving up to the Denali's house, and Renesmee is telling Lily all about the Denali's.

"Oh my god! Can we see if I have a power?" Lily asks excitedly.

"Yes, I suppose so." Rosalie replies. Rosalie and I are in a large car with EJ, Antharlie, Lily, Renesmee and Jacob. Antharlie and Lily now pretty much refuse to be apart. They spend all their time in each other's room, and are only apart when Lily goes shopping with Renesmee. Antharlie can't stand shopping, the sensible boy.

After a few hours' drive, we are pulling up in front of the Denali house. Since the last time we were here, they have had a large extension, so their house is now more of a mansion. It really is beautiful.

We all rush out, and bring in our things, while Carlisle greets Eleazar.

"We've had four new additions since the last time; this is Alice and Jasper, who was in the vampire wars, Rosalie, Emmett's wife, and Lily, their child." Carlisle says, then explains how everything has happened.

All of us are gathered in the living room, which is a tight squeeze, and Lily is almost bursting with excitement. My son is holding her hand, trying to calm her, but she seems to have as much energy as Alice. Not another Alice!

"Eleazar, we were wondering if you could see if Lily had a gift?" Renesmee asks.

"Certainly! Lily, if you could come over here." Eleazar says, and Lily nervously walks towards him. She sits next to him, and he takes her hand in his.

"Yes, you do have a gift. Your gift is…true sight. Have you not noticed seeing strange colours surrounding people?" Eleazar asks.

"Yeah…why, is that not normal?" Lily asks, sounding, for the first time ever, scared.

"No, it's your gift. The different colours represent how the person is. How good or bad, and what they are feeling." Eleazar explains. That's a pretty cool gift.

"Ok, so, around my mum, I can see purple and red, and around dad, I see orange and red." Lily says, looking closely at her parents.

"Do you know what those colours mean?" Eleazar asks.

"Yes, I think… Around my dad, I think the orange stands for humour, like he's about to make a joke, and the red shows love. And with my mum, the red again shows love and the purple I think shows happiness. No; peacefulness." Lily explains, and I think we're all impressed by her ability.

"Carlisle, you seem to have a very powerful family. I'm surprised the Volturi have never come trying to get you to join them." Eleazar jokes, but we are all a little tense by what he just said.


Another month passes, and we now have our own house, designed by Esme. Today, will be our first day of school after what seems like ages. There are 13 of us going to school, so we may look a bit suspicious. But, this is a big school, and we'll just claim that when we were adopted, some of us are proper brothers and sisters, and we didn't want to be parted. Alice says the humans will believe it.

As we enter the car park, everyone turns to stare at us. I try not to notice it, and just get out of the car. We had to go in three separate cars, since there were so many of us now. We go to the office to collect our timetables. We compare lessons, then go off to our first. My first lesson is history, which I have with Jasper and Ben. Lily, Antharlie, Jacob, Renesmee and EJ are in the year below us, as they are posing as 16 year olds, while me, Edward, Jasper, Alice, Ben and Angela are 17 years old, and Emmett and Rosalie are posing as 18 year olds in the year above. Apparently, it would look too suspicious if we were all the same age.

Everything was going as normal as possible for a group of vampires as possible, and then, at lunch, we all sat together in the cafeteria.

"How is everyone's first day going so far?" Alice asked, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. We all replied with good, ok, or fine, apart from EJ.

"Auntie Alice, did you have a vision of this?" EJ asked, puzzling us all apart from Edward and Alice. Damn mind readers and future seers.

"Maybe." Alice replied, smiling at all our puzzled faces.

"What happens?" EJ asks.

"Not telling!" Alice says, sticking her tongue out. Edward just shakes his head at her actions.

"Muuuuuum!" EJ whines, but quietly so no one else will hear.

"What sweetie?" I ask him.

"Tell Alice to quit being annoying." He asks.

"I would, but what is she being annoying about?" I ask, wanting to know what's going on.

"I think I've met my mate." EJ replied.

"Seriously? Ooooh! Who is she? What's her name? What's she like?" I ask quickly and excitedly.

"Her name is Cathy, and she has blonde hair, and she's really beautiful. I have to sit next to her in biology, and her blood smells really nice. So, Uncle Ben, could you make sure I'm extra protected by your blood lust gift please?" EJ asks quietly. Ben nods, and then the bell is about to ring, as we are told by Alice, so we dispose of our food and move to our next lessons.

After a very slow last two lessons, we're finally on our way back home. EJ said he spoke to Cathy a bit more, as they shared more lessons. EJ also said he got Lily to look at her, and said with her true sight that she was a very pure, loving and kind person, and Edward looked into her mind and saw that she liked EJ. To say he was happy would be an understatement.

Once in our new home, we were all so happy. Everyone had found their mates and, hopefully, in time, Cathy would accept us for who we are, and accept EJ.

Even though we are vampires, I wouldn't change a single thing about my family. Although it had to take losing my parents for me to find Edward, I know that he'll always be there for me, and our children. I love everyone in my family so much, and there's nobody else I'd rather spend eternity with.

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