By ValerieRichards

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POV: Joesphine.

Chapter 3

Getting Mary out wasn't a problem at all; Dominique and the girls had gone a two month vacation somewhere. I rolled my eyes. The Blatt's motto has always been 'Go big and dramatic or go home'. At least I could get Mary away without too much worry.

"You ready" I asked her as we entered the base. She shrugged her shoulders. We walked into a large room and saw a man in the shadows. I sighed inwardly. This was a little too much like the repetitive, spy action movies.

"You girls are needed to accquire intel from a contact. This intel could help us discover who we are up against" the man said handing us a paper with the address of the place we were going to meet this contact.

"They know about this don't they? They're going to be all over us" I asked him. Mary looked from me to him and back again. The guy nodded and we both sighed.

"You are trained. Your 'dance class' has trained you" he told us. We left and hopped into the vehicle they provided for us. It was a convertible that was almost like Joey's, but it was black and from a different company. Once we arrived, we spotted the contact as well as...henchmen?

"Mary, back to back" I told her and she nodded. We were suddenly surrounded. The two of us started to fight as though that was all we every knew how to do. Using dance-like moves and weapons, we took out the bad guys one by one. Finally, the last one fell as I slid my foot under him and hit him in the shoulder.

"Get this to your boss. Pronto" the contact reminded handing Mary a manila envelope. I fought the back sarcastic remark and we hurried out of there. Once we got back to the base, we handed the envelope to the boss.

"Great work. You are dismissed" he told us. I raised an eyebrow and I left with Mary. That was certainly...interesting. I drove Mary back to her house in another car I was given. I promised her that I'd remind Joey to work on getting her out the Blatt's house.

I pulled up to the house and saw Joey's car in the driveway. I checked myself to make sure I didn't have anything on me that suggest I'd been fighting bad guys and went in.

"Where've you been? What was wrong" Joey asked me when he saw me. Damn, he used our twin telepathy! I could sometimes block it for a certain period of time and was working on being able to block it longer.

"Nothing was wrong Joey. You're getting paranoid or something" I sighed. I had been doing a lot of sighing recently and also had to work on that. I wasn't always as...cranky as I've been lately and it would get him and my mom suspicious.

"Where'd you get that car" he asked looking out the window. I moaned and smacked my forehead. I opened my mouth to say something, but my dad intervened.

"I told her she could get it. She was probably nervous about everyone looking at her or whatever" dad told him. Joey raised an eyebrow, but dropped it and went to his room. Once I closed the door to my room, I checked myself over and found some bruises that were going to hurt like hell in the morning.

"JOESPH PARKER" I screamed at the top of my lungs the next day. I ran out of my room and saw Joey down the hallway. I ran full speed at him and tackled him.

"Josie, what..." he began. He tried to push me off and get up, but I pinned him to the floor. His green eyes narrowed and he ordered me to let him go.

"Where is it? Where is the stereo system, the box, and the bracelet" I growled. When I left, I didn't take some of my stuff and Joey had promised he'd keep it. I had looked all over the house for it.

"Uh, they're not in your room" he asked. I growled and glared at him. His eyebrows shot up almost into his hairline as he thought. I waited for his next excuse.

"What do you think? Would I be out here asking you if they were" I said. He tried to get me off again, but to no avail.

"Did you try looking in the basement" he asked. I groaned and flicked his ear. Of all times, he has to be an idiot now?

"I don't know where the hell the basement is! I've only been here for a few days" I yelled at him. He finally got out from under me and took me to the basement. He located the stuff and I smiled happily. He sighed in relief.

"You could've just asked, you know" he mumbled. I sent a glare at him. I wasn't in a good mood right now. He looked up at me and began to fidget.

"You don't get it; these things mean a lot to me. The stereo was the prize I won at my first dance competition, the box was Nana's, and the bracelet was from Joan who...who the car crash" I reminded him through gritted teeth. Tears slid down my face as I remembered my friend that died when I was eight. Joey's eyes widened as he remembered.

"Josie, I-I'm so sorry. I forgot" he said walking towards me and attempting to wrap me in a hug. I ran out of there before he reached me. I ran all the way to my room and slammed the door shut. It wasn't fair; it wasn't fair that Joan had to die. That that idiot who killed her and her parents would never know how much it hurts.