This is a thank you to EBT who has been asking for an EPOV since she started pre-reading. It's the least I can do for everything she's done for me and TWIO.

I'm gonna end up the fuck alone. When all of this shit gets out to Bella, she's gonna leave me. And I'm gonna be left alone.

Because Angela says likes Ben.


She loves me. I just… have to remind her of that.

And then she won't leave me.

I know it's a dick move, but what the fuck am I supposed to do?

Bella's going to leave me. She's going to fucking yell and scream and… just fucking beat the shit out of me.

And that'll be Hell.

But maybe it won't be that bad if I have Angela there.

I could love her. Eventually. I guess.

I don't fucking know.

I just don't want to be left alone at the end of this.

I know I fucked up. I made a fucking mistake. I get that, but I don't know what to do here.

What the fuck do I do?

This will be the first of a few alternate POVs. I hope you enjoy them. :)