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What happens when Parker kisses someone else to get out of con? How does Hardison react?


(Hardison's POV)

"Nate! How are we supposed to get out of this?" Eliot grunted in my ear. He was stuck in the marks hotel room on surveillance with Parker. Sophie tried her best to delay him at the restaurant but an unexpected phone call made him flee.

"Uh, I'm thinking I'm thinking." Nate replied. We were waiting in the van for a quick getaway if necessary. Today seemed like one of those days.

"Nate, you have two minutes to come up with something." I told him. I hacked into the hotels security system and uploaded the camera feed.

"He's getting in the elevator," I pushed.

"Right, right. Parker, you remember the First David Job?" he asked.

"Yeah what about it?" She asked. That was the job with a CEO from Nate's former insurance company. One of the few personal jobs we did. Why would that be relevant?

"Oh, hell no!" I shouted, realizing what he was getting at.

"The fake make-out." She said realizing it too.

"He's coming in the door now." I pouted. As soon as I heard the first signs of lips locking I took my ear piece out. I'm going to kill him. My hands were balling into fists; I closed my eyes trying to relax. I must have spaced out longer than I thought because when I opened them again Eliot was yelling in my ear.

"Dammit Hardison, Drive!" He shouted. I put the car in drive and glared at him through the corner of my eye.

"Whoa Hardison, slow down." Nate said rolling around in the back.

"Hardison, are you okay? Your face is all scrunchy." Parker observed oblivious. I relaxed my face a little but still held onto the rage. When we made it to Nate apartment I parked the van and got out. I went over to Eliot's side and just as he was getting out I pulled my arm back and hit him in the eye. He didn't see it coming thank god.

"Dammit Hardison! What the hell was that?" He yelled covering his eye.

"Ow!" I yelped in pain, cradling my hand. I walked away without another word.

"What was that about?" I heard Parker ask Nate.


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