By: Mia

Disclaimer: I don't own Relena Peacecraft or any of the Gundam Wing characters.

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this poem to my good friend and cowriter of Gundam House of Horror's (coming soon to Fanfiction.net! Oooh, that sounded movie-ish!), Princess Catgirl HiRelena. She wrote Death Dodgeball, Who let the Gboys out?, and many more fics that I think you (the reader) should read. Plus, she loves Heero (excuse me, she's OBSESSED with Heero!), and I had to dedicate this poem to her.


Whatever happens

You know I'll be right there,

Waiting for your call.

But you never call me like

I do for you.

Ever since that fateful day,

I've learned so much about you.

I can't figure out why you have so much coldness

Built up inside of you.

I wish you could forget all of your past wars

And start over.

I was offered a position of high nobility,

But, all thanks to you,

I got out of it.

To me, you're the Prince of the Stars,

The Prince that stole my heart,

The Prince I want for myself.

It's a shame that you can never stay one place


But, as long as you stay near,

I can deal with that.

But like I said before,

I'll be waiting.

Waiting right in this very spot,

For you,

For us.


Ending comments: Okay, so I lied. I had forgotten that I had this one done already. But I still 5 or more reviews before I decide to post Duo's or Heero's up. Their kinda hard to do one from their POV, so it may take me awhile for me to post them up. Like I said before, if you have any flames, email me at Mia_June_Winner@hotmail.com. Oh, The Past and Waiting are free verse poems. I have no sense of rhyme, so I write free verse. Princess Catgirl HiRelena can agree with me there. Most thanx go to her, for listening to these two poems before I decided to type them and put them on Fanfiction.net. 'Nough of me babbling...R&R, pleeze?! I'll love you forever!