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Someone was going to die. A slow, hopefully painful death via a thousand paper cuts. At least, that's what Kenzi blearly wished as she shuffled her way to the front door. Bo was out of town the next few days, following a lead on a case, while the succubus' regular human companion had the place and its blessed silence all to herself. Three days of a good night's sleep wasted by an idiot with a death wish pounding on the door.

Yawning, she had almost made it halfway when she heard a familiar male voice calling for Bo on the other side. Dyson. Kenzi groaned, picking up her pace to a slow walk. She sincerely hoped he wasn't here for a three a.m. booty-call because then she would truely be obliged to kill him. At the same time, she seriously doubted he was here for an end-of-the-world kind of emergency. The wolf-man usually called it in that case. She fixed her most ferocious glare on her face as she swung the door open, only to have the Light Fae barge past her inside without noticing.

"No, really," Kenzi snarked,stumbling a little from his mass and throwing her free hand up exasperantly, "Come on in."

"Where's Bo?" Dyson demanded, scanning the room quickly before turning his attention back to Kenzi and snapping, "Shut the door!"

Something in his voice roused the human girl, who obeyed immediately and locked it tightly behind her. Turning to look back at him, Kenzi felt a sudden prickle of apprehension crawl along her spine. Dyson was tense, more then she'd seen him since...ever. His eyes were constantly moving across the room \, looking for something. She was almost certain she heard him sniff a few times.

"Uh, D-man," she called out, struggling to kick her brain into thinking mode, "What's going on?"

"Where's Bo?" he repeated his question in reply.

"Out of town," she answered, adding as an afterthought, "On a case."

Dyson seemed to consider this a moment. Kenzi couldn't be sure, but she was almost certain she saw a shudder run through the usually stoic Fae. Finally, he turned to look at her. This time there was no mistaking the feeling of fear in her stomach. Dyson's eyes were wide, almost wild looking despite remaining their usual blue.

"This isn't good," he said, moving suddenly towards her. Kenzi jumped back on instinct, hitting the locked door.

"What isn't, wolf-boy?" she asked boldy, hiding the accidental show of fear. Dyson seemed not to have noticed as he took her hand.

"We have to get you out of here," he said, his voice taking on an almost protective growl as he pulled her behind him, "And we need to get a hold of Bo. She may be..."

Whatever he was going to say next was lost as the resident wolf froze, his grip tightening painfully on Kenzi's upper arm.

"Ow," Kenzi complained loudly, trying to pull free, "Ow, ow, ow, ow. Dyson, let go..."

"Quiet!" growled the wolf and Kenzi froze. Okay, now she was officially freaked out.

Once again, Dyson scanned the room looking and listening intently for any signs of an intruder. All he could hear was Kenzi's heartbeat pounding loud and fast from the frightened human girl. That was good. It meant the figure he had seen hadn't come for her yet.

"Come on," he ordered, reaching up to unlock the door.

"Dyson!" Kenzi exclaimed, now digging her heels in (like hell she was going out in this weather in her pajamas), "Dyson, wait! Stop!"

The Fae obeyed her request only as the door swung open to an empty skyline. At that moment, two thing happened at once. Dyson froze, for what must have been the third time that night, and Kenzi found herself suddenly yanked off her feet and across the room behind one of their battered couches. The small human felt much smaller as she found herself covered and almost crushed by the man now trying to protect her. She hadn't really realized until this moment how freaking huge Dyson really was.

"What the hell?" she hissed out, having enough sense of mind to quietly protest the man-handling, "Dyson, what is-"

Her question was halted by a warning growl that shook her entire body. Eyes widening, she lifted a hand up appeasingly and listened. Minutes passed, but there was no sound either of footstep, growl (with the exception of Dyson), grunt, snort, or shuffly, slitherly Fae. Kenzi felt her fear turn from whatever Dyson was (oddly) hiding them from to the man now half crushing her. This was too much shit to put up with at three in the morning, even with the people she regularly hung out with.

"Wolf-man," she whispered as softly as she could, not bothering to hide the panic in her voice, "What is going on! You are freaking the Kenzi out!"

In response, Dyson peaked his head over the couch's edge. Kenzi could feel it as his muscle's relaxed and he let go of her. Craning her neck up slightly, she shot him an annoyed glare.

"Whatever it was," he started, "It looks like it-"

The end of the sentence was lost to an eerie mixture of a growl, cry, and scream that erupted from the Fae as his eyes rolled back into his head. Kenzi let out a startled cry of her own, hands flying up to protect her ears from the sound as she jumped away from him. It was a good move, too, as the detective collapsed to the floor twitching. Kenzi's eye snapped instinctively to the doorway only to find it was still empty. Thudding on the hardwood floor drew back her attention as she saw the twitching had given way to a full-blown seizure.

"Shit!" she yelled, dropping down beside the obviously sick Fae, "Dyson!"

She remembered reading somewhere something about cradling a seizure victim's head and making sure there was no furniture around they could hit. Jumping to her feet, she gave the couch a violent shove, managing to push it slightly sideways. Dropping on her knees behind the seizing detective, she gingerly reach her hands around either side of his face, not quite touching him. For the scariest minute or so of her life, all she could do was watch as one of the few people she secretly acknowledged as a protector shook uncontrollably as she stood by helpless. Every now and then, she would peak towards the door, afraid that whatever was causing this would come back for her. If it's not already here, she thought to herself.

Eventually, the tremors stopped and Dyson let out a soft gasp. Oh god, Kenzi felt her already pressed panic button go off, Please. Do not be dead. Bo will kill me. Cautiously she reach for his chest, letting out a breath as she felt it rise and fall. Dyson had only passed out.

Feeling her limbs go weak with relief, she forced herself to re-focus and run for the door. Slamming it close, she locked it. Absent-mindedly, she grabbed her sword from the chair on her way back and pulled out her cell phone. She needed help.

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