This is based off the 2011 Footloose-maybe one day I'll have the heart to do the original. As always someone must die and I don't think I could have picked a bigger character if I tried. Fan girls of Ren, get your tissues out. Enjoy R&R please and thanks!

1: Innocence Shattered


There was no feeling at all, not the pulse in her veins, not the ground beneath her, not the feel of her mother and best friend's hands holding her tightly as if she would bolt if they loosened their grip just an inch. Of course there was an explanation for all of this, why it seemed like time had stopped: she wasn't really here. This was all just a horrible nightmare.

With closed eyes she thought if she tried hard enough she would hear her home as it normally sounded on a Saturday morning: her mother would be somewhere down stairs, maybe in the kitchen, cooking breakfast, or doing the wash; her father would be in his study, no doubt getting ready for the next day's sermon. Slowly, hesitantly, she opened her soft blue eyes.

Nope. She was still in the cemetery, surrounded by what seemed to be all of Bomont. She closed her eyes again, biting her lip hard. She would not cry, not here, not now. She wasn't the same Ariel Moore that had buried Robert "Bobby" Moore nearly four years ago. Was this what her life would always be like? Would she always bury those who she loved beyond reason, long before their times?

Was she destined to be alone in life forever?

She felt her mom and Rusty still holding her close, as if she was fragile glass that would break at a moment's notice. The only problem? You couldn't break what was already broken.

From what seemed a far off distance she could faintly hear her father's voice, just his voice as he presided over yet another funeral. This one again for a boy that had loved her and vice versa though it was very different. Her world had stopped spinning when she lost Bobby, it was restarted when Ren McCormack came into her life. And now in what seemed to be a mocking twist of fate he had been pulled from her in the same heartbreaking way. It had all seemed like a terrible sense of deja vu: the wail of sirens that pierced the warm May night, all gunning for that bridge-that damn bridge!-the little bug flipped upside down, flames licking and dancing dangerously on the underbelly of the car. His life had been hanging in the balance when he was dragged out and hauled to the hospital. After a fierce battle on the operating table, Ren McCormack, barley eighteen, lost the battle of life and death.

And it had been too much for Ariel. Sure she ate, spoke though not often, slept, though fitfully, she was slowly losing herself. Today would be the final breaking point. She dared open her eyes and when she saw the coffin, the headstone, it was all too much. With an almost silent choke in her throat, she closed her eyes and let herself fall and fall...Before she blacked out, she swore she saw a head of tousled brown hair and warm brown eyes she had once gotten lost in what felt years ago.