"No" James groaned, clearly annoyed. "We are not watching that again."

"But baby!" Carlos whined. "You know it's my favorite"

"Carlos, 'How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days' is not a suitable favorite movie. Carlos scoffed "Says the guy who's favorite movie is 'Bring It On'"

James rolled his eyes. "Please, baby?" Carlos begged, using the puppy dog eyes he knew got his boyfriend every time. James sighed. "Fine. You go get the popcorn, I'll put the movie in."

A wide grin spread across Carlos' face. "Thanks babe!" He pressed a kiss to James' cheek before heading into the kitchen.

It was ten minutes into the movie and James was already bored, He was seated with his back resting on the arm of the couch while Carlos was laid in between his spread legs with his head pillowed on James' stomach.

James' hands slowly wandered down to rest on Carlos' stomach. Carlos sighed and nestled further into James' embrace. James took that as encouragement to keep going.

He slowly snaked his hands under Carlos' shirt. As soon as he hit bare skin he heard Carlos' sharp intake of breath. Score! "James" Carlos whined, eyes fluttering shut. He was so easy.

"Hmm?" James asked innocently. Carlos quickly sat up and crushed his lips to his boyfriend's. James gripped Carlos' hips to pull him onto his lap. "What's wrong baby?" James asked with innocent eyes. "Oh shut it Maslow. You know exactly what you were doing." Carlos replied as he mouthed at the side of James' neck.

Just as James started to unbutton Carlos' shirt the sound of a tinkling bell filled the living room. The couple looked down to to find James' three month old puppy Fox, who was napping just an hour before, staring up at them.

"Hey buddy." Carlos went to bend down to pick up the puppy. James quickly took hold of Carlos' hips to keep him seated on his lap.

"Babe, just ignore him, we're busy." James tried to distract him by sucking gently on Carlos' neck.

"No. James, I'm not doing anything in front of Fox. He's just a baby!" Carlos finally broke free of James' hold and bent down to pick up the puppy. "You're just a baby, aren't you? You don't need to see that grown up stuff huh?" He cooed, placing a kiss to the puppy's soft fur.

James stared up at his boyfriend in disbelief. "Carlos.." James started only to be cut off by the Latino. "I'm gonna go take this little guy for a walk. See you later babe!" Carlos placed a quick kiss to James' lips before skipping out of the apartment. James flopped back onto the couch with a loud sigh. He knew he should have put Fox in his crate for the night before they started the movie.