Ella was sitting at a table, using sewing notions to fix her pink torn dress. She had a little accident while walking down a gravel road. The gravel road was colorful, yet dangerous. Ella growled when she accidently tore her dress, which was almost fixed. Ella got mad, and started to fix it, again. But, it just tore, again. Ella growled, and threw the notions all over the ground, and grabbed a yellow brick and threw it on her dress. "You weirdo!" Ella cried. Ella noticed that the brick broke, and her dress slipped off of the table and under a chair. She saw it started getting dirty and old. She walked over, and put the dress on a lit candle. Ella got confused. The dress didn't catch on fire. Ella took the dress off the candle. She examined it. There were no burns. She put her dress on the candle. Still, it didn't catch on fire. Ella got angry. She loved that pink dress, and ever since it tore, it just started aggravating her. "Come on, you weirdo!" Ella shouted. She threw the candle onto the ground. Then, the ground caught on fire. Ella screamed. She got a bucket of water, and poured it on the fire. After a little trouble, Ella heard a knock at the door. Ella glared at the dress and the candle and went to the door. As she answered it, she found herself staring at a woman with dark hair, which was in a ponytail and she had an orange dress and black slippers and they were sparkly. Ella can tell that the lady's hair was so long because her ponytail reached down to her feet. Ella smiled at her. "I'm sorry, I don't know you at all." Ella replied. But, then she saw that the lady had Heston. "Hey, what are you doing with this stranger?" Ella asked Heston. "It's me, Sir Edgar." the lady said in a British accent. Ella gasped. "Sir Edgar, what happened to you?" Ella said, surprised. "I disguised myself as a woman. It's fun when people think that I'm a woman. So, I'm going out to watch people think I'm a woman." "Okay, so what are you doing here?" Ella asked. "I need you to take care of Heston while I'm gone." Sir Edgar said. Ella gasped. "Take care of your snake?" Ella said. "That's right." Heston said, smiling. But then, he sneezed. "Why?" Ella asked. "I want to look like a lady who doesn't have a snake, and I can't just leave Heston alone. So, you need to take care of him." Ella frowned. "But, he might-" Ella was interrupted by another sneeze from Heston. Then, she started to finish her sentence. "But, he might bite me." Ella said. "Don't worry, Heston promised me he wouldn't bite you." Sir Edgar said. Ella started to feel nervous. Heston sneezed, again. Ella shook her head. "I can't do it." Ella replied. " You'll be safe, I promise." Sir Edgar said. Ella looked at Heston. Heston smiled at her. For some reason, that smile made her feel better. "Alright, I'll do it." Ella said, smiling. "Thank you." Sir Edgar said to her. Heston sneezed, again. "Want a tissue?" Sir Edgar asked. Heston nodded. Sir Edgar got a tissue box from his woman dress and Heston got a tissue and blew his nose. "Now, you have a nice day being a lady." Ella said. "Yeah, it will be fun. People will start calling me a she." Ella laughed. Heston sneezed once, then twice, then thrice. "Okay, I should get going." Sir Edgar replied. He handed Heston to Ella. Then, Sir Edgar left. Ella closed the door, and went to the table and put Heston on it. She picked up the candle and her dress. "I'm glad you agreed to take care of me." Heston said. Ella nodded, happily. Heston sneezed. "Bless you." Ella said.