A.N.: This is the fourth chapter of my musical. Originally, it would be the eleventh chapter, but I love it. I actually despise the musical comes from, but this song is just perfect. Don't believe me, listen to Ramin Karimloo singing this. It's perfect.

Chapter 4: Til' I Hear You Sing

Danny sat in his office writing. He looked up and saw a picture of Annie. It was from ten years previously; the day of the Banana Fest. She had had moved five years ago, and nothing had been the same since.

"The day starts, the day ends, time crawls by. Night steals in, pacing the floor. The moments creep, yet I can't bear to sleep til' I hear you sing.

And weeks pass, and months pass, seasons fly. Still you don't walk through the door. And in a haze, I count the silent days til' I hear you sing once more.

And sometimes, at nighttime, I dream that you are there, but wake holding nothing but the empty air.

And years come, and years go. Time runs dry. Still I ache down to the core. My broken soul can't be alive and whole til' I hear you sing once more.

And music, your music, it teases at my ear. I turn and it fades away and you're not here!" he threw papers into the air.

"Let hopes pass, let dreams pass, let them die. Without you, what are they for? I'll always feel no more than halfway real til' I hear you sing ONCE MORE!"

A.N.: So, is this good DAnnie, or am I bonkers?