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Chapter 51: Beauty

Lisa sighed as she sat down in the middle of a giant field. Hector was going to meet her there, at least according to Jessica. Where was she? She glanced at Jessica and Keith and smiled. She would never have gotten this far without the two of them there to back her up.

"Lisa!" Hector yelled. She stood up and smiled.

"Hey, Hector! You're late."

"Oh, sorry about that. You see, I was on my way to the- AH, A BUG!" his sentence ended in a girly scream.

"This'll be the end of this location, isn't it?" Keith whispered to Jessica.

"Not necessarily," she said with a smile. She threw a tiny wordball. Lisa read it. It said: distract him. She smiled.

"Hector, they're not that bad."


"Look how the silkworms sway in the wind, weaving their silk regardless of what you've done or where you've been, they'll give ya beauty. Look how the dragonfly dances through the flowers, a brilliant ballet at fifteen miles per hour. There's no admission to this vision of beauty. And it might be slightly different from the things that you may know," she sang as they held hands, "You can't deny there's something special when you see the night sky glow. So, look out! It's around every corner! There's something magical in the air! Don't hide or try to ignore there is beauty, beauty everywhere."

"How's she doing?" Jessica asked.

"From here, pretty well."

"Check out the bees, they don't buzz around for money. They do it for free, making love, making honey. Spreading pollen, how can you not fall in love?" Hector put his arm around her.

"Then there's the wonder of the caterpillar, the best show in town. The ending is killer," she whispered, "There's a larval, real-life marvel to be found. And it might sound cutesy, but there is beauty all around. And it doesn't matter if you've got twelve eyes, or you've got two because nothing needs any more than one to take in the view. If you're preoccupied with what's on the outside, you'll get lost in the 'how things can seem.' So, open your eyes and you'll be surprised to find out how much more something different can mean!"

"Operation Singing Bugs?" Keith whispered. Jessica nodded.

"We don't got any kind of worries; our way of life is lazy fair. Oh well, no poor, no hypocrisy, just beauty, beauty everywhere. So, look out! It's all around!"

"Kinda weird, but that's neither here nor there. You can face, embrace it, no need to fear the beauty, beauty everywhere. Beauty everywhere!"

"Hey, um, Lisa?" Hector asked.


"Can we just get a pizza?" Lisa sighed.