Hellmouth Day - Outtakes

Summary: **Companion story to 'Hellmouth Day'** Just like we found out in the movie 'Groundhog Day' and the SG-1 episode 'Window of Opportunity', a person can only take continuous loops so long before they go loopy themselves. Open to all authors!

Challenge: so we can have some humorous loops as well – or really dark if that's your choice. They don't have to lead into another loop either; this one doesn't.

Timeline: any of the later loops in 'Hellmouth Day' (guessing at least past the 50th one).

A/N: this one is for Gideon (and any others who w-i-s-h-ed for this one to happen).

Thanks to my betas: none.

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Sunnydale cemetery

Buffy was starting to think that the time loops she suffered through the previous year were not that bad compared to D'Hoffryn's. She lost count after about the 25th or so, and that was awhile back.

What was her current idea again?

A derisive snort from her left reminded her. She was attempting to befriend and train the Slayers on a one-to-one basis by taking them out on patrol with her. Unfortunately, tonight was Kennedy's turn. The whole frigging night was one complaint after another.

'Why did Buffy get the axe?'

'Why can't they split up?'

'Why couldn't Willow come along too?'

And on and on….

As luck would have it, they ended up getting jumped by some demons who hadn't cleared out of Sunnydale just yet. Buffy was fighting a couple Polgara demons while Kennedy was fighting a vampire.

Then Buffy saw a familiar 'face' lumbering out of the shadows. "Kennedy! That's a Fyarl demon; you need to stab it in the heart with your silver dagger!"

"You're crazy!" Kennedy shot back. "I know my demons, and that's a Pargo demon*! You kill it with fire!"

Buffy considered going over to save the brat, but then she remembered that in all of the mutiny scenes where she was still alive, Kennedy was the cause of most of the animosity. Or she was at least the loud mouth who added gasoline to the fire. Would it be sooo wrong of her to let the bitch die?

So she kept fighting the Polgara demons and left Kennedy to the Fyarl. By the time she was done and turned back to the other fight, Kennedy was covered in slime and the Fyarl demon was gone. A quick check told Buffy that the Potential was dead.

Summers home

Willow tried to blame Kennedy's death on Buffy, but even Giles admitted that if Kennedy refused to listen to her on what kind of demon it was, and Buffy was busy fighting other demons, there really wasn't anything Buffy could have done to save the girl.

The other Potentials learned a valuable lesson from that night: when somebody more experienced than you says something…listen to them!

Hellmouth seal

Weeks later (crackfic part)…

So far this loop was going better than all the rest. Faith and Buffy got the Scythe during their 'recon' to the vineyard, then used it to slice up Caleb. There were no signs of mutiny on the horizon.

But then it happened…a shared Slayer dream.

"We aren't going to tell the others about this, are we, B?" Faith asked as they continued their plan to seal the Hellmouth and stop the First's plans.

Buffy snorted, "Are you kidding? Even though we both had the same exact Slayer dream showing us what to do, I still think this is insane!"

Chuckling to herself, Faith replied, "Yeah. I mean, I know you told me about those dreams you guys had after that one spell, but who knew the freak was actually trying to be helpful?"

Both girls were referring to a being known only as 'Cheese Man' to those who dreamed about him. In this case, he was standing on the seal to the Hellmouth, holding a container of melted Velveeta and saying 'Cheese covers all' as he poured it on the seal.

As much as they didn't want to consider that solution, the fact that they both dreamt about it – and that a local store was having a Velveeta promotion and therefore had a maze of Velveeta boxes in the building before everyone bugged out of Sunnydale – convinced them to at least try it.

While one of them was melting the cheese and covering the Hellmouth, the other would fight the Bringers who were trying to stop them. When the last box was melted and poured, the Bringers suddenly stopped in mid-swing. Those that weren't killed by Faith's sword turned their heads from side to side, as if trying to figure out what they should do next.

If that wasn't enough proof that the danger was over, by the weekend, all the residents who evacuated the town were back and getting settled in for their lives of denial. Apparently they all believed it was an evacuation drill, just in case there was a natural disaster which threatened the town.

And no matter how many times anyone asked, neither Faith nor Buffy would tell them how it was done.

A/N: *The Pargo demon is from 'Something Blue' and you kill it by drowning it…according to Anya.