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Challenge: so we can have some humorous loops as well – or really dark if that's your choice. Open to all authors! They don't have to lead into another loop either. They can also be crossovers if you so desire.

Timeline: any of the later loops in 'Hellmouth Day' (guessing at least past the 50th one).

Warning: only if Disneyland scares you.

A/N: This is another goofy loop.

Thanks to my betas: none.

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D'Hoffryn's realm

"I have a little treat for you on this loop," D'Hoffryn said with a mischievous grin. Normally he wouldn't be nice to a Slayer, but during the last loop, she smacked Anyanka around verbally and physically, so he was in a giving mood. "You'll know it when you hear it."

"Will this be the end of the loops?" Buffy asked hopefully. If she counted her time spent in loops, she was probably at least a year older by now. Of course, with all the loops that went back far enough, she probably 'celebrated' her birthday about a dozen times or more.

"Can't make any promises," he replied, knowing it wouldn't end just yet.


Feeling his empathic powers returning, Lorne had a weird flash and told Willow, "Listen, raspberry cheesecake, I need you to have your golden leader call me immediately." That was confusing to him; normally he didn't get information until he met the person involved. But he was so happy to get his abilities back that he passed off the anomaly as psychic backlog leaking out.

Summers house

After she sang for Lorne over the phone, Buffy listened to his advice, growing more incredulous every minute he kept talking. "I'm sorry; you want me to do what?" Then she remembered D'Hoffryn's comments before the loop started. "Never mind…I'm willing to give anything a shot at this point."

As she feared, the others looked at her like she was crazy when she relayed the plan to them.

"Do you really believe now is the best time to take a vacation?" Giles demanded, doing his customary eyeglass cleaning when he was frustrated, embarrassed or otherwise upset.

"Hey, I'm just telling you what Angel's guy said. Apparently he has some kind of supernatural ability to give advice," Buffy replied defensively. She was sooo gonna kill D'Hoffryn when she got back to his realm this time for making her look completely cracked.

"Normally I'd tell Deadboy and his buddies to take a hike, but a little road trip right now sounds pretty good," Xander piped up.

A lot of the Potentials nodded their approval as well. Anything to get out of the cycle of death in this town for a little while.

As they drove down the highway to 'the happiest place on Earth', the band of beleaguered fighters didn't realize that the First's minions were chasing them as well. Bringers, a couple Turok Han and Caleb all raced to catch the 'dirty whores' and complete their god's plans.


A couple days later…

Buffy and the others watched in fascination as the minions of evil attempted to fight off Disneyland's influence. It was almost as if the amusement park was sentient or something. Like an anti-Hellmouth?

Less than a week after they followed Lorne's advice, they read a newspaper blurb, announcing a new attraction at Disneyland:

A now for some more grown-up excitement, Transylvania Terror has evil, disfigured men with machetes, hideous vampires, and a misogynistic fake priest to terrorize you as you try to cross the moors of Transylvania into safety. But don't worry too much…it's only make believe!

Smiling at the others, Buffy commented, "Well, I guess that's one way of stopping the First we wouldn't have thought about in a million years. Can't do anything without its minions to fight for it. Of course, I don't think I'll ever look at Disneyland the same way again."

A/N: I left the battle between the minions and Disneyland deliberately vague so you can decide if it was because the goodness of Disneyland was too much for them, or because the evilness there overpowered their loyalty to the First.

A/N2: Sure hope somebody takes me up on the offer to write their own loop. Let me know you're doing it and I'll post a link to your story so others who are reading this story can find it. Only caveat is that it can't be anti-Buffy.