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"You know what's going to be so great Uncle Harry?"

Harry smiled as the five-year-old ran past him, jumping over a small branch in the process.

"What's that, Teddy?"

"When I can just turn-" Teddy Lupin made an exaggerated pirouette, "and disappear."

Teddy looked pointedly at Harry who was still smiling at him.

"Well close your eyes already!" he demanded in an exasperated voice.

Harry did as he was told and listened as the boy's voice carried across to the opposite end of the yard.

"And then just poof, reappear!" Teddy said excitedly.

Harry opened his eyes to see the boy standing with his arms crossed looking sulkily at him, twenty feet from where he had been before.

"You missed my reappear Uncle Harry." Teddy pouted with a frown.

Harry laughed and responded, "You were too quick for me Teddy, are you sure you didn't apparate for real?"

Teddy's eyes lit up and he seemed appeased by Harry's answer as he zoomed back towards the tall, black-haired man.

"I bet my dad could do that, couldn't he Uncle Harry?"

Harry smiled at the young boy, ruffling his hair affectionately.

"He sure could Teddy."

Teddy smiled confidently.

"I knew it." He said with conviction, and then he sped off, continuing his thorough destruction of his Grandmother's well-manicured lawn.

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