Universe: Happily Ever After... Again

Authors: Charna2210 (Obsessionsaremylife & mamaxunicorn)

Genre: Family/Romance

Summary: The hard part is done... the curse is broken, so what happens afterwards?

Title: Facing the Storm - Part 2

Time frame: Months after the curse is broken

Chapter Summary: Even though the curse is broken, it doesn't mean there aren't sleepless nights in the Charming's Castle.

Warnings: All aired Once Upon a Time episodes

Disclaimer: We do not own Once Upon a Time, that brilliant shown is owned by ABC and it's writers!

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Henry hoped Hansel and Gretel couldn't see him now.

He was a prince; he was the reason why his mom returned to Storybrooke and ended the curse – he was the start of the revolution or at least that's what he heard his grandpa say when recounting the story to Uncle Thomas and Auntie Ella.

He knew that as this prince he should not be afraid of the thunder, the very loud thunder and very bright thunder outside his window right now.

Henry kept trying to repeat these thoughts in his heads as his hands grabbed tighter to his pillow which was currently over his head which was covered by his blankets, a little yelp escaping from his lips as he heard a bout of thunder from just outside his window.

He took a deep breath as he decided that he needed to be brave, just like his grandpa and grandma and mom and through the cover and pillow of him.

Just as a bout of lightening flashed, filling his room with light and shaking the whole Castle. Before that flash had even ended Henry was out of his bed and running for his door – he needed his mom.

He was out of his room and running through the darkened hallways of the castle in record time. Despite only being there a couple of weeks he knew the layout like he'd been there forever and found his mom's room without a second thought. He knocked on the door to alert her to his presence and then pushed the door open.

"Mom!" He cried, bounding towards the bed but skidded to a halt when he saw the bed empty.

His heart leapt into his throat and he looked quickly around the empty room for any sign of his mother.

He glanced back to the empty bed, debating whether to crawl into it and wait for her to return but with another crack of thunder he was heading for the door, his only destination his grandparents' room.

He ran as fast as he could; the storm still raging outside, he only stopped when he heard a night guard coming his way, he didn't want to be walked back to bed or be asked questions why he was out so late at night... what if Hansel and Gretel heard?

He had finally reached his destination when at last he quietly slipped into his grandparents' room, freezing when he saw three in bed. Someone was with his grandparents in bed! He unfroze when he saw the outline of long blonde hair being held lovingly by his grandmother.

Henry walked closer to the pair and smiled when at last he had confirmed his suspicion that his mother was in here – that would explain why she wasn't in her room. Henry wasn't sure why she was here though.

"Mom?" He whispered hoping that she would wake.

She did not. A flicker of recognition passed her before she snuggled further into her own mother's arms.

Henry stood that unsure what to do with himself when he heard a groggy whisper of "Henry?"

His eyes snapped up as he met his grandfather's gaze through the darkness. "Henry." The prince was now fully awake and sitting up, staring at the young boy in concern. "Is something the matter?"

Henry bowed his head and sheepishly shuffled over to the other side of the bed, avoiding James' blue eyes in shame. "The storm scared me." He admitted quietly. "And I couldn't find my mom so I just thought -" He shuffled his feet lightly against the floor. "It's stupid."

"Henry." James' voice was stern but warm and friendly. "It's not stupid."

"It is." Henry nodded quietly, a frown tugging at his lips. "Because I'm a prince now and princes don't get scared - especially not by storms."

James was quiet for a moment and then he released a soft sigh, extending his hand out towards Henry. "Come here, Henry."

Henry hesitated slightly biting his lip as James smiled reassuring at him. "Henry, come on." He repeated causing his grandson to slowly make his way to his side of the bed. James shuffled slightly to his side and was surprised that his wife was closer than he anticipated. A flash of lightening lit up the room as James sleepily realized there was three in the bed and his wife and daughter were holding onto each other.

He let out a small smile as he turned back to the little boy who looked between terrified and if James' didn't know any better, ashamed. James sighed and patted the little space he had managed to make which Henry carefully sat on.

"It's okay you know." James soothed as his grandson looked at him with wide eyes which were shimmering with tears.

"What is?" Henry moaned. "Prince's don't get scared, they are brave... I'm.. I'm not brave if I'm scared of a storm."

"Henry." James shook his head. "Prince's get scared all the time." He paused as he saw his grandson obviously not believing him. "I've been scared." He offered.

Henry looked at him with a calculating look on his face. "When?" He challenged as James smirked slightly.

"You know the story." James offered in an answer and Henry's eyes narrowed in thought and his eyes widened after a moment. "The curse? When you brought my mom to the wardrobe? But you were so brave! You fought off those guards with one hand!"

James chuckled softly but shook his head. "I did what I had to do to protect my family but Henry, I was petrified. I thought we had lost and I was so scared that I was going to lose my wife and lose my daughter." He carefully slung his arm over Henry's shoulders, pressing the boy into his side. "Henry, being brave doesn't mean you're not afraid of anything because everyone is afraid of something. And if you're afraid of the storm, that is nothing to be ashamed about. Storms can be very frightening and you're in a new place, with new people and that can be very frightening-"

"I love being here!" Henry insisted. "It's a million times better than being in Storybrooke."

"I'm not saying you don't but it's perfectly alright for you to be a little nervous and frightened, prince or not. You know that I wasn't always a prince, right?"

Henry nodded. "You were a shepherd."

"Yes and being thrust into this new world - I was frightened, I had no idea how to be a prince."

"You're one of the best princes who ever lived though! Everyone says so!"

James smiled. "Thank you Henry, though do you want to know who I think is one of the best princes who have ever lived?"


"You Henry." James watched as his grandson processed his words.


"Because we wouldn't be here, right now if it wasn't for you." James stated honestly. "And you want to know what is the mark of one of the best princes who ever lived?"

"What?" Henry asked.

"Not being ashamed when you are scared, because everyone gets scared and it's nothing to be ashamed of."


"Of course Henry." James smiled ruffling the little boys head laughing slightly when Henry glared at him reminding him explicitly of his grandmother who was sleeping quite peacefully beside them. Henry yelped again though when lightning flashed once again, the storm outside still raging. James couldn't even blink before Henry was in his arms holding on to him so tightly.

James let out a grunt at all the weight of the eleven year old but he quickly wrapped his arms around him, letting Henry know he was welcome there. Henry held onto his neck tightly, watching his mother and grandmother sleep beside them peacefully. He thought about what his grandfather said; if he, the great Prince Charming could be afraid then surely he, Henry Swan the grandson of the great Prince Charming could be too. "Papa?" He loosened his grip around James' neck and pulled back to look at his face.

"Yes Henry?" Replied the prince with a warm smile.

"Would it be alright if I stayed with you until morning?" His voice was hesitant again. He didn't want to impose on them but the thought of going back to his room by himself made him nervous.

James chuckled softly. "Of course, Henry." The older prince scooted over as close as he could to his wife, allowing the younger prince some room though not much remained.

Henry climbed off his lap and settled into the spot James created for him, Henry smiled brightly as his face hit the pillow but that smile quickly turned into a yelp when it was discovered he was too close to the edge of the bed causing himself to fall of it.

James acted quickly pulling his grandson back into his arms saving him from gravity feeling his grandson's heart beating fast as he was rescued, they both froze as they waited to see if their bed-mates woke up, when they did not the princes shared a smile.

"Of course, princes don't fall off the bed." James whispered as Henry snuggled closer to him and under the covers. "Apparently your mother and grandmother don't know that rule so they strive quite hard to make it happen."

Henry giggled against his grandfather's chest feeling it vibrate with laughter. "Goodnight Papa." He whispered still hugging his grandfather tightly.

"Goodnight Prince Henry." James smiled soothingly stroking his grandson's hair, feeling a smile against his chest as he fell asleep, not minding for one moment how squished he was because all of his family were close to him.

Emma blinked awake and the first thing she saw once her vision cleared was the peaceful, sleeping face of her mother. She had her arms lightly thrown over Emma's torso, a protective but not over bearing hold, one that Emma appreciated greatly. She hated moments of weakness like she displayed last night but at the same time it was one of the greatest night's sleep of her entire life. She never woke up feeling so relaxed, feeling so refreshed and feeling so...well, happy.

She lay there and stared at her mother's face until it got awkward. She and Mary Margaret had joked once that Emma had her chin, but she really did. She never got the chance before to really study Snow White's facial features, never really wanted to for fear they'd be too similar to her own but now that she was accepting the truth, she realized she really did see a lot of herself in her mother.

She finally shifted in her spot and looked up at the ceiling, breathing in deeply, the scent of the morning after a storm filling her lungs. But Emma was never one to stay put for too long and she was beginning to feel a little cramped on the bed. She very carefully removed her mother's arm from around her and sat up.

Her eyes widened as she caught sight of the other side of the bed, and then she smiled. Henry, her son, was sprawled out across her father's chest, both men deeply in sleep.

She thought briefly if he had been in the bed before she was but after remembering he wasn't she smiled at the thought of her son doing exactly what she had done before feeling a bit bad that he might have been looking for her. Henry certainly looked peaceful now though, his eyelids fluttering as the light poured in from the glass doors.

Emma turned to look for the time before realizing that soon the Castle would be up and all of them had their "daily duties" to complete a task she had already found tedious but amused by how well bemused her son was of these "duties". She got up carefully deciding to get her son up for the day before her own parents woke up as she tip-toed around the bed, knelling as she stroked her son's head.

"Hey." She whispered as Henry moaned clutching harder onto his grandfather. "Henry." Emma whispered again before a bit sternly said, "Kid!"

She watched as Henry's eyes flew open turning to look around but by doing so nearly fell out of bed. "Woah!" Emma caught him as Henry looked sleepily at him. "Morning Henry."

"Morning Mom." Henry muttered "Whatsit?"

"Time to get up kid."

"M'kay..." He got up from the bed a little bit rougher then she did causing Emma to look wearily at her father who was still asleep. She couldn't help but smile slightly when she saw her parents free hands interlocked even though they were facing different directions. She was drawn out of her observation when Henry wrapped his arms around her neck hugging her, his head leaning on her shoulder.

She leaned into the embrace before she felt the evening of his breathe. "Oh no mister, you're not going back to sleep." She pulled back as Henry sulked. "Come on." She whispered standing up and wrapping an arm around his waist smirking as she felt him lean into her hip. She gently lead him towards the door looking back to see her parents still sleeping.

She watched for a brief moment, holding onto Henry's shoulders, smiling as her father turned in his sleep, curling into her mother's side. She shook her head softly and caught the swaying, sleepy Henry before he fell and pushed him gently out the door and following behind him.

As the door clicked closed, James was roused gently from his sleep. He blinked against the bright sun streaming into the room until his eyes adjusted and his gaze fell upon the serene image of his wife sleeping beside him. A small smile crossed his lips as he just watched her simply sleep - it was a beautiful sight, her wonderfully fair skin glowing in the morning light, a peaceful smile tugging at her lips, and her hand gently entwined with his that rested lightly over her abdomen. He was too distracted by her that he failed to notice that the other occupants of their bed had disappeared.

He released her hand and trailed his hand lightly up her arm, leaning in to press his lips to the side of her face. Her shoulders lifted slightly and her lips turned upwards, a half giggle releasing from her throat. "Good morning, Snow." He hummed into her ear and then trailing his lips lightly down her neck.

"Charming." She laughed sleepily eventually opening her eyes to look at him, but any annoyance that she might have felt disappeared as she met his gaze. "Good morning." She whispered lovingly.

James moved so he could rub his nose against hers causing her to giggle. "You know one of these days I'm going to find a way for me to become immune to your charming-ness." Snow said suddenly causing James to chuckle.

"Now why would you want to do that?" He leaned down and gently brushed his lips against hers.

"Because it might mean I get to be angry at you when you wake me up ridiculously early instead of being charmed."

James scrunched his nose up. "But you would then have to stop calling me Charming my love, and I just don't think you be able to cope with that." He whispered as he leant down to kiss her on the lips again causing her to sigh and sink into the pillows, it was only when he drew away did Snow pout slightly and scoff causing her husband to chuckle and then see that familiar glint in her eye. Before he could even react he was now pushed down into his pillows and his wife lying quite snugly on top of him, a cheeky grin on her lips and her hands interlocking with his above his head.

"I think I'll be able to cope quite charmingly." She smiled as James rolled his eyes, they rolled back as she leant down and kissed him with all her might, only pulling away to press a few succession of kisses on his lips

"Hmm... I won't be able to." He answered eventually quite honestly. "I've got to used to you calling me Charming."

"See that is why it needs to stop – I don't want it to go to your head." Snow teased as James pretend to be offended before releasing her grip on him and then pushing her back down into her pillow a smirk present on his lips as he looked down at a scowling Snow White triumphantly.

He chuckled softly. "Last night you couldn't keep your hands off me."

She raised her brow pointedly. "I beg your pardon, Charming but I believe it was you who could not keep your hands off of me." She poked his chest lightly.

"Ah, dear, I believe we couldn't keep our hands off each other." His voice deepened and he smirked as he swooped down, capturing her lips in a tender kiss. She sighed against his mouth, her hands sliding into his hair.

"I love you." He murmured against her lips and she smiled, bringing him down for one last, long kiss before finally pulling away and staring lovingly into his deep blue eyes, sliding her hand down to her face, running her fingers against his scruff.

"And I love you, dear Charming."

He smiled warmly and nuzzled his nose against hers before rolling off to her side but still holding her close. She curled against him, her hand resting against his chest over his heart, feeling the powerful muscle beating steadily beneath her fingers.

A welcoming silence descended between the two of them as they just cuddled in bed, enjoying the peace of their happily ever after only it was for real this time, no evil witch was coming to destroy their happiness, even if it was for a short time.

"I noticed we had a full bed last night." Charming commented as Snow smiled remembering what it felt like to hold her daughter in her arms, it wasn't what it was supposed to be but Snow truthfully wouldn't have it any other way.

"Yes, Emma." She froze when she was unsure if she should betray her daughter's secret. "She came here, I didn't want her to go back to her rooms, especially with the storm it might have been dangerous." She knew it was a lie but she was grateful that her husband seemed to have fallen for it.

"I must say I did feel very ... I don't even know the word when I saw my two girls snuggling together." He smiled.

Snow smiled. "Holding her felt so...right, you know? I could feel it in my heart, even though she looked nothing like that baby that was in my arms I felt just as I did then. I thought we'd never get to see her again and just getting to have her, even if she is nearly thirty, its just-" Her voice cracked and James glanced down at her, his arm tightening around her shoulders and he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "I love her so much."

"As so do I, my love." He kissed her head again and buried his face in her hair for a moment and squeezed her gently. "She's...all I could have wished for in our daughter."

"She's perfect." Snow agreed, smiling as the image of their daughter appeared in her mind.

"And," He lowered his head slightly so his lips rested almost at her ear and she smirked as his breath ticked her ear, "It is like mother, like son."

Snow furrowed her brow and titled her head upwards. "I'm sorry?"

He chuckled. "Henry also came in here last night, afraid of the storm. That's when I awoke to see you and Emma, Henry came in looking for her and he explained that he was afraid of the storm and asked if he could sleep in here for the night. Of course I complied."

A slow smile spread across Snow's face as she settled back down against his chest. "As much as I do sometimes wish we could have our little baby back, Henry more than makes up for the time we missed with her."

"He really does Charming." Snow smiled kissing his cheek. "He's so much like you."

"You think so?" He mused, a smile tugging at his lips.

"Of course." Snow giggled her hand resting over his chest. "He's so much like you that it nearly takes my breath away, I can't believe I never made the connection before I did - in that world."

"Well to be fair we were all a little lost in the world. It took us far too long to accept that we belonged together and not to mention Emma, if there is anyone we should have noticed a connection to its Emma." He held her closely. "She is almost a direct copy of you, minus the blonde."

"I saw it though, how could I not? I was her roommate James!"

"So it was just me that was the lost one?" He sighed. "I suppose...the only thing I saw was you."

Snow couldn't help but feel her heart beat even faster. "Well, you did always say you'd always find me Charming." She smirked before continuing, "Or perhaps I am just more intuitive then you, even if I'm an alternative person." She grinned cheekily.

"Oh," He laughed, pretending to be offended, poking her sides lightly. "We're going to play that game are we?"

"I can't even begin to imagine what you are talking about dear." Snow answered wiggling away from his pokes.

"Hm, yes of course." He hummed, narrowing his eyes playfully.

Snow just stared at him unrepentantly before leaning up to kiss him on the nose.

He chuckled deep within his chest and she shivered at the feel of the vibrations against her body. "You are very lucky I love you so much."

"Hmm, one of these days you should really prove it to me." She grinned cheekily, "Because alas I have no proof."

"That I love you?" He raised his brow. "Why Snow, I'm hurt."

"You know it's no fun to tease you, if you won't tease me back." Snow pouted before reaching up to kiss him on the lips feeling a smirk on them.

"I refuse to joke about our love." He stated seriously, but smiling and quirking an eyebrow. "There will never be a day when I lead you to believe that I don't love you even if it is as you say, teasing."

Snow couldn't help but smile at his words. "Forgetting the teasing, I do love you so much."

His smile widened and he brought his lips down onto hers, bringing his hand to the side of her face to hold her against him.

Snow moaned slightly kissing him back with vengeance before she suddenly stopped and pulled away going very pale. She slammed a hand over her mouth as she heard in the background her husband's concerns as he was pushed away.

"Snow?" He sat up quickly, observing his wife as his heart dropped.

She shut her eyes as luckily the feeling washed away, breathing deeply still ignoring her husband's concerns for the time being

He blinked as he watched her quietly, his eyes brimming with concern, his lips turned in a frown as he tentatively reached out and took her hand in his own.

She breathed deeply squeezing his hand as she was relived that she no longer felt like she was about to empty her stomach contents, though just like it did last time she felt suddenly weak. A sensation she didn't like at the best of times, almost as if he could read her mind, her doting husband carefully lay them back down stroking her hair as she blinked to stay awake.

He simply held her quietly, resting his head lightly against hers as he felt her begin to relax in his arms.

"Thank you." Snow whispered taking their entwined hands to rest over her abdomen, her thumb tracing over his hand.

"What happened?" He whispered softly against the top of her head.

"I just felt sick Charming." Snow confessed. "Luckily I wasn't - because that was not fun before."

"I hope it wasn't me." He teased lightly, his concern for her still evident in his voice.

Snow giggled. "We're both to blame sweetheart - well not to blame... nothing is to blame with this situation."

His brow furrowed slightly as he pursed his lips. "I'm not following..."

She couldn't help but giggle. "I think some of David is still in you at the moment, James dear."

He pushed himself up slightly, still keeping her in his arms as he turned to look down at her. "You've lost me, Snow. What's going on?"

Snow smirked. "You know how we had bed-time visitors last night?"

He blinked at the sudden shift in the direction of their conversation. "Emma and Henry, yes..."

"Well that won't be able to happen again soon..." Snow trailed off looking at him directly.

He shook his head. "Snow." His voice dropped to his lower register. "Please, I don't understand. You're beginning to worry me."

Snow huffed in frustration. "It won't be able to happen again unless we get a bigger bed."

He frowned, his jaw tensing in obvious confusion. "It's not going to be happening every night, Snow."

Snow snapped slightly. "It's not going to happen at all with five in the bed!" She couldn't but help but smile at the end of her statement though.

"Five in the bed? Why on earth would there be five in the-" He paused, his mouth hanging open for a second and then his eyes widened. "...Snow?"

She couldn't help but let the giggle escape her mouth, her smile so wide that it lit her whole face as she nodded. "I'm pregnant." She barely finished her sentence before his lips were upon hers.

His arms wound around her, pressing her full against him as he kissed her with every fiber of his being, little bursts of happy laughter escaping his lips against her mouth.

Snow responded just as enthusiastically, giggles bursting out of her mouth as she felt their hands safely resting over her stomach, she felt the sudden lost when all the sudden her husband had pulled away and then crawled down to her stomach.

He ran his hand over her still flat abdomen, his grin reaching all the way to his eyes where happy tears pooled. "Hello there." He moved in, closing his eyes tightly and pressed a kiss there, a single tear making its way down his cheek.

"Hey." Snow reached down and wiped the tear. "Happy tear?" She asked hopefully.

"How could it be anything but?" He lifted himself back up to her eye level and captured her face in his hands and kissed her soundly on the mouth. "Snow, this is our second chance. We found our Emma and that was more than I ever could have asked for but now we've got this and nothing is going to take it from us."

"I know." Snow nodded laughing, tears of her own streaking down her face. "I couldn't believe when doc confirmed it." She laughed. "With Emma – I knew something was wrong but with this baby... all I feel is happiness." She bit her lip leaning up to kiss him on the lips. "Our family is even more complete now."

"Even if we have to get a bigger bed." James agreed wiping her own happy tears from her face.

Snow giggled hugging her husband dearly and murmured against his neck. "Even if we have to get a bigger bed." She laughed before pulling away and placing a loving kiss on her husband's lips, their hands still entwined over their growing second child.

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