Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity: A Novelization!

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Alexander (MC for this): Fuck…

Nagisa: What?

Alexander: You are aware that Lione here is one of your fanboys?

Eherm! *shoots Alexander* That means nothing. Besides, I'm not rabid, I excert more than enough self control needed to prevent myself from completely- you know.

Alexander: *heals himself* She doesn't know, but I'll gladly expl- *shot with rocket launcher*

Shaddup. Now, let's get started, but I don't own anything but Alex's existance.

Alexander's POV

GRM Facility

"Aw fuck!" I shielded my eyes as the lights came on, "Holy hell that stings!"

"Wow! Just look at all of this technology! It's so advanced, but then again, it's GRM Corp! I bet they wouldn't mind if we swiped something!" Emilia nudged me on the shoulder.

"I seriously bet they would." I said dryly.

"Oh come on, don't look so worried! It was a joke, seriously, A JOKE!"

Ah, I always know what buttons to press. It's too easy sometimes.

"But why did they call us to this giant facility?"

The door behind us opened, and I wheeled around, almost going for my knife, but he looked pretty harmless. Young man, white hair, fair pale skin, seems like he overheard her when he told us, "Well, I'd be happy to explain. I've been waiting for you."

"And you are?" Emilia's smile never faltered.

"Ah, how inconsiderate. I am Hyuga Ryght. I'll be your tourguide."

"Hmm? I think I've seen you… Technology Conference from a bit earlier?"

"Yes, well, enough about me. But rather, shouldn't I give thanks to the Holy Light for a chance to meet you? The savior of Gurhal has graced me with her own presence! No, more than that, it's a gorgeous young lady like you… you've answered my sinful request."

Emilia's face shot red and I was tempted to laugh, "Um… hehe, well, I wouldn't go as far as to call myself a Hero, after all, my partner was the one who delivered the final blow with the ultimate attack… what was it called?"

"Living Universe." I grunted, checking my music player.

"And so modest too! Not even as much as a trace of arrogance in her! How brilliant, why, if there's time left over after this, I'd be delighted if I could take you out for a lovely evening and get to know you a bit…" Boy moves fast. And he's reaaaaaaal gutsy, I'll give 'im that.

"A-anyway! The contents of the request… we're supposed to investigate something?"

"Ah, yes. Excuse me, it's been a while since I've felt excitement like this and got carried away. Right this way, if you please." He lead us into the next room, "This is what I wanted you to take a look at for me. It was found on site in GRM Corp's property the other day.

It was a pitch black gem was floating in midair, emiting a purple aura.

Must… not… touch it!

"At first glance, it seems to only be a regular 'Black Gemstone', right?" Hyuga broke the silence.

"If it took a thorough investigation to determine that, it's just not any ordinary 'Stone' then, are you sure there isn't anything else you know about this?" I flipped on my visor and scanned it. Nothing. Not that I was expecting anything anyway.

"Nope, it's all we know, which is why we called you two here," Hyuga shook his head, "the top people on the Subspace theory."

"What about the others involved?" Emilia quirked an eyebrow.

"Even they don't know anything, we're all in the dark."

"No origin, purpose, or results… we don't know anything then." I sighed. "Just like the SEED, Subspace, and then the Dumans. Not even a fu-, eherm, friggin' hint of anything." I corrected myself, trying not to swear around new acquiatances.

"Dumans… speaking off, Shizuru's started up an investigation and he's been flying around trying to grab information, but what if… that it's like a disease? Say that if you became a Duman, there's no harm done?"

"Yes. It's only genetic alteration, there's no threat of become physically disabled."

The penny dropped.

"You're one of them." I narrowed my eyes.

"You didn't notice? That's really the only difference in becoming a Duman. But, if you weren't aware of that fact, you'd find it very disturbing. And because of that fact, ladies who are willing to go and have a cup of idea with me have become increasing far and few, much to my dismany. What do you think, Emilia, my dear?"

Must… not… laugh!

"Er… right!"

"Oh, so cold hearted!" Hyuga clutched his chest in a fake wound.

"Where I was raised, people just talked like that all the time. It's just the place I come from."

"Ah, so that explains it. But if a lady comes of strong like that, then wooing her would be much more challenging."

"Do you ever talk of something besides flirting and science?" I asked.

"Of course." He replied with a chuckle.

"Right then, should be check out what's after this door hear?"

We walked for a bit, but then there was something off.

A young, pale skinned woman with long black hair that went almost to her waist, was putting her hand towards the gemstone. She was dressed in what looked like a military uniform for the torso with a blue arrangement of flowers over her heard, a skirt that matched, then sleek black leggings.

"Hm? Who's here?"

"You there! What do you think you're doing with that stone!" Hyuga yelled. She ignored him, and in a blinding flash of light, it vanished.

"Fuck! Geez, I just got used to all the bright lights, and now this? Is this world out to blind me?" I grunted in frustration.

"It disappeared?" Emilia screeched.

"That makes 104…" she whispered a bit too loudly.

"Hold it! This is a GRM Copr research facility! You might be an exceptionally beautiful young lady, but even so," Really Hyuga? "Illegally trespassing is strictly prohibited! Can you tell us why you are here and what you just did?"

"I refuse." She said, not missing a beat.

"Ooh, I just love a strong willed woman, but sadly, circumstances are circumstances. So, with much regret, it looks like I'll have to physically force an answer out of you."

"Wa-wait!" Emilia protested.

"Please stay back. I know looks can be deceiving, but I'm pretty confident in my swordplay."

Well that's nice, our hope is on the flirtaseous scientist swordsman. And dude, you're sword is pathetic compared to that giant shiny blue sword that has parts of a gun in it!

"Are you ready?" he rested his sword on his shoulder.

"Why do you want to do this?" she asked in a monotone.

"What a stupid question. Engarde!"

"Heh, he's good, huh?" A different voice said. Who the hell was that…?

"There's no other way, I'm using it!"

"Ugh… wha-what is this?" Hyuga said, sounding a bit scared.

"Let's go!" the woman shouted, launching Hyuga.

"Agh!" he grunted, landing.

"Hyuga, are you alright? What was THAT just now… those sudden movements, is THAT the power of a Duman?"

"Her power is different! I don't know anything about that kind of power!"

"Don't hold back." I muttered, drawing my twin sabers set, Twin Buster.

"I'd like to say the same, but it does seems like she was hiding her power."

"I won't go easy on you anymore. Don't get in my way!"

"Get back." I growled, easily blocking her rush.

"Hey, should we retreat without showing all our power, or what?" she seemingly whispered to herself.

"Well now, Nagisa's the one saying all that. That was more of a taunt as opposed to making a threat. So, you can't really hold back, can you?" There's that voice again.

"If I remember correctly, YOU told me to say that."

"Well, then, I don't know what to tell you. Since this is turning out to be more trouble than it's worth, it would be for the best if we got out of here."

"Got it."

"I won't let you get away!" I said, switching to my Ragan-Ragac double saber.

Blocking her downward swing, I pushed it aside and headbutted her right on the nose, causing her to stumble. I dashed towards her, but she recovered, blocking my first strike, which I went for an underhand swing, also blocked, and dodged her headbut. Hm, we have same battle strategy. I switched to my two handed sword and went for thrust, which I knew she'd easily parry, and I thew myself at the ground and slid under her, and stuck the tip of my sword in the ground and used my momentum to swing around and kick her in the back before she could turn around, but she rolled, completely thwarting my plans.

"Let's go! It's not over yet!" she yelled at me, getting back into a battle stance.

"Alright, alright! I know you're caught in the moment, but our time's up, Nagisa."

"What? Who the heck was that… those weird movements… It can't be!" Emilia covered her mouth.

"Kumhan, you son of a bitch! I thought I killed you! Alright, looks like I'll just have to kill you again!" My eyes flashed with anger.

"Hm… did he just say 'Kumhan' just now? How does he know that name?"

"Who's there?" Emilia asked, "Whose voice is that?"

"I heard it too." I got into a defensive stance. "It's either Kumhan or someone else… it was a male voice."

"You can hear Wynarl's voice…?" the woman asked.

"Wynarl…?" Emilia looked puzzled.

"Oh, Nagisa! Look over there, we can get out!"

"Got it!" she started to escape. I went for the pursuit, but she was too damn fast.

"Fuck!" I swore as I returned, "Too fast."

"She got away… wow, she's really powerful…" Hyuga pondered.

"Hey… Alex. Do you think that maybe…"

"She's hosting an Ancient." I finished. "It's hard to believe, but we heard 'im."

Hyuga sighed, "Well, we can't get the search results now. I'm sorry for making you come all this way."

"No harm done. Let's go home and try consulting Kraz about this." Emilia nodded at me.

Clad 6

"Uncle! I want to talk with you about something, and…"

"Ah, good. You're back. Perfect timing." Kraz said.

"Eh? Perfect timing?" I raised an eyebrow.

"You've been nominated for your next assignment! Your client is right over there!"

"Client…" Emilia started.

We turned around to find the same fucking woman who went all crazy on us back at the GRM place. She extended her hand as an expression of good will. Might was well take it. Emilia on the other hand…


"What are you yappin' about this time? We're in front of a client, so try shuttin' your mouth for once."

"You… why… WHY ARE YOU HERE?"

"Alexander, Emilia… I've been waiting for you both."

Within a split second, Emilia had dragged both of us into my room. Oh yeah, I forgot I loaned her a spare key card, and she never remembered to give it back.

"No one can just waltz in here, so I'll ask you. What are you trying to do?"

"Don't get overexcited. Something keeps repeatedly attacking me."

"What? If you don't speak up, then Alex there will be more than happy to give you some motivation!"

"If my memory is correct, did I not already go over this five times?"

"You only explained it THREE times!"

Lol what the hell is going on?

"Why do you want to go over it again? If I explain, THEN will you understand?"

"I don't trust you!"

"This is diffucult… won't YOU tell her for me? I really don't want to argue."

"Okay, everyone shut up! Calm down Emilia!" I growled, barely raising my voice.

"She was… using that power… I thought she might've been allies with Kumhan or something…"

"It's gone too far now, even if you're wrong, I don't want you to lump me together with 'him'. I understand why you'd say that, after all, he did show up half a year ago." Creepy voice is back. Where is my gun?

"Wynarl, that's enough. Just come on out." She sighed, clearly frustrated.

From her thin frame came a tall, scantilly clad male Ancient with a crazy hairstyle. He winked at Emilia while playfully draping his long sleeves over the young girl's head.

"Alright, better? Nice to meet ya! Name's Wynarl, pleasure to make your acquiantance. Well, as you can see, I'm an Ancient. By the way, did you introduce yourself properly?"

"No. I haven't."

"Oh please, just do so, for the pure sake of relieving tension, you didn't even make peace? How are they going to feel at ease around you?"

"Is that so? In that case, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nagisa; pleasure to meet you." She put her hand forward.

"Alexander." I said, shaking her hand firmly, "But you can call me Alex."

"I thought you reserved that for friends." Emilia grumbled.

"A firm handshake lets someone know you're confident and know what you're doing." She whispered, and I barely heard it, giving a nod to acknowledge the phrase.

"Emilia…" I mumbled.

Her eyes were open and her jaw was dangling, silent.

"Wynarl, she's speechless! Did I say something wrong? Did you lie to me again?"

"I don't have anything to lie about… it doesn't sound like there's a problem… HEEEY! Young lady, what's the matter?"



Emilia immediately sprung forward, placing me in front of her, "THERE'S A PERVERT IN THIS ROOM!"

I felt Nagisa's gaze on me for a second, to which I frowned. Seeing what Wynarl's wearing-

"Wait a second, young lady! How is THAT the first thing out of your mouth!"

"You've got plenty of skin exposed." I explained nonchalantly, going through the fridge, "Would any of you like a drink?"

"Water." Came Nagisa's calm voice. Emilia was too busy screaming.

"Nice to know someone else in here will actually drink water willingly." I sighed, handing a bottle to her.

"Nononononono! This is an Ancient's FORMAL attire! Formal! The Ancient you were hosting wore something like this, right?"

"It made more sense, after all, Mika was female and it looked like a dress." I took a sip.

"Yeah… but still, don't come any closer!"

"Ugh, what a mess. This is the first time someone has hated me after talking with them for a bit."

"Your own fault." Nagisa took a sip of her water.

"But you two had ties with Mika, huh? I mean, you can see me."

"You know Mika, pervert?" Emilia sneered.

"Yes, I knew her quite well. We were always doing research, but may I ask what happened a half a year ago?"

"Why isn't she here?" Wynarl barely noticed the sadness on Emilia's face.


"Alright." She told everything.

"Ah… the plan to resurrect the Ancients? I thought that was stupid. Thanks, got the basic gist of it."

Hm… Mika said she was the only one to speak up against it… mark that for later…

"I was… unaware that something like that happened."

"Unaware? Gurhal was in complete and utter chaos, how didn't you notice?"

"We had a… different goal."

"Precisely, let me explain. We were trying to put a stop to the source of the Dumans."

"You know the cause? Good. Let's find it, kill it, and go to sleep."

I swore a grin cracked the mask on Nagisa's face, while Wynarl just frowned.

"The man cause is something we'll know soon enough. Your situation is diffucult to actually sit down and ponder over, and, you're going about your investigation the wrong way."

So… no easy kill? Damn.

"So change our way? So your way is different."

"Yes. The crisis you went through, you thought it would be good to investigate the events surrounding the subspace incident first, right? When you reached that point, you were already wrong." Fuck. "It's unrelated, you see, Subspace is not what you should be investigating, after all, the source is in the SEED, young lady."

"Of course it can't be in the seemingly hallucination inducing world, it has to be in the fucking parasite that nearly killed all of us and totally screwed us over multiple times." I facepalmed, "It can never be that simple."

"Is is possible that you are the masterminds?" Emilia spoke.

"Ha, I guess it can't be helped you'd suspect we're behind it." Wynarl scoffed.

"You attacked us without giving us as much as an explanation."

"Then you looked up her skirt in that battle." Wynarl countered. DO NOT GIVE ME THAT LOOK EMILIA.

"Sword move. It was a rather simple manuever used to get behind the opponent quickly. Might I add, nice roll. Most people fall rather easily from a kick to the back there." Nagisa nodded.

"When it comes to this… Myself, Wynarl, all of us in Gurhal can be considered victims. I know we didn't give much, but I stake my very life on that."

"Anything else you're keeping from us?" Emilia narrowed her eyes.

"No. That's everything."

"Anyway, I'm going to get in touch with Shizuru and try to get some information. Take care of them for me, alright?" Emilia said, leaving.

"Gah, I'm not done explaining yet! Agh, it's too late. I hope it doesn't take too long…"


"It's Alex."

"Emilia said you reserved that privilege to friends."

"And if we're stuck saving the universe or so once again, might as well."

"Well, Alex, Wynarl and I have a request to ask you, if you don't mind. Would you be kind enough to act as bodyguard for us?"

"May I ask why me?"

"I didn't choose anyone else because I felt you were the best choice. If you hadn't seen or sensed Wynarl's presence, then you would have had a hard time believing everything we say. But, if I behave suspiciously, and act as if I'm going to hurt you guys… when that happens, I want you to kill me. That's why I came here; to prepare for that."

"I don't object to her resolution, but I'd like for you to believe it's really that serious. If you can act as a bodyguard, I'll explain everything that I can, until there's nothing more. So… I'm counting on you too." Wynarl said solemly as he left.

"From here, we're going to head to a remote area of Neudaiz. If you're willing to be my bodyguard… I'll be waiting for you to come…" she said before she left.

"Why of course. But I'll see if I can seeming incapicitate you rather than kill. Save everyone you can." I mumbled to myself.

I strolled through the rather remote area, just as Nagisa had said, listening to a nice beat to go with my walk.

Damnit, stupid leaves got in my jacket again. And it was one of my favorites, too.

"…! Alex!" Nagisa's voice came from my left, "You came through for me…?"

"I don't leave people alone, not when they need help."

"Thank you… Because I'm a slow speaker, there are times where I don't know what to say… But I thank you."

"Well, shall we go on? You know what to do Nagisa?"

"Yes, there's no mistaking that it is nearby. My senses are reacting. It should become clearer if we keep going."

After a bit of walking, Nagisa broke the silence, "There are strange minerals in the ground, it's dampening my ability to sense the target. Forgive me for asking, but would you mind destroying those strange minerals while we're on our way?"

"No problem, if I don't seem 'em, just tell me, but I'll see what I can do."

It was fairly easy, they stuck out like a swore thumb, but it took a few hits, and with these crazed creatures everywhere, it was not fun at all.

I destroyed the seventh one so far, and that's when all hell broke loose.

"Holy fuck!" I screamed as the ground beneath gave way. My hand went for my sword as I stuck it into the new cliff face. It took a while, but I lowered myself down, after all, I had fallen about seven-eighths of the way.

"There's another strange mineral up ahead, but we've been seperated… I'll take out the enemies over here!" Nagisa shouted from above.

"GOT IT!" I yelled.

Working my way through, there were plenty of them sticking out in tree stumps and tall grasses, while some were in plain view. I managed to get nine before I had to climb up some rocks to reach a higher elevation.

Of course, there were none to be found in plain sight.

"It's nearby…" Nagisa called from above.


"There!" she yelled as I stepped on some smooth rock. "That's it!"

BAM! I struck the rock with my sword.

"There's four more!"

"Alright! Just tell me when you sense them!"

It ended up being like the Hot-And-Cold from Hell, having to kill everything attacking me while playing hot-and-cold.

There were five there, including the first, before I moved onto a higher elevation that the minerals were visible again.

"I can see 'em again, thanks for the assist!" I worked through the area, eradicating six more mineral sources.

Eventually I got back onto high elevation, where I saw Nagisa turned around.


"Gr!" she grunted, raising her blade, before lowering it, "Oh, it's only you, Alex. It would be best if you did not stand behind me like that. I could've mistakenly killed you." She started walking away.

"It'll take more than one sword strike to kill me. A fight is not won by simply one strike." I mumbled.

"Hahaha! She must've shocked you, huh? Watch out for her in the middle of a fight though. She can switch up on you real quick. There was one reason I chose you to be her bodyguard, and it's this. If you're not strong, you can't do it. No one else but her. Up until now, she's fought alone." I know what it's like. You eventually decided you can do it alone. The incident half a year ago taught me otherwise. "More specifically, it seemse like she has decided she can fight alone. She thinks she can fight all of sorts of things to the furthest reaches of the universe, taking on all corners, but that's stretching it a bit…"

A short walk later, me in the front to prevent a possible fatality, Nagisa broke the silence.

"There's someone just up ahead."

"Yeah, there is, isn't there? No mistaking it. I feel it too."

"Someone is there?"

"Not to get off topic, but to summarize Dumans in a nutshell, they're people who have had their Human genetic structures change. Is that to say it only occurs in humans?"

"…Come." Nagisa said coolly.

"Oh, we'll have to cut this short. We'll talk after we defeat whatever it is up ahead."

The ground started shaking violently.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck."

"You are very fond of abusing that word." Nagisa noted.

"Only when the situation calls for it."

The chimera like beast clad in silvery armor came thundering through the valley, falling pink leaved trees, leaving a trail of fire behind it. Two massive gold horns accompanied six others behind it which looked to form a lion's mane.

Welp, let's get this over with.

I activated my visor, revealing it had fire affinities and was Rank 5 for a Danger Rating out of 200. Not bad, since a recent test revealed me to be about Rank 15. Nagisa was Rank 14. But they updated the ratings

I pulled out my favorite set of handguns, the Arb Roga set. Sleek, green top half, grey bottom half, hair trigger, and Power Bullets to boot.

"Let's dance!" I laughed, shooting the beast, grabbing its attention, before being frozen over by the pistol's effects. I lived for combat. To have the adrenaline coursing through me, to have my enemies' blades barely passing over my head, to feel the panic when someone's panic effect hit you, it's what I wanted to live for.

"Holy… he's insane!" Wynarl yelled as I jumped over the beast, classified as a Goran-Garan, and began blasting into its head. Bam, switch to knuckles, BAMBAMBAMBAM! Eat this motherfucker!

"Insane but helpful!" I chuckled, switching to twin knives and slicing all over its neck, letting yellow blood leak out. It roared in rage and tried to shake me off, but I held onto the knife I had stuck in its neck. "Let's finish this!" I double charged my pistols and dangled in front of the beast's mouth. As expected, it tried to bite me, but I released the pent up energy charge into its stomach, most likely burning or melting anything inside, effectively killing it from the inside.

But it kept charging forward. Ah well, don't care.


I jumped off the end of the beast and barely made it back onto the ground. Crap… that stung.

Oh hey, another fragment.

"I've found it… the 105th fragment…" she whispered loudly.

"Right… Well then Nagisa, do your stuff."

"Got it." She removed her eyepatch, and both of her eyes began to glow red, along with the rest of her body, and she raised a hand at the fragment. It vansihed as she absorbed it.

"That is what we've been searching for. The source of the Dumans, the reason Gurhal's falling apart, it's darkness. And you can't destory darkness. You can crush, chop, scorch, smash it, but it won't go away. Light is very similar, as you can not crush it in the palm of your hand. But the SEED, and the ultimate source, Dark Falz, the physical manifestation of darkness itself, can't be wiped out. Back then, the SEED were sealed away, and Dark Falz defeated, but the darkness did not go away. It simply was shattered, and the remnants were broken off and scattered around, and began the negative effects in Gurhal. At a given point in time, it will become a person's malicious intent, or fully consume and take over an entire person. The emergence of the Duman race is simply an omen, so we, no, Nagisa is doing her best to go around and collect them, to stop the spreading, and prevent Dark Falz's resurrection." Wynarl explained.

"Hhhmphhh, hhhmphhh…" Nagisa was gasping for air.

"Are you alright?" Wynarl asked, concerned.

"I'm… al-alright… Let's go…"


"Oh no you don't." I mumbled, catching her in my arms as she mumbled, "I'm… alright…"

"Ah yes, this is reason two why you were chosen to be her guard. Nagisa's close to her limits, all because she fights by herself. I can only predict when this will happen, and I can't handle things like this," he pointed at her body in my hands, "Can you… carry Nagisa for me? While she's tired out, we can stash her where she can sleep it off peacefully."

We carried her back to the ship, and then back to Clad 6, sneakily avoiding anyone who might asked just why I was carrying an unconcious woman to my room. Oh do not give me that look. I am not a pervert. I am just running through all possible situations. I lay her on my spare bed, and Wynarl looked solemn, "Please forgive me for putting you through this."

"Why did she collapse?"

"I believe if you said 'She's completely worn out' is the best way to put it. An average person can't see the fatigue in her eyes, since she's using the strength from the fragments. This is the risk she took, but there's no other way, but for her to sleep this deeply is a rare thing indeed."

She sighed, rolling over.

"Ah, speaking of which, is this your room?"

"Why did you think I have the key card for it?" I raised an eyebrow, grabbing another water bottle. Man, killing the fire creature was really dehydrating.

"Oh, well I feel bad that you are letting us use it."

"It's not a problem. You aren't making it a mess, so that's fine."

"I kind of wish you were a girl-"lolwhut? "'cause girls wouldn't take advantage of this situation. I mean, you're a guy, she's a girl, only two people in here. She's quite slender in the outfit, and she's pretty well-endowedif you know what I mean… if you're curious, why not take a look for youself!"

"That would be a violation of what little trust has been given to me." I said, mentally restraining my raging hormones. Thanks a lot Wynarl. "And I am not one to be doing those… activities…" I wrinkled my nose for effect.

"Oh, so you're a virgin?" he asked with a smirk.

"Of course." I said proudly. I value my chastity.

"I bet you spend a fortune on porn."

"Have not even given it thought." I turned on my computer, and responded to the various emails sent by old friends.

"Well, let's see then…" Wynarl gave a smug smile.

"You want to see my download history and all my files besides the encrypted business and anything else that is confidentail?" I had a confident look, discouraging him.

"Just for the record, it's not like I wanted to see her-"

Before he could finish, a call came via visiphone. Thank goodness.

"Shit! What wonderful timing…"

Note: Use this situation as blackmail for later.

"Hey, Alex? Why do you look like you're panicking about something?" Wipe that smirk off your face Wynarl. "Anyway, are that Nagisa person and Mr. Pervert over there?"

"Calling me 'Mr. Pervert'… I thought I asked you to stop."

"Even though our research matches what Wynarl said, right on the bullseye, I'm reporting results on the Origin of Dumans. Three years abo, the SEED virus and the vacine had some sort of mutual interaction with human flesh."

"Aha! That's it!" Way to leech off of Emilia, Wynarl.

"Wait, you mean you weren't even sure about what you said?"

"Uh, nope. I hadn't researched it specifically, since I'm sharing Nagisa's body, who happens to be a Duman, I know a good deal about it."

"Well, on the subject of Dumans, or what Nagisa's doing-"

"Ah, we've finally found it Emilia!" Ah, good old workaholic Shizuru, "You're always going off when we're in the middle of something. Not everyone has the luxury of being as smart as you, so stopping messing around and help me out!"

"Alright, geez, I hear you. I'll be there in a sec!"

"Heh, you still seem pretty busy." I chuckled at Shizuru's antics.

"Yeah, so now we now what the source of the Dumans is, and now the scientist are getting all excited! So I'll be here a little while longer, I'm leaving Nagisa and Mr. Pervert," she sneered as she said Wynarl's nickname, "To your care. Seeya!"

"DAMN HER, I AM NOT A PERVERT! What an unruly girl, no reason at ALL to call me that. Um, I have one request, er… can you get along with Nagisa and be nice to her for me? 'Cause-"

"Snrk… Ahahahaha!" I collapsed in laughter, "Says the one who-"


"-Told me to look at her…" I trailed off, seeing her get awake slowly.

"Oops, time's up. Don't forget my request now."

"Where am I…?" Nagisa mumbled.

"Hey, good morning! Glad you're awake, did you have a good rest? You were out like a light-"

"With the light switch on." I smirked.

"Wynarl…? This… um… and you're?"


"Alexander… right, you're Alexander. Forgive me, I'm still a bit dazed. Where am I? The last thing I remember was we were on Neudaiz a while ago…"

"You passed out, so Alex here carried you and you just woke up. You could show some gratitude-"

"I was merely doing what I should. There is no need for that."

"Oh… I'm sorry for causing you trouble. However, I will no longer be a burden. Let's go- Agh! Ugh… ah…" she stumbled and winced in pain. I caught her as she fell.

"It would be best if you kept on resting. It won't do any good if you're not in prime condition for the next battle, which will definitely be more diffucult. And it certainly won't do any good if you're dead."


"There, there, Nagisa. Just listen to Alex, perhaps you should exchange contact information with Alex, then you can call if you're ever in trouble or need help. Right! Exchange already!"

"Here you go." I slid over a Partner Card as I received one of her own. "Now, get some rest."

"Well, sorry, but we'll be taking a small rest."

"For now, why don't you forget about helping me for a while and go do something else? I should be able to recover my strength, but don't go too far."

"You might feel a bit uneasy about us here, but don't wor-"

"It's not a problem. I'm actually just going to read a bit in the living room area here, and listening to some music via earphones. Also, if you want some music of your own, the jukebox is on the bedside, and don't worry about me, I've got noise cancelling earphones, so I won't hear your music."

I picked up said magazine off the bedside and lay down on the couch. Whoa sweet shanghai knights, wow, the Dual Railgun set is on sale for only 1950 meseta? Sold. Crap, Nagisa's resting. I'll have to place an order later.

Do the impossible, see the invisible,

Raw, raw, fight the power!

Aw man this music is so inspirational…

Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable,

Raw, raw, fight the power!

What you gonna do, is what you want to do

Just break the rule, and you'll see the truth!

This is the theme of 'G' coming through baby,

Raw, raw, fight the power!

Oh crap, my eardrums, put that music a bit too loud. Better take of these earphones.

"Hhhhhhuuuhhhhh…" Nagisa sighed.

"Nagisa, it's becoming too tiring for you, isn't it?" Wynarl's concerned voice asked.

"It's not tiring in the slightest, I'm absolutely fine."

"Right, well, you know it's kind of like sharing the same body."

"It's that obvious…?"

"Nah, I actually have no idea what's going on…"

"Stop messing around!"

"When you respond like that, then it's more apparent."

"Even thoght I'm tired… no one can replace me. I'll keep going. I have to keep going. Aside from that… Alexander's power…"

"Yeah, I've watched the whole time. It's alright, it'll get done for sure. As long as it's Alex, for sure."

"Is that so? Well, that makes me glad. Also, did Emilia not say he said that that name is for friend's use?"

"You've called him Alex before."

"Shut up. By the way, I have one thing I'd like to ask."

"Yes? What is it?"

"While I slept, I heard a new word that just got stuck in my ears… What does well-endowed mean?

Oh I can just see the look on his face.

"Um… well, 'well-endowed'… if used to describe someone, it means they're very gifted or talented, like perhaps in battle or leadership, for example."

"I see… that's a good word."

"Yep! That's right! But it's not common, so it would be best no to use it in front of others."

A short while later, Wynarl came strolling into the living room.

"So, what is well-endowed exactly?" I asked with a smirk. Wynarl's face darkened.

"You were…"

"Only that last part when my ears were hurting."

"Also… I saw where you caught her."

"Hm? What does that have to do with anything?"

"I saw you put your hands on her bust."

"I wasn't about to catch her on her face, and I couldn't reach her shoulder in time. So shut up."

"So, are you still curious?"

"About what?" I flipped the page. Oh wow, that doublesaber Ancient Quartz looks absolutely amazing! But that is a lot of money…

"About what she was well-endowed with."

I snorted, "Hmph. No wonder Emilia calls you Mister Pervert."

"What kind of guy wouldn't be interested in- Oh, you're like that…"

"Excuse me?"

"Are you gay?"

I started choking on air, "What the fuck? Where did that come from?"

"You obviously aren't interesting in girls, so therefore-"

"I am not interested in pursuing a relationship in that way. I am maintaining a strict business relationship, because if it is more than so, it may interfere with the mission." Agh… so many good weapons in this magazine… Oh yeah, gotta keep arguing. "And I'm absolutely sure she would kill me if she ever found out I had taken advantage of her."

"Oh come on, not even one peek?"

"Not even one."

"What if I paid you?"

"You can?"

"Of course." He smiled.

"How much?"

"Enough to buy that Ancient Quartz double saber."

Too much money…



"To get that much money suddenly? It will raise suspicions."

"What if-"

"No. Besides, my desire for the weapon momentarily clouded my judgement."

"What if I told you she wanted you?"

"Pshaw. Yeah right. She's not one for that, dumbass. Now, I actually want some sleep." I mumbled as I drifted off to sleep, "Oh, and if you can control dreams and crap… stay out of my dreams."

Luckily he didn't.

Well, if we're saving the universe again, this is going to be fun.

Yup, Wynarl is a super pervert this time around. Whoope.

Alex: Why does he want me to… do that with her?

It's suppose to characterize you as a trustable man who won't take advantage of people. Of course, you take advantage of situations in combat, but you're reckless. Seriously, jumping on the boss and blasting its insides then nearly falling off the cliff.

Alex: You suck man.

I know. Now… PERSONA! *blasts Alex with Morning Star*

Alex: *uses Scape Doll*

Alright you sunnuva… HELEL! SATAN! ARMEGEDDON!

Alex: We're in a Phantasy Star fic! You can't use Personae! It's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiirrrrr! *dead*

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