The True Ending of Infinity.

True Ending: This Is The Story Of My Life, Will You Stand By Me Eternally?

My head hurts… what's going on…

The last thing I remember is the bullet entering my skull…

"Quickly!" a deep male voice I recognized as Kraz's boomed and echoed in my head, "He's losing lots of blood!"

"Damnit Alex," Ursula swore. Geez people stop moving me, it hurts! Now I've got even more pounding in my head… "Stupid, stupid! Why'd you have to shoot yourself!"

Wait, but…


Then again, if Mikio and I HAD used the MS-01, we would've been toast.

After all, staying hidden after supposedly betraying the system twice requires a lot of laying low, and pulling off a stunt like that isn't exactly doing so. But now I'm REALLY pissed off.

And I thought I had already saved Nagisa too. Damnit!

Damnit Alex you let her just slip out of your hands! Why the fuck couldn't you be stronger? You could've stopped all this then and you wouldn't have shot yourself and shit, I'VE GOT A HELL OF A HEADACHE!

Fuck you Wynarl. Fuck you right up the arse.

Stupid bandages in my hair, it's starting to bug me.

"Did you really have to shoot yourself?" Shizuru asked.

"Would you have shot yourself to be with the one you love?" I replied, "I didn't have to, but I did because I loved her."

"I see… your love for her is very strong." he walked up next to me, "Even with your injury, you are still going?"

"Of course." I growled, "Did you really expect me to sit around here while Nagisa is up there? Also, we've got twenty four hours until Crowley collides with Clad-6, so we've got to hurry." I cracked my neck and removed the bandages-

"Alex! You have to keep those-"

"Can't fly a ship without both eyes." I rolled my eyes and headed out towards the docking bay.

"You're piloting?" Lumia screeched. Damnit she heard me. Oh well.

"Don't bother trying to talk me out of it. Mikio, I'm coming." I said, turning on my comm device.

Ah, I LOVE stealth things these days. We managed to sneak past all those defenses on the Crowley, and I KNOW I'll be chewed out by all of Little Wing later, but this is something I have to do… alone.

"Well, here we are. First and last stop of tonight, hell itself!" Mikio laughed as he opened the hatch as we landed.

"Gee thanks, get me in the mood." I rolled my eyes.

"You gonna be fine on your own? I can retrieve our Phantasy Stars-"

"No, this is my fight… and our machine spirits have had enough of fighting…" I sighed, remembering the sad day I parted with my mach- partner. Anyways, enough about the past, I'm sure there's a record of it somewhere.

Once again, just like in the dream, Blast Gauge makes it easy to blast past all the SEED. This time I'm taking my time and just shooting them because I'm bored. And pissed, but you already knew that.

Ah, here's the door conveniently labeled: Bridge.

Now, how should I blow it up?

Rocket launcher? Nah, too cliché.

Fuck it, where's my rocket modded shotgun. Yeah, you heard me right.


"Headshot." I snarled as I ducked through the smoking hole in the steel doors, "Well well well, what's up motherfucker? Oh hey there Nagisa." I smiled at her before turning my doom gaze at Wynarl.

"Alex! You shouldn't have came…" Nagisa said, "Where are the others?"

"I came alone. There are things I have to do myself, like kicking Wynarl's Ancient ass. In more ways than one."

"Did… you just call me old as well?" Wynarl asked, dumbfounded.

"Duh, gramps." I rolled my eyes, "By the way, think fast."

"Huh- WAH!" Wynarl ducked as I threw a dagger at him, "Damn, I missed."

"It matters not, after all… you're too late." Wynarl smirked, dodging another dagger.

"The hell are you talking about?" I glared at him, readying my Excalibur sword.

"Well Nagisa, how about it? You get to go back with Alex and such. You hope for such a situation, don't you?"

Hey wait a second- OH SHIT.

"Of course! Agh!" she grunted in pain, "I… have learned to keep on hoping and… to have faith… in tomorrow- Gah!"

Fuck, Falz is an evil thing, so it hates hope and all who have it, which means-

"Hahahahaha! Yes! Yes!"

"What are you… wait, why are the fragments leaving me?" I rushed over to Nagisa and helped her up, offering a Trimate, fully bringing her to optimal condition.

"Dark Falz… hates thing such as hope. Absolutely despises it. And now… the only being here without that much hope… is ME."

"What do you intend to do with such power?" Nagisa hissed as she readied her blade.

"Why of course, do what Kuhman could not. Then again, I've seen that you are not willing to yield your bodies, so I suppose I'll just annihilate all of you." I knew it. Mika did always say she was the only opposer to Kuhman, that bastard.

"Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!" And here comes Falz's voice, "A double blast from the past… Thank you, Wynarl, I have not had such a suitable host in a while… even a spirit such as yourself would be better than these punitive humans and-" I felt his gaze on me and I couldn't help but let a smile appear on my face.

"What's up? Back for another beating?"

"You are so dead."



The two summoned Mirage Blasts, merely clones with a different color palette, began their clash with their spears.

"Hmph, looks like this is actually going to take some time."

"…Hmph. You will not prevail this time. I believe my appearance… could use some reworking…"

Ugh, I HATE watching this part. It's reminiscent of the Valkyrie Trace System thing from Infinite Stratos with the transformation, and now he looks exactly like me but EVIL.

"You can never copy me. Nagisa, let's go."

"For this system, we'll win!" she shouted, running at him.

"Let's earn our happy ending." I closed my eyes and smiled before dashing at Falz, who brandished a sword of darkness.

"You will know despair."

"And I will pound some fucking hope INTO YOUR DAMN HEAD." I retorted, blocking his swing and punching him with my spare hand. You know what, where's my axe?

"Oh sh-" Falz swore as I smashed an axe into his face, "Guh!"

"Nice hit, Nagisa!" I said, rolling back to avoid a counterattack.

"That's it, instead of playing around, I'm simply going to use all of my power to defeat you at the start."

Ahhhh fuck I don't like the sound of that and why the fuck is there a glowing purple circle in the middle of the bridge?

First thing's first, ensure Nagisa's safety- holy shit there's wind sucking us in!

"Nagisa! Hold onto something! HOLD IT FOR DEAR LIFE!"

"I'm trying!" she shouted back over the howling winds.

"If you wish to save your pathetic system, fight me alone where that portal leads, Alexander Seta Narukami, Shadow of Hope, and Defender of Systems."

The winds stopped, and I looked at the portal, "And what if I refuse?"

"Then I will grow my power in here, and when my power grows sufficient, no seal can hold me, and I WILL be unstoppable."

Might as well go deal with the pest problem now, "Nagisa, I'm going."

"…I understand." she said, looking at the ground the whole time. I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her, "If I don't come back… swear that you will fight Dark Falz until the bitter end."

"I swear it…" she sniffed, "But you have to come back…"

"I'll try." I checked my weapons. Good, I have all my best weapons with me, "Alright here I go."

I stood at the edge of the portal, "I'm coming." Diving in-

? ? ?

Where the hell is this place… It looks like where I fought Kuhman, but in a dark storm.


"Show yourself!" I yelled, checking my knuckles known as the Phantom Mist.

"Very well then."

I thought Kuhman was back for a second, but then realized it was Falz in a corrupted memory of him of sorts. Falz took the form of Kuhman but he was warped, with orange pulsating veins and other disgusting parts. And again with the swords of darkness? Oh well, here we go.

"So this is it, huh? Oh, and just so you know, I'm no longer the Shadow Of Hope. I'm no longer a shadow. I am not just the Savior of Systems as well… my new title shall be the Savior of Hope!"

"Very well then, Savior of Hope… I shall destroy that which you wish to save!"

"Then let us duel, to see who will win! Despair or Hope, Shadows or Light? Let's find out TODAY!"


Shit! Damnit, he just shot out the last of my weapons. Great, so there goes my Ouroboros whip. Another pile of scrap metal. Fuck Falz and his darkness bolts.

"Mwhahahahaha! You have no weapons left, how will you defeat me now?" Falz continued his evil laughter.

"Wi…with my bare fists… if I must…" I snarled, even as every bone in my body screamed in pain.

"Ha! As if you could defeat me. Die."

"AGH!" I yelled as I was launched after the bolt hit me, "Damnit… it can't end like this…"

I… I have too much to die now! I have to, no, I WANT to go back… to a world where I have earned the happy ending I wanted!

Nagisa… I'm going to go home to her… she is waiting for me… I must put her anxiety to rest.

"Hm? That did kill you? Then take this. Be a good boy and die." A bolt of lightning came for my face and-


"Hm. What a bother… where is that music coming from?"

If one was meant for pain

for all to stay the same

for all to, here, remain

I'll take nothing in vain

The smoke around me cleared. I am alive.

It's you who made me say

the world has made me see

there is more that I can be

there is something more in me

there is something that I must be

"Hello, Falz. I'm about to show you the power of hope."

"What? This cannot be!"

A hope in my hand that's all I take with me

in the gray, everyday, it's hard to see

so I go on even though it's a long shot

from how it was before

I held the handle of my Excalibur sword and surveyed the rest of the all the broken pieces. Mika, you know what to do, right?


If I didn't explain, when Mika recreated me, a small part of her was left in me, and therefore, I am part Ancient. And I am about to tap into the power.

And what I dreamed all along

will never come, so maybe there's something new

it cannot be the end of all that we know

a hole in the sky, an early good-bye

I know we can't let it end

All the shattered remains of the weapons flew towards me, creating a giant blade of warped metal, and I felt the golden shine of my eyes as Mika's power was channeled.


The power of the Ancients coursed through the blade, giving me a golden version of Nagisa's sword, Steel Hearts. The revolver part however, was a holy and pure white, ready to cast aside the darkness.

Let it fall upon the universe

feel the light, the might, the heroes again

let the dawn stand in all of us

everyone, everything, Infinity

"To the skies!" I leapt up, as my skin began to glow golden and a cape of energy began to form as I could hear it flapping in the wind. Yeah, that's right, I'm human, SEED, and Ancient all in one. What you gonna do about it? "Flames of Infinity!" I slashed at him multiple times before kicking off and backflipping.

Ignite the wish to catch a star

and befriend the end, deep in the heart

heaven can wait, it's not over yet

there is more, more to be, to do

Can anyone tell me why Tethis petals are flying whenever I hit him? Oh right, Mika. Anyways Mika, thanks for the assist. I'm actually going to take him on by myself now.

(Are you sure?)

This is my fight now… I just needed your help creating the Golden Dreams blade… Sorry if it's just that.

(It's no problem, my child.)

I thought I told you to stop calling me that- Oh crap dodge! Anyways, seeya!

Maybe it's time that was changed the way I am

now, with an eye for a way I didn't see

but I know only through a loss

that I've been given the hope that carries me

My Ancient garbs vanished along with the glow of the Golden Dreams, but the golden blade still shined as sunlight began to light up the dark dimension.

"Hmph! Your arrogance will be the end of you!"

"The thing is Falz… if it is my end, what if I have none? To the happy ending I want!"

Every dream is gone

Just as a dune, fading away untold

it cannot be, that nothing can be done now

the blue in the sky, the wonders alive

we can't let them take it away

I ran at Falz, who was on the opposite end of the platform we were on, "COME AND GET IT!"


We locked eyes as I lifted Golden Dreams above my head.

Let it reign upon the universe

see the life, the love, the dreaming again

throw aside the lines dividing us

everyone, everything, Infinity

Pulling the trigger, five differently colored energy bullets flew out. Heh, one for each race that was fighting for survival these days.

Behold the stars of the universe

see them shine and fall, and rise up again

Never are ways ever easy and set

the more hurt, the more you'll know it's true

Each bullet made its way to Dark Falz, exploding upon on impact with him. His roars of pain were merely the prelude of a happy ending.

Every race… here with me, fighting to destroy the darkness that ruined us years ago.

Let's finish this.

(it's you who made me see

the world has made me see)

This system is worth saving, despite all the crap we have to put up with... I will save it.

And what I dreamed all along

will never come, so maybe there's something new

it cannot be the end of all that we know

a hole in the sky, an early good-bye

I know we can't let it end

I walked towards the hovering husk of Falz, who barely was above the ground. The five glowing bullets returned to their places in the revolver area and lit up the blade. It was time to finish this.


I threw my sword in the air and leapt up, and every part of the sword desconstructed itself and then created a copy of Golden Dreams, because it's dreams, not a dream… There are many that create this system.

Right about now… I think it's time to finally let the SEED in me… shine. Turn the darkness to light.

Let it fall upon the universe

feel the light, the might, the heroes again

let the dawn stand in all of us

everyone, everything, Infinity

"HYAH!" I began my onslaught by slashing at him once with every sword, strength boosted by the SEED in me, which would disappear when Falz, the origin, was gone, Cloud's super attack on Sephiroth from Advent Children and holy crap I just mood whiplashed so fast and FOCUS!

Ignite the wish to catch a star

and befriend the end, deep in the heart

heaven can wait, it's not over yet

there is more, more to be, to do

the more you'll know it's true

Flying high into the air, I channeled every last bit of power, SEED, Ancient, Blast Gauge, and human power before plunging Golden Dreams into his skull, no, through his skull, into the ground, ending this monstrosity.

It's over… time to head home… I can see the portal forming.

Nagisa… I'm coming home.

Clad 6

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT, THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" Emilia yelled in a rare swear.

"Language, Emilia. Wouldn't want to pick up my habits, now, would you?" I forced back a smirk. Nagisa smiled at me, but gave me an admonishing look, "Alright, I was thinking I go rescue the girl I love all by myself because it was a man's pride thing and besides, I kicked Wynarl's ass along with Falz, who won't be back at all at any time, also Emilia, Mika says hi."


"I also Lumia, you MIGHT want to go defend Mikio right now since he may or may not be in some hot water for helping me out."

"W-what? H-how do you know him?"

"Old friend that I met when gender inequality was at its highest during the Phantasy Star Age," I made sure NOT to mention I was a pilot, "We lived together in the slums of where Luna used to exist."

"You lived on Luna?" Shizuru asked, shocked, "Did you have a relative or something who was working with the Phantasy Stars?" OH SHIT HE KNOWS! Quick, quick… aha!

"Phantasy Stars were rather short lived. I was already living there when the inequality part took place, and therefore was shoved on the streets since I was male." I lied. Damn, knowing my past I am one HELL OF A LIAR, "Anyways, past that, I think I do owe everyone an apology. So uh, dinner's on me tonight?"

"That's not all that's on you tonight!" Chelsea smiled, "How about… you pay for another dance?"

"Ten dinners?" I offered, "Not dancing again. Fuck that De Ragan."

"Hmph, somewhere expensive then." Kraz grunted.

"PUDDING." Can you guess?

"Alexander, I do hope your wallet can take quite the beating," Knowing my private funds, heh, this is nothing, Ursula.

I looked at Nagisa, "So, where would you like to go for dinner?" Because the darkness is gone, Gurhal has prevailed, and all is right with this world.

And so it shall be for the rest of time. No, until past the end of infinity itself.

Until then… I will continue to live my life in the joy of light.

And so it ends… ever since the beginning where I first piloted a Phantasy Star, the SEED Wars, The Ancient Threat, and now the true fight with Darkness… finally my tale ends with a true happy ending.

Because that's just how life is sometimes.

The True End of Infinity.

Yeah, I remember the first time reading through the translation I was thinking, "Oh yeah, final boss is Dark Falz, but we gotta fight Wynarl first. Well, since Wynarl doesn't seem like much of a fighter, and my thoughts on what could be if he was evil, it's how this chapter was born.

So yeah, I really finished this part, and I'm not sure if I'll do the side story I wanted to do. I probably will, but I'll get around to some other things first.

Anyways, seeya guys! Also, would you rather me update my High School AU of Phantasy Star more or Alex's Piloting Years (where you see the references to his mecha years revealed)? Just tell me, and I'll try.