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1. One's Worst Nightmare

Grey eyes took in the scene almost reluctantly and when he found what he was looking for, Sirius Black's movements stilled. His heart continued to beat furiously whilst the lump in his throat grew bigger, so big in fact that he was finding it difficult to swallow.

It was agony. He could hardly breathe. 'No,' he whispered, 'no, no!' Sirius cried hoarsely, his beautiful eyes growing large and frightened. He slipped off of his motorbike roughly and slammed to the hard gravel. Somewhere in the back of Sirius's mind he registered the bike fading into the background.

Everything around him faded, except the ruined house before him.

The Godric's Hollow home in which James and Lily had moved into looked precisely how Sirius had imagined it to look if Voldemort ever got his hands on them. The usually lively and fun home was now a cold home. A home that looked so hurt, so broken. The roof was gone, the windows were smashed and the door had been blasted open. Rising from the top was a thick shadow of black smoke. It frightened Sirius terribly.

All he could think of was Harry and James and Lily. He swallowed hard, looking around with frightened eyes. Eyes that were streaming with tears. He brushed them hysterically as a part of his mind raged around, screaming in pain.

Suddenly, he jumped up off the floor and growled, running as hard and fast as he could. He tripped over the blasted door and shouted out at the top of his lungs, 'James! JAMES!'

But there was no answer. In a time as desperate and dangerous as this his friend wouldn't joke around, Prongs wouldn't be hiding in corners so he could jump out when Sirius least expected it. Maybe a few weeks ago he might have done, when the Marauders hadn't been aware of Voldemort's sudden interest in the Potters. Maybe if the war hadn't changed everything; hadn't changed them from carefree, arrogant boys into stoic and anxious ones.

'James!' He bellowed, coughing violently as the black smoke sifted into his lungs. Sirius felt the tears well in his eyes. It wasn't true. This couldn't be happening. He didn't even check to make sure Lord Voldemort wasn't in the house; in fact he didn't care if he was killed. He just wanted to make sure his family were alright.

How could any of this have happened?

And then the horror he felt froze his movements, when he turned a corner and saw the body of the brother he had always wanted, the brother he got...

James was dead. Sirius stopped and stared for a long moment. He stared at the body with wide eyes, shaking his head in disbelief. He made a noise as he felt something, something hard and deep inside stirring.


James was lying on the ground, with the ghost of a scream on his face and a hand in his pocket as though searching for a wand that wasn't there.

Sirius stepped forward hesitantly, wiping the tears from his eyes. He watched the body for long moments, waiting to see if it would move because it just had to move! It just had to. But he knew deep down that James was gone, James was dead. Peter had betrayed them. Though Sirius had a hard time believing it, there just had to be some liable reason. Then again, there could never be an excuse because Peter would never do something like this to his own side.

If he was in fact even on their side. The evidence was staring Sirius right in the face; that Peter had betrayed the Potters to Voldemort. Sirius could see the house, he was standing right before the dead body of his best friend; the house was in tatters for goodness sake! Peter had betrayed the Potters; he had broken the Fidelius Charm. He had broken the Potter's trust. He had broken Sirius's world.

He fell to his knees and started to crawl until he was right beside James. Sirius reached over to feel for a pulse.

He couldn't find one.


'Fuck Prongs, please get up. I'm sorry,' Sirius breathed, 'I'm sorry.' He used all his weight to pull James up, till the bespectacled man was resting on him. Inside Sirius's head, someone was still screaming. This was impossible, this was a lie. This was all a lie.

But he held the evidence in his arms; this was no lie as much as he wanted to pretend it was. 'I'm s-so sorry Prongs, I'm so, so sorry,' he hiccupped. 'It's a-all my fault.'

His whispered apologies turned into thick, mournful sobs, echoing through the small house. Was there ever a more important person in his life than the man who lay motionless before him? Sirius had hoped and hoped this would never happen. He had been willing to risk his life to make sure this didn't happen. His life meant nothing now.

For the past few weeks his Boggart had transformed into a variety of things; Moody said that it was rather unusual. It always transformed into a Dementor first, that much had not changed. But then it would turn into James's dead body, followed shortly by Lily's. It would then change into Harry, Remus ... Peter ... Sirius's most loved ones, gone...

Almost automatically, Sirius ran a tentative hand through James's hair, staring off into space and trying to come up with excuses for Peter. He whispered words of regret and self-loathing to James and in turn he was answered with silence. 'You shouldn't be dead.'

But then he was cut off by a cry from upstairs; a baby's cry. Sirius let out a shaky breath.

'Oh.' He breathed.

Thank God! Thank God! Lily and Harry were alright, oh, they were alright. If they weren't Sirius didn't know what he would have done. But he did know what he was going to do now. Make sure Lily and Harry were safe and okay. It was awfully quiet upstairs though, and suddenly Sirius felt unease, on top of the shock, the pain and the disbelief he was already feeling. He gulped.

Sirius looked down at James. The man who had transformed his life, quite literally, alongside Remus and—

Peter. Peter Pettigrew. There had to be some liable reason as to why he had done what he had done. But Sirius didn't care. He was going to hunt down the coward and kill him. And Sirius never backed down from his promises, unlike Peter. He would have rather died than betray James and Lily.

Another sob worked its way through his body. He had never felt so much anguish and anger at once. He hadn't felt this sad when his father died, if in fact he felt sad at all, merely wistful. And when Regulus died, when his beloved brother was murdered, Sirius hadn't felt very sad but rather, he had felt betrayed and confused. He still felt confused. Like it had happened too quickly for his mind to understand. As though he couldn't get his head around the deceit, even though he had always known Regulus was on the wrong side.

But this was different. He had predicted Regulus's motives of becoming a Death Eater, not Peter's betrayal. Not a fellow Marauder turning on friends and family. Because in every sense of the word they were a family.

They were like the Hogwarts Founders, each bringing a unique quality to their gang. Sirius had always thought himself to be the Slytherin of the group. Not because he liked Slytherins, but because he had the upbringing, the family and the social status one would expect from a Salazar Slytherin follower. He was ambitious like Slytherins; he could be ruthless like Slytherins. He really was the perfect snake. It was easy to guess who the others represented.

But despite contrary belief, Peter had been a significant character within them. He was the special in his own way. He was a great friend; he was the one who mended the links between them. He was the fourth member, he evened everything out. Maybe that's why it hurt Sirius so much, because they were odd without Peter.

And no one liked being odd.

'I'll get him for you James,' he whispered in his friend's ear before hastily kissing his temple. Sirius's tears, some time during his grief, had fallen into James's open eyes and it looked as though he too, was crying.

Gently, Sirius dropped his fingers onto the lavender eyelids and closed them, blocking the view of the terror his friend's large hazel eyes deceived. He buried his face into the jet black hair and breathed in the scent.

For a moment he calmed himself. Reality hadn't sunk in yet, it hadn't at all. Not like when Reg died, or when Uncle Chuck and Aunt Dory passed away. This hit him hard. 'I'm sorry,' he breathed. It was all his fault, and the grief and guilt combined became too much for him. Sirius started to rock the dead body; maybe he was trying to calm himself.

But it didn't work, though Sirius found that he didn't care much. Prongs was dead. Nothing could make life better if there was no James in it for him. Sirius had lost everyone that mattered to him, the only person left to lose was Remus ... and Rose.

The Marauders had always said Sirius would die first; he was most likely to get into a situation that warranted death and besides, would hate for them to not know. That was true. So why was James here, dead, before him? Was Sirius such a horrid person that God had killed his friend?

Well, one more Marauder was going to die tonight because as soon as Sirius found Peter he was going to kill him. And it would be the most painful death.

He hadn't checked on Peter the night before and thought to do it today to make sure his "dear" friend was okay and everything was fine. A small look around the rented flat was enough to tell him his friend was gone and without any indication of a struggle. So Sirius panicked. He had stayed there for a while, wondering what could have happened. His imagination got the better of him, and as he remembered the day James told him that they were going to hide in Godric's Hollow, Sirius had come to the conclusion that his friends were in danger. But instead of thinking logically, he did what was expected of him; jumped on his motorbike and furiously drove to where his friends were without a hint of a plan.

Even half a mile away he could see the huge clouds of smoke rising and the destruction the house lay in from his bike.

Sirius was surprised he hadn't fallen off the bike whilst he'd been in the sky. He was sure hurt enough.

There was a loud cry and Sirius looked up worriedly before he remembered almost guiltily that Harry was still there.

'Harry!' Sirius whispered. He looked down at James.

'I-I'm sorry ... I'm so sorry Prongs ... this is all my fault,' his voice broke and he covered his face in James's black hair. 'I'm so sorry ... I'm so sorry...'

He ever so gently set James Potter down on the ground before slipping out from under him. He ran a hand through his hair and over his distraught face. Sirius was loud when he hurried up the stairs so he wouldn't frighten Lily and Harry, so they would have some warning that someone was coming. Lily was a dangerous witch, and after possibly watching her husband die, she would be hazardous. Sirius didn't want to risk anything.

As he neared the landing, he saw something smoking in one of the bedrooms. The fire was weak but he realised it was the cause of the rising smoke he saw from outside. Sirius paused and looked at it, but heard more coughing; Harry's coughing. The smoke had become stronger, and was sneaking, like a thief, into all the rooms of the house. There was more rubble and glass scattered on the upstairs landing and Sirius's heart, if possible, started beating harder.

Please let them be alright, please!

'Lily, Lily it's Sirius,' he called out. Sirius didn't hear an answer. He held his breath as he pushed the door open. A mass of red covered the ground and his first thoughts were that the red was blood. But then he saw her pale face with a cry engraved into it, and all he could do was scream loudly and kick the door as hard as he could. 'FUCK!'

He looked back down at her body. 'Lily,' he whispered, swinging away from the image of her body and banging his head against the wall as he cried out. After a few moments of sobbing there was another hollering cough from Harry and Sirius jumped, alarmed.

'Harry,' he breathed, creeping closer, and trying to avoid looking at Lily's dead body but failing miserably. She looked so peaceful. She looked so beautiful!

Sirius paused in front of the cot and peered into it. All thoughts of Lily however left his head when he saw the deep scar engraved on Harry's forehead, a trickle of scarlet blood flowing down his nose and onto his lips. It was shaped like a lightning-bolt.

Harry started crying when he spotted a figure peering into the cot but when he recognised the chin length hair and the piercing grey eyes he smiled.

'Unc' Baddy,' he said in a quiet and shaken voice. It sounded too old for a baby barely older than one.

Sirius lifted Harry from inside the cot and kissed his black hair. 'Harry! It's alright Harry, its okay. I'm going to make sure you're alright, I'm here, Uncle Paddy is here.'

Sirius kissed his godson again, rocking the baby. But then Harry started screeching at the figure on the floor, having not seen her before when he was inside the cot. 'Liwls!' Harry hollered. 'LIWLS!'

Sirius tucked Harry into his side, and stuffed his hand into his pocket, searching for his wand to heal his Godson's scar. How ... how could anyone hurt such an innocent, beautiful baby boy? Why would ... why would they do such a thing? As soon as he healed his godson's forehead, he was going to send a patronus to Professor Dumbledore and tell him what had just happened.

If Dumbledore didn't already know. The man knew everything. He probably already knew that Lily and James were dead. In fact, Sirius wouldn't be surprised if Aurors were already on their way to Godric's Hollow. Dumbledore would know what to do.

Maybe he'd be able to fix this ... bring back Lily and James...

Sirius stuck his hand into his other pocket, still searching for his wand. 'Don't worry Harry ... everything's going ... everything...' he trailed off when his hand wrapped around something that was definitely not his wand.

Oh, he found his wand, yes yes. But Sirius found something else too; something that could fix everything. He had found a golden Time Turner, glowing like a thousand stars in his hand. He stared at it, not quite understanding.

And soon, after seconds of staring, he heard a familiar bellowing call from the front door. A voice that was deep and gruff.

Hagrid was here.

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