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Am I the bad guy?

Please tell me why.

What makes that statement true?

I will tell you how I'm different than you.

There are many differences that you see and know.

One is my hair that's as white as snow.

And you say that your skin is white?

You're not at that level, not quite.

Your hair is an orange color,

And your skin is a peachy color, just like any other.

We aren't the same, you and I.

So, am I the bad guy?

Clothes, zanpaktos, these things we share,

But the colors are reversed and easy to compare.

You are weak and powerless too.

You ask me to lend my strength to you.

My power helps you defeat your foe.

Yet, you won't let me out of this world,

You won't let me go.

This place is my prison hold.

I live on and try to get by.

Am I the bad guy?

I'm a prisoner of this place.

To me, that's the worst case.

I wish to live free,

But why do you insist that you keep me?

I'm losing reason to live,

But you're starting to ask for more than what I can give.

You asked me for more power one day.

At that time, I didn't know what to say.

We fought and I stabbed you, a terrible deed.

You then started to bleed.

He stabbed me in return,

And watched what color the blood turned.

Black,… my blood dripped to the ground.

In the end, me and him won't fight another round.

As the black mixed with the red,

We fall to the ground dieing, almost dead.

Is it fate?

Or was I just late?

Am I the bad guy?

If not, why did I have to die?