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Bloods Melody


Jolly sailor Bold

Little Price Atem laughed softly to himself, loving the sand tickle between his toes as he wiggled them in the fine power. Smiling Atem ran to the water's edge, stopping so his toes were in the water. He sighed in happiness as the warm clear water lapped at his feet. atem loved the sea, it's wild untamed beauty, it's power, its mystery. He breathed deeply as a gush of cool sea breaze blew past him fresh off the waves, making his spiky hair sway freely and him smile wider.

Atem looked up quickly when he heard a small giggle. He looked around for the source of the cute sound, but saw nothing.

I could have sworn I heard someone laugh...someone with a cute giggle...that sounds like small bells... The sound came again like wind-chimes. Atem pin pointed the sound as coming from his right. Smirking, Atem ran quietly as he could to the rocks and looked around.

There came a splash from further through the rocks. Wildly curious, Atem climbed up and over the rocks to stop at roughly the place he'd heard the splash when the giggles came again. Atem smiled and giggled himself, realising whoever it was, was playing a game with him.

"I will find you eventually." Atem taunted softly. The giggling increased along with more splashing. Atem followed the sound, but the sound was cut off by another loud slash as he came over as pile of rocks and whoever it was was gone again. A moment later the giggles came again. Atem laughed and tried to follow the sound, and much to Atem's joy, the lovely giggles turned to beautiful singing.

"While up aloft, in storm,

From me his absence mourn,
And firmly pray arrive the day,

He's returned safely home.

Atem smiled as he listened to the song, the waves seeming to lap up to the rocks gently in time with the song. As Atem approached the song, he realised it was a boy singing.

"My heart is pierced by Cupid,

I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing that can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

Atem stopped for a moment to hear the boy sing, his voice as beautiful as an angel, as stunning as the sea itself.

"The sea has strength and beautify,

And none can rival this,

Yet love for my jolly sailor,

Is nothing but pure bliss,

Atem peeped over a set of rocks and froze, seeing a young boy probably a few years younger than his seven years of age. His hair was a little like his own, but his face was much cuter and his eyes were the prettiest thing he's ever seen.

"My heart is pierced by Cupid,

I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

Atem carefully climbed over the rocks and back down on the other side, careful to be quiet so as not to scare off the lovely boy. Atem walked around the small boy so he approached from his back, seeing that the boys legs were in the water and he was still splashing around as he sang happily.

As Atem watched the boy he did not see the small pool of water on the rocks surface, softly splashing. The boy turned from the hips quickly to look at Atem. The older boy almost stopped breathing at the angelic face before him. The young boy smiled widely at Atem and continued.

"My sailors very handsome,

With dazzling eyes aflame,

I pray to my blue ocean,

To return him once again,

"My heart is pierced by Cupid,

I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing that can console me

But my jolly sailor bold~"

As the boy trailed off on the soft lullaby, Atem smiled widely at the boy.

"B-beautiful..." Atem muttered softly, not able to take his gaze away from the boy. The boy giggled happily, splashing again. Atem laughed and looked down to the boys feel in the water as he continued to splash in his joy. Only the boy had no feel, annd no legs either.

Atem looked at the boys hips to see his creamy white skin faded into lovely silvery violet scales that covered a slim elegant tale with a transparent fin at the end, tinted violet. The tale glistened and sparkled due to the sun shining on the scales and water that was still on the tale.

"Y-y-you're a mermaid?" Atem asked in astonishment.

"A merman actually." The boy said teasingly, his voice as hypnotic and lovely as it was when he sang, even talking normally the voice sounding like the most perfect music. But there was an undertone to the boys voice, like a second voice that spoke in perfect sync with the boys, but the voice didn't sound like a voice, more like... the sound of waves and the wind. Atem thought his ears were playing tricks on him. "Are you frightened of me?" The voice of the child turned worried and sad. "I assure you I am harmless. Many people make up stories of my people!" Atem was shocked when he realised that his ears weren't playing tricks on him and the boy really did have an undertone to his high and young singing voice, but more pressingly, the boy before him looked like he was about to burst into tears!

"No, no not at all! I-I mean I-I've heard stories, b-b-but I would never think that someone like you was like that! You're so cute and sweet!" The boys stared at each other for a while. Atem thought over his words and his cheeks burned when he realised he'd just openly confessed that he thought the boy was cute. The younger boy saw Atem's blush and realised he meant what he had said and so giggled happily, causing Atem to blush more.

"Well I'm very happy to have met a human as handsome and kind as you." The boy said, slipping down into the water slowly. He skimmed the water and waved good-bye, before flipping backwards and diving deep into the water, dissapearing from sight.

Atem stood on the rocks for a while longer, the wind blew onto him again-rustling his hair. Atem smiled to himself and hummed the tune to his new favourite song.

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