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Morning After

Yugi opened his eyes slowly, only to have them slide shut once more, feeling a wave of exhaustion, hunger and aching pain from his lower half greet him from his slumber. Yawning and rubbing his eyes much like a child does after a long nap, the pale skinned young man carefully turned himself over in the soft silk sheets- which were somewhat damp and uncomfortable due to his actions last night with his husband. At that a strong tanned arm- that the young male had failed to notice in his sleepy state- tightened around Yugi's small waist, and gentle lips softly pressed against the boy's neck, making said amethyst eyed male smile widely.

"Morning." Came a rough whisper in the small pale ear, shortly followed by a shiver through the graceful slim frame.

"Morning." Yugi whispered back, blushing slightly as he felt the older male behind him move closer, their naked bodies pressed together on the large bed with the noon sun flooding their room, the sound of the waves faint as they weakly broke against the shore.

Atem couldn't stop grinning to himself, last night, his wedding night, had been the best night of his life, sharing such an experience with Yugi had made his heart beat rapidly all through their activities that were none too innocent, and the tell-tale evidence was still on their bodies and sheets.

Atem sighed blissfully as he sat up and slipped off the bed. "We should wash and have the sheets changed." The king spoke softly, though his voice was still rough from his heavy sleep. Yugi simply nodded, slowly sitting up before flinching, the action not going unnoticed by his husband. "Yugi? Are you alright?"

"Just a little sore." The boys rosy cheeks turned bright red as he looked away so speak the next part. "Guess we went a little too far."

The young Pharaoh instantly knew what Yugi meant and frowned at himself, quickly walking around the bed to very carefully lift up his lover into his arms. "I'm sorry Yugi I was too rough. I should have been more careful with you."

Yugi looked up into the ruby eyes of the Egyptian, his blush darkening again as a shy smile stretched his full pink lips. "It wasn't your fault Atem." The newly crowned king ducked his head. "I-I asked for more…and I really liked it… and I…" Amethyst eyes closed in embarrassment as he remembered his brave behaviour with his husband just a few hours ago.

Atem chuckled, a smirk on his face as he own memories flooded his mind. "Yes you weren't too shy last night little one, I never expected you to mount me, though I'm not complaining." Smirking mischievously, the older teen nuzzled the pale neck, his eyes softening at the sight of the red love bites dotted on the white skin. "I loved it."

Yugi blushed and shivered once more, but he couldn't help a happy smile at the man's words, it truly made him happy to know Atem had enjoyed their night as much as he had. "I think I may need a little rest for a while before any more though Atem."

Atem smiled as he gently lowered himself and Yugi into the water, placing the angel like being on his lap and began stroking his hair tenderly. "I agree."

The two stayed like that for a while, Yugi with his head resting against Atem's broad chest, listening to the male's heart beat with a smile gracing his lips, while Atem rested his cheek against Yugi's soft hair, his eyes closed as he allowed his body to savour the feeling of holding his beloved close.

Sighing in comfort, the wind from the open window gently rustling their hair and bringing a refreshing smell from the waves, Atem kissed Yugi's forehead once. "At least we're leaving this evening for our honeymoon." Yugi looked up curiously, his amethyst eyes sparkling like the water around them. Atem smirked and rested his chin on Yugi's head again, holding the small form slightly closer as his fingers lightly danced against the white shoulder exposed to the room. "A horse ride into the desert, taking the minimum, leaving the busy palace and royal life for an entire week, to a beautiful small home in the middle of nowhere while only three servants. No politics, no duties, just you and me, living a simple and quite lifestyle at a mirage."

A sigh and delighted moan accompanied a shuffling Yugi as he turned in his husbands arms, his slim back against the elders firm body front, the small teen taking Atem's wrists in his small thin hands to rap the large arms around his chest, head resting on his shoulder and legs straightening in the water to turn into their beautiful original form of silvery violet tail. "Sounds like paradise my Pharaoh."

Atem smirked in a pleased manner, squeezing the boy gently, being careful of his delicate frame. "We can thank Seth for the break, him and our joint courts worked really hard to pull together, I've been giving them little jobs to handle alone among themselves since you formed the Mer-court in the garden the other day, and they've been doing excellently."

"Seth does a lot around the palace doesn't he, he's not only an adviser or court member, but a chief priest, that means he handles politics as well as religion…" Yugi mused. Almost as much work as the Pharaoh himself.

"As my cousin and my most trusted adviser, Seth is my Successor." The Pharaoh sighed, a frown shadowing his handsome face as the last word.

Yugi tilted his head to the side cutely. "Successor?"

Atem nodded and ran his fingers through Yugi's silky hair once more with a blank look. "It's something I chose to do in case the worst should happen… Usually if a Pharaoh does suddenly there's a power struggle, top generals are in line for the thrown or relatives of the deceased King, sometimes the transitions can be violent…so to save confusion I declared when I took the throne after my father's burial, that should my time on this earth end before I can produce an heir, Seth will take the throne after me."

Yugi shivered at the idea of Atem being gone from him, taken away to the world beyond and gone from his reach. But them something occurred to him. "So…if you died before I could give you an heir… I would go back to my Kingdom?" Yugi asked in a small voice.

Atem was silent, frowning darkly. Yugi leant away and looked to him worriedly in response. All Atem could do was smile and take Yugi's youthful face in his hands, stroking his cheeks with his thumbs soothingly. "Seth would give you a choice…but it's typical for the 'Queen' of the deceased King would have to marry the new King to make his place on the throne official." The young mermaid froze, the Egyptian could see the colour draining from his already pale skin. In a worried panic, Atem wrapped his strong arms around Yugi and made soothing hushing sounds as he kissed his cheek, ear, neck, forehead, eyelid, anywhere but the boys panting lips. "It's ok Yugi." The Pharaoh took hold of Yugi's face once more and made his cloudy purple eyes meet his crimson. "I SWEAR to you, I'm not going anywhere, I made a vow to you remember? Together forever."

Yugi nodded, the movement small but fast, his thin arms immediately wrapping around the broad neck and shouldered of his tanned husband.

"Together forever…forever doesn't sound long enough." Atem chuckled.

"I agree Yugi." The Pharaoh soothed, rubbing circles into the smooth back of the young man.

"If anything happens to me, everything goes to you seen as you're my husband, and my people continue to help you, though once your rein ends the throne will then fall to the next chosen carrier of the Sea Spirit…" Yugi spoke honestly, "But I'd want you keep the gold part of my crown, I had that made to show I was not only a ruler of the Sea but a ruler for Egypt as well…it was a symbol of our unity and I'd want that to stay with you-" The young King was cut off when his lips where suddenly taken by his husbands in a careful but persistent kiss.

Starting slow, with simple lip movements, Atem held Yugi into the kiss by having his hand on the nap of his neck. Only when the younger male started to heartedly responding did he pull away. "No more depressing talk," He flashed a smirk. "It's our honeymoon."

Tea was sat with the Mer and Egyptian court in the garden, shielded from the hot sun by the canopy the trees provided, talking casually, occasionally laughing at the boy's antics, and other times shaking her head along with Ryou and Seth at the often odd remarks. The Guardians-turned-court members were looking on in interest, Magician girl and Silent magician seeming the keenest to join the group full heartedly, the small one in his usual quiet way of floating about, but the elder members insisted on the Youngers keeping to their proper form as warriors.

This was the scene that Yugi and Atem were welcomed to, the smaller holding a bowl of fruit to enjoy for breakfast with his husband, the taller glaring as himself and his young lover were greeted to the circle by wolf whistles from Mariku, Bakura and Marik and Joey. Anzat, Ryou and Seth proceeded to glare at the four along with their Pharaoh, and young Yugi blushed, looking down in embarrassment, much to Dark Magician Girls amusement.

Joey slung an arm over Yugi's shoulder and leaned his face close to Yugi's hair, so his lips we to the slim boys pale ear and breath ghosting over his neck. "Judgin' from how you were walkin' just now you've had a pretty eventful night pal. Congrats lil' buddy, you're officially a man!"

The result of the teasing led to Yugi's blush from not only tingling in his cheeks, but turning his pretty face red, from hair line to neck line, even his ears burnt in embarrassment. "Joey you big meanie!" Yugi cried out as he buried his face in his husbands chest, his small hands clinging to the older males tunic.

Atem smiled and stroked Yugi's silky hair as many of the crowd laughed loudly at the young Princes innocent reactions.

The group sat to chat and enjoy the morning, sometimes the visitors would pass and bow (or in the Princesses cases giggle and wave at Atem which bugged Yugi to no end and made the male pout in annoyance – resulting in loving kisses on the cheek from Atem), but more than anything Anzat took it as an opportunity to speak on the developments she'd observed of her Father and Viviannah.

"The Princess was hinting that she could get Yugi on her side, and she could use that to her advantage to then get my father closer to the court." The young woman admitted, her voice and expression void of all emotion. It hurt that her own Father had betrayed her, but now using dirty tricks to ruin other people's lives for his own gain? "They both disgust me with their selfish ways.

The young Princess gasped softly as two pale gentle hands too hers and held them up, and her eyes were captured by nurturing amethyst eyes. "Anzat, you don't have to worry about them. I can handle Vivian, after all, I only belong to Atem, so she can't effect me."

"And there's no way that my people would accept anyone who wasn't of Egyptian blood as a ruler so I'm not worried about your father." Atem put in, looking deathly serious. Seth observed his cousin for a moment and nodded his head in approval, the brunet had noticed ever since his cousin was young, how serious and determined he was when it came to his beloved country and its people.

Bakura leaned back and looked smug. "Well me and the loon have eyes on the two of them anyway, they so much as sneeze and we'll know about it." There was a dark promise in the blood red eyed of the Thief King, one that made Yugi shiver in fright. How many poor souls had seen that silent promise before their own blood had been spilt? How many knew of the frightful power the white haired young man wielded in his large tanned arms before been sent before the Gods for their judgement with Anubis? The young King was too afraid to even consider the large figure. I'm sure glad he's on our side. The amethyst eyed boy thought to himself as he snuggled deeper in Atem's arms for comfort.

Anzat looked somewhat more relaxed by the comment. She had already learnt it was better not to look too deep into those killer eyes of the once criminal, so she was not stricken with a moment of pity for her father like she probably would have. The young brunet looked among the group and smiled. She had only known then for a day or so and already she felt so comfortable around them, already she felt she had a place in this merry band of young men.

And that's how the young princess spent her time, observing her new friends and discovering her role among them, which turned out to be the mother-like figure, who scolded the bruits and babied the innocent…meaning Ryou and Yugi; the others felt her wrath after playing a prank on some of the visiting princesses-as in tripping them into the sea with wires.

So when the sun reached its highest point in the sky, and lunch was declared ready to the Kings and guests, the young lady felt a pang of dread; as after lunch, the time for the visitors to leave would arrive, and her new friendships would come to a bitter end.

"I said let me handle it!"

"You're method takes too fucking long just get out of my way woman!"

"And you're way is too barbaric! You risk hurting Yugi too and I won't have that he's mine!"

"Damn that mermaid, damn all of them! I'll send them all to the depths of the sea in body bags!"

"Keep your voice down you fool!"

"I'll do as I please! In exactly one hour I will be Pharaoh of Egypt, and if you have any sense you will name yourself MY queen!"

"In your dreams. As I said, Yugi's mine."

There was a sneer and a flash of metal. "Oh no, we're doing this MY way. I WILL have everything I desire, one way or another."

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