Where's Troy? Part 6: Checking In:

Side note: If you haven't watched High School Musical 1, High School Musical 2, or both, please do before reading this fanfiction.

Back at Bonnia and Bonnie's hiding place…

Troy sighed, "it seems as though I have no choice."

Bonnie commented, "that's better. You may see any of the other captives within this house…but tonight will be when everyone is needed."

Troy muttered, "so no leaving the house?"

Bonnia commented, "you are good."

Bonnie suggested, "need anything to eat or drink?"

Troy suggested, "some milk would be nice."

Bonnia figured, "I'm sure we can get some." Bonnia and Bonnie left the bedroom, but with the door unlocked. Troy noticed that…probably because it was a deliberate action to help Troy find out what everyone else is up to in the house.

Troy sighed again as he opened the door and went down a dark colored hallway.

After some brief talks with Chad and Zeke, Troy made his way into another bedroom. Taylor was tied up to the bed…by the legs, by the waist, and by the wrists. The room was white colored. Troy shed a tear when he saw how Taylor was being treated. Taylor gasped, "Troy? What are you doing here?"

Troy insisted, "it's a long story. Do you know how to get us out of here?"

Taylor sighed, "I wish I knew…but those two girls won't let me near anything useful, as you can easily tell."

Troy sighed, "it's the same for Chad, Zeke, and probably Gabriella."

Taylor gasped, "they're here too?"

Troy figured, "unfortunately. Is there anything useful that you have found out about?"

Taylor slightly smiled, "I overheard those two girls talking about Lava Springs." Troy went open eyed at this piece of information.

He realized, "they're probably planning to rob the Evans."

Taylor deduced, "and probably using some of us as a means by which they can infiltrate Lava Springs…without a guard alarmed by us."

Troy sighed, "that is…if Sharpay will let us in. She may still want me to herself."

Taylor sighed, "that's so like her."

Troy concluded, "just in case, I'll pass it on to the others. Maybe we'll come up with something at the last minute."

Taylor concluded, "I guess that's all we can do."

The following night, at Lava Springs…

Carniva concluded, "this has been a fun day, but I still wonder…" Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She realized, "excuse me."

The police pointed out, "we've located the gray car."

Carniva figured, "yep…right on schedule."

The police suggested, "you might want to go to Lava Springs to stop them."

Carniva pointed out, "that's where I am right now!"

The police concluded, "how convenient."

Carniva concluded, "just stay on them, and I'll be right on top of them." She pointed out to Sharpay, Ryan, and Max, "I got a lead on the criminals."

Ryan wondered, "what's that?"

Carniva concluded, "it's my stun baton…since I'm still too young to handle a gun."

Sharpay concluded, "fair enough."

Max asked, "so, where are they?"

Carniva concluded, "they're coming…here." They all saw the gray car with the bulldozer shovel in front park in the Lava Springs parking lot.

Max figured, "I should be getting home."

Carniva suggested, "haven't you wanted to join me on a mission before though?"

Max concluded, "very true."

Carniva concluded, "then you come with me. I could use a good distraction." She led the way past the pool, until Zeke and Chad came falling out of the car. The car sped up out of the parking lot, backing up into the golf course. Carniva muttered, "good diversion…but not good enough." She and Max ran after the gray car, while Sharpay and Ryan ran to Zeke and Chad's aid.

Sharpay gasped, "are you ok?"

Zeke coughed, "yeah…just a little shaken."

Ryan wondered, "where's the car?"

Chad sighed, "we were the distraction."

Ryan muttered sarcastically, "great. Just great."

Carniva on a skateboard was catching up with the gray car, dodging golf hole after golf hole. Max was barely on the back of the skateboard. The gray car stopped in front of a wall in Lava Springs, bringing down the wall with a loud crash. The Lava Springs' main bluish colored kitchen was on the other side of this wall, with alarms blaring across the Lava Springs country club. Carniva muttered, "no."

Sharpay gasped, "Ryan!" She and Ryan ran back towards Lava Springs, towards the direction of the alarm along with Zeke and Chad.

Bonnia called out, "hurry up!" Gabriella, Troy, and Taylor were forced out of the car, towards the very large greenish dining room.

Bonnie called out, "we've got company!" Several bodyguards were coming towards Bonnie and Bonnia from one direction, and Carniva and Max were coming from another. They were taking out stolen police guns, when Carniva tossed her stun baton at the weapons like a boomerang. The stun baton knocked one of the guns out of Bonnie's hands, while Bonnia shot her gun at Carniva. One of the wheels of the skateboard was shot off, leading to Carniva and Max tumbling to the ground. Bonnie punched and kicked the bodyguards against each other, knocking them to the ground.

Bonnia chuckled as she tossed some matches towards the ground to light it aflame. Carniva grabbed the fire extinguisher to her right and sprayed it at Bonnia, knocking her and her matches backwards against the floor.

Carniva muttered coldly, "Bonnie…and Bonnia. I knew you had something to do with this."

Bonnie chuckled, "how is daddy, by the way?"

Carniva cried, "don't you bring my dad into this!" She and Bonnie were slamming fists and legs into each other, but with neither one giving in to the other's wrath. Bonnia, covered in foam, was getting up again…when Max slammed Carniva's skateboard into Bonnia. Bonnia fell to the ground knocked out.

Max smiled, "I actually took out a criminal….singlehandedly!"

Bonnie muttered, "that's my closest friend, you dummy!" Bonnie grabbed a frying pan, and slammed Carniva against the floor.

Carniva groaned as she begun to get up. Bonnie charged at Max, kicking him into the dining room. Max landed against a fancy table, knocked out by the kick.

Bonnie called out, "what are you looking at?"

Troy suddenly had a thought, "now there's only one of you...and that makes it in my favor this round." Troy charged at Bonnie, but Bonnie took out both police guns and used them as clubs against Troy's face. Troy fell backwards against the floor. Taylor and Gabriella nodded to each other as they grabbed some tablecloths. They were waving them in a taunt at Bonnie.

Bonnie growled as she charged towards them.

Gabriella called out, "now!" She and Taylor threw their tablecloths at Bonnie, tripping her to the ground. However, Bonnie pulled on the tablecloths, tripping Gabriella and Taylor onto the ground. Troy struggled to get up, seeing Bonnie about to hurt them. Troy pulled on one of the tablecloths, catching Bonnie in the very same tablecloth. With help from Gabriella and Taylor's strength, they wrapped Bonnie up in a tablecloth knot. Bonnie struggled to break free, but it was no use. Carniva struggled to get up, noticing the scene of chaos before her.

Carniva commented, "couldn't have done it better myself."

A while later…

Bonnie and Bonnia were escorted to jail by the police. Sharpay, Ryan, Gabriella, a somewhat bruised Zeke, Max, Carniva, a somewhat bruised Chad, Taylor, and Troy were gathered around the Lava Springs pool. Sharpay wondered, "so, how did you become a teenage policewoman?"

Carniva concluded with a sigh, "my dad died on the job, and he left his position as captain of the Albuquerque police force to me in his will."

Ryan figured, "now it makes sense."

Troy wondered, "but how do you know about…"

Carniva concluded, "Bonnie and Bonnia? They're what happened to my dad."

Taylor expressed her sympathies, "I'm so sorry."

Carniva sighed, "life goes on…I guess."

Zeke asked, "and what about…?"

Carniva insisted, "your parents were found in a parking garage, tied on the edge."

Gabriella gasped, "you mean…"

Carniva urged, "other than some rope burns, they're just fine."

Zeke muttered, "thank goodness."

Chad commented, "at least some of us had our head in the game."

Troy insisted, "I just did what had to be done."

Carniva chuckled, "either way Troy…you're a hero."

Troy figured, "but I'm not sure my parents will see it that way."

Gabriella nervously pointed out, "especially when it comes to my mom."

Troy concluded, "besides, with Carniva on the case, we didn't even need to run off."

Chad pointed out, "but you have to admit…it was a scary time for us all."

Taylor figured, "the important thing is that the Wildcats are all back together."

Max concluded, "yeah…but what about you, Sharpay? Didn't you skip school too?"

Sharpay chuckled, "but I got influence."

Gabriella commented, "I'd love to have some of that influence right about now." Everyone laughed at the remark, then went back to talking about more typical teenage things to get their minds off of the whole thing.

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